Come join me on medium

Medium Daily reads

What you put in for your interests that will be in your daily reads like shown here. All tailored to what you want to see and read. If you want to read stories that are not all about money. About the night someone tried to have us kill them. True story too. Then go over to medium and check it out. I am working on my addiction story. Will be putting out one about the night a man broke into our house.

Medium saved reading list

Can make a reading list for things you want to read later. Some are short and just don’t have time to read them then so make a list of what you like. Super easy.

My stories on medium

I put a few blog posts over there too just for some who don’t or can’t find their way over to my blog. I don’t put a lot of posts there just a few. Come check it out might find some other stories you might like besides mine.

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