Sites that don’t work and some that are great for your business

There has been a few sites that did not work for me and I was not redoing the sign up. I have not added a couple sites to my apps I use a lot and love. So let’s find out what didn’t work for me, and what I love because it doubled my traffic. Come join me at OLSP and make 20 dollars in 2 hours just for learning how to make money online.

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Cashapp did not work properly for me and I am one not to waste my time. I do understand things happen so I do inform these companies but as for me, I won’t waste my time if it is not too important to me. I was trying to sign up for the bitcoin part in cash app. It says it should take a few days. A month goes by and it still says the very same thing so I emailed them. They wanted me to resubmit my personal ID online again. I was not having that. I just was not putting my personal information out there again because their system messed up. Where did my first information go then? Why do they not look into these things and contact the person? Why did I have to wait a whole month and they did absolutely nothing and still did nothing when I emailed them. They expected me to do all the work again. Nope, I was not doing it, and I didn’t. What about you… Do you feel comfortable sending or Id, driver’s license, social security online? Would you feel comfortable sending the same information twice to the same company? Let me know in the comments how you feel about this situation.

The next one has to do with a video I will also share. Just because I couldn’t make money from this easy way don’t mean you can’t. Sure there will be a lot of you it will work for and not have the issue I have. Volutic is a app that they have you sign up then you get a code sent to your email. Well I couldn’t get the email code to work for me. Hope it works for you because it is really a great site. Get paid to read email. Well from the video it says you don’t have to even read the email even and you still get paid. And If you follow through with the video you could make some decent money.

I have mentioned this app before but I had read so much that it doubles your traffic and it is so true. The more you use the two of these apps together it to can help double your traffic to your blog or website. Tailwind will schedule your pins that you make with canva. I have a free canva for now but I do plan on going to a paid plan soon, love the app so much, has so much to offer to offer to help make some great pins for pinterest. Then you schedule it in tailwind.

Got just a video on traffic before I end the post for today. I will have a new ebook coming out to soon. Just do not want to keep pushing them on you so miss a few days then I will get the new one out. But please don’t forget about olsp. Make 20 dollars for learning how to earn money online with one link. I wouldn’t keep going on but I so believe in this system and it has showed me what it can do faster than any affiliate program out there. Check it out when you can promise you will love it as much as I do. Olsp System.

Here is a video on traffic hope this helps stay safe.

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