5 Sites that will let you submit an article and how much they pay

I mentioned before about a lot of different online jobs and the pay. Today we are going to focus on what a lot of us do already, writing. A lot of us have blogs and already do writing, so figure we would look into jobs for us bloggers and how much you can get paid. This is a great thing for those of us not getting paid from our blogs yet or who love to write. You don’t need a blog to submit to any of these sites. Anyone who likes to write or would like to submit an article. Remember one thing bloggers. The bloggers that are getting paid the big bucks did not start making that money right away. A lot of them took years before they made thousands of dollars. So don’t get upset if you are not making money right away, all good things take time. So in the meantime let’s get paid for our writing other ways.


1. Copyhackers says on their site. What does your next customer sitting quietly on the fence need to hear from you? Find out and write it right. So meaning for your undecided customer, what would they need to hear to make that purchase? Decide carefully and write down the right words to make that sale. If you feel your skill in writing is not perfect or where you think it should be. Then copyhackers is the perfect site for you. They have a copy school to help teach you what you need to write to make that sale. It is pretty expensive though. I wouldn’t take the course. I know there has to be other alternatives. If you want to take the course though I’m sure you could make that back pretty fast. The cost is 1497a year. That’s half off of what it was, 3,564 a year. To me, that is just a little to much. I know that there has to be cheaper ways to learn the trade. Doing freelance work could pay that amount back fast. Working for copyhackers could pay it off fast. They pay $325 per article. Would take a few to get to 1000 but it is doable.


2. Listverse is a site that has a bunch of lists pretty much. That is what they want you to submit when you submit an article to them. It has to be your list and no one else’s list. Each item on the list needs to be 1-2 paragraphs. Also need to link the reputable source where you got your information. And you need 10 items on your list. $100 per article is what they pay.This site looks really interesting to me. I love true crime. That is one of the categories you can write about. Think it would be easy to come up with a list from that topic. If you do not have a Paypal account then do not submit an article. They will not accept any other from for payment. If you see from the screenshot there is something in the list that would interest everyone. Try it out, one of these topics have to jump out at you. When you are passionate about something it is easy to write about.

3. Upworthy is one you need to search their blog to find out where you need to submit a article. Their site is on medium and there is all the information about submitting a article. This would be hard to get into though. They say they get over 100 articles submitted a week and they have to sort through and pick out the best ones. So with all that, who’s to say all that hard work you put it will even be on their site. Not something I would do or suggest but it is here if interested. $150 per article is what they pay.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

4. Midwestliving and Radish. I kind of put these two together. The reason for that is because they are both magazines. It says for radish, most of their stuff is written by their staff. But they do accept a limited number of freelance work. We are primarily interested in stories about the healthy opportunities specific to our region (generally the Mississippi River Valley area from Dubuque, Iowa, south to Burlington, Iowa; Fairfield, Iowa; the Iowa City, Iowa, area, the Quad-Cities area (Rock Island-Moline, Illinois, and Davenport-Bettendorf, Iowa) and east to Princeton, Illinois. If you wish to submit a freelance query, please send a one-page proposal outline. Include clips of previously published work. Generally responds in one month.Payment varies from $50 to $150 per article depending on length and work involved. We’ll pay $25 for items accepted for the Rooting Around department. Payment is made upon publication. We generally do not accept photography. A little bit of what they are looking for and pay so you have an idea. here is a little bit from midwest living so you have a idea before you even go to their site if it is something for you.

What we’re looking for If you’d like to pitch a story idea, keep the following tips in mind:
• Read several recent issues for a sense of Midwest Living’s tone and content. Make sure your writing and your story ideas could fit into that mix.
• In your email, introduce yourself briefly and include links that will help us learn more about your background and writing style, such as your LinkedIn profie; your blog or professional website; Instagram, Twitter or other social media accounts; your resume (if not on your website).
• Suggest two or three specific ideas and explain them in 2-3 well-crafted sentences. An email that simply says “I’d like to write for you” isn’t likely to grab anyone’s attention. 
• We tend to develop new writers on by sending them on small scouting assignments in their immediate geographic vicinity or by having them write 300 to 600-word articles for our website. You are welcome to submit magazine feature ideas, but your best opportunity for an assignment comes from pitching a stand-alone item such as a cool shop or an off-the-beaten path restaurant, or suggesting a piece for our website.So that gives you an idea what they are looking for also.

5. Bitchmedia is the last one on the list today. This is geared more toward women. They pay very good though. If you get a feature article they could pay you $700 to $1000 dollars. That is super good. Then the pay goes down for dispatch $350. I’m not to sure what dispatch is. Then the last pay scale they have is $250-$700 for culture stories. They have guidelines like the rest of the sites. you can head over here to get the guidelines. Well hope this will put some money in your pockets for something you love to do.

Enough sites for everyone to choose from. If one of these don’t spark your interest you can head over to freedomwithwriting. There are over 28 sites they compiled that accept writing submissions. You can choose between magazine writing jobs or blog writing jobs. Once you click which you prefer, you enter your email and they will send you a list. They update every week it says and so far has 100 magazine and 51 blog places. That is well over 28 like it says on their title. Sure there could be something that suits your fancy over there if not here.

Lastly I don’t know if you heard of medium. Great place to bring in traffic. You can put part of your blog post and bring them over to your site to finish reading. I have been doing a little bit of writing over there. They do pay but changed their guidelines recently. If you would like to get to know my background. I explain about my addiction on there and how I watched my whole family be addicts and me trying so hard not to. That is a slow going series. Up do you if you want to head over read what I have wrote about that so far and other things. Still learning medium so hoping this is the link to get you to my profile. HERESo that will do it for today. Hope you having a wonderful day or night and please stay safe out there.

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