8 Apps that pay you for shopping

There are many apps that will pay you just for shopping. They are referred to as cashback apps. What exactly is a cashback app for those who never used one yet. You will go shopping sometimes like you normally do, other times you need to look for items on the app. They have their own ways of using each app. Here I will explain a little bit about each app to let you know what you need to do for each. Some pay gift cards or points that you can redeem for cash items. Make them all boil down to getting cashback one way or another.

1.Rakuten is the first and maybe the most well heard of within this list. This app pays you straight cash to your PayPal. This is the only one on the list that pays straight cash that I see. Could be other apps that pay to PayPal but only one more on this list. They also have a chrome extension so you do not miss any cash back opportunities.

2.Ibotta is an app that has food from your local stores. This is one app I had even used at one point. But when I had used this app I quickly realized this was not the app for me. Don’t let that discourage you, this was years back that I had tried the app and just the items they only offered to get cash back from were items we did not use in my house. I like to do a lot of cooking from scratch and the app was only offering cashback items for frozen and microwavable food. Just items I do not use in my house. It could have changed now, so check it out was still a great idea behind the app.

3.Befrugal says you can earn up to 40% cashback from 5000+ stores. Well-known stores also. The stores most of us shop at like Walmart, Walgreens, best buy, JCPenny, Sephora, and more. Plus if you join today you can get 10 dollars just for signing up. This is the only other app that I know pays straight cash to your PayPal account. They also do direct deposit or a gift card if you prefer. They have a mobile app and referral program also. So more ways to earn than just cashback opportunities. This has a browser add-on too.

4.Topcashback this one also is for all of your major retailers. This one you find what you want on the site which will lead you to the store your looking for. Once you make a purchase from the topcashback site that lead you to your store, topcashback gets a commission from the store and then topcashback will give you 100% of the commissions. The money will go on to your earning page.

5.Fetch rewards is a receipt scanning app. You have 14 days after getting the receipt to scan it into the app. You can redeem points for gift cards and more.

6.Retailmenot this is another receipt scanning app. However this one you can scan barcodes also for discounts for local shopping.

7.Getupside gets you cashback from groceries, restaurants and gas from your local gas station. The cash back from gas appeals to many because not many other apps offer this. Just have to get the gas from participating gas stations.

8.Coinout is the last on the list and this is simplest of them all. Just upload your receipt and the app does the rest. No hunting for discounts, coupons or deals. No going to specific stores either. App does it all here.

In conclusion all these different apps should help you save some money on your purchases. Sure no matter what you are shopping for you can find it in one of these apps. Which app have you already used? Which will you use first if you have not used any of these apps already. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading stay safe.

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