7 free online tools I use to make the best eye-catching blog posts

Besides the tools I have on the page of online tools I have a few others that I use a lot that I think could really benefit you all. No matter what you do if its a site or pins or selling stuff these 7 free online tools can help for almost any online thing you do. Some maybe on that page and some are not. Not everyone has seen that page so I will link that page also. Here is the page of tools

  1. Sharethrough Headline analyzer : this is pretty much what it says. Only thing I don’t like is that it does not have SEO score. There are others that have that on their site but I just like all this has to offer and I usually have been getting traffic from google, yahoo and even seen bing too. So I do believe it does a pretty good job with my headlines. If you have a different one that you use. Let me know in the comments below.
  2. Hemingway Editor is the next one and I just love how it tells you how easy it is to understand what you wrote. Shows if your sentence is hard to understand. If you are using to many passive words and so much more. Really helps so you can write so everyone can understand what your writing, not just college graduates. Got to remember not everyone has that high of a reading level.


3. Instantadpower is a email exchange site if that’s what it is called. I can email 1000 people on this site and I get at least a 80% return with in the next few days after I email. I have the free account and if you really want to jump start your site faster you may need to upgrade. The free account only allows you to email every 5 days. You have to read emails to earn points and them points turn into the points you use to email. Really don’t have to read them just click for the points, wait for the timer to run out and collect your points. It’s that simple.

4. Sqribble is the next one. It helps make a ebook super fast. Make graphs quick. If you want to just go earn a new Iphone 12 pro head over to clickbank and find sqribble. Each month the owner has been giving away something new for sales. I wont go into this a whole lot. Click the link and read the whole page and review I have on it. I had purchased it. I love it super happy I bought it.

5. Tailwindapp is the next app. I couldn’t live without this app. I have boosted my traffic so much with this app. I had been able to schedule so many pins with this app and it has brought in so much traffic. I have seen the other creators talk about it and I finally tried and super glad I did it. Right now I have a free month for you .

6. Canva this is the most awesome app to help make them pins for tailwind. You can make any social media post and so much more. Infographics, logos, the list goes on. Know this is one you wouldn’t be able to live without once you give it a try also. I even had to add this to my phone and computer. Even can make blog banners and graphics. I don’t think there is nothing this app can’t do. lol

7. Seoclerks is a freelance site that can help us bloggers or business managers in so many ways. The prices are nothing like the ones you would encounter on the bigger sites. I paid two dollars to have a guy send a pdf to I think it was 20 different places. I did tip because that was a super low price and not sure how someone could live off that. But it is a great site and you can find all different kinds of help on this site. There are some that charge big prices like the other sites so if you want to do freelance work this would be an ok site for that also.

I added my site to the directory on entireweb and only a couple weeks and I am seeing how it has already brought me traffic. Just seen it in my list and surprised me. Go ahead check it out if you like. Has seo tools and so much more. It is a really neat site and has paid submission to which that is what I will be investing in next. Check it out here

So thats all for today. Hope this tools will help you out with your posts as much as they all help me out. I use almost all of these with each and every one of my posts. I make pins with canva after my post and use tailwind to schedule the pins. All works out great. Thanks have yourself a great day or night and please get that vaccine so we can end this BS and get back to normal. Till then… stay safe.

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