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6 secret ways to get targeted traffic to your blog

I had some videos about getting traffic to your blogs. There are a few things that are the same for those who have watched them. Here are the videos if you want to check them out if you haven’t got a chance to see that post.

  1. Blog Commenting is one that I mentioned in the videos. And this is a good one. If you follow blogs within your same niche try to be one of the first to comment. The first comments are usually the ones that stay on top of the comments. That means when others are scrolling down they will see your comment at the end of the post. Always be respectful do not spam your blog all over or links all over the blog owners will delete them. I promise that.

Always try to leave a long, though-out comment. More people will see you as an expert in your niche. Don’t leave a short comment saying “great post” and then leave your link. That too will get deleted. Sounds like a bot. Think how you would like to see someone comment on your blog with their blog link. Would you want them to ask first? Some want that and no matter how respectful you leave a comment. They can still delete your link. Sometimes it is better to ask. Most of us blog owners understand leaving your link. Still, a few out there that like to be asked first.

faqfox screenshot

2. Faqfox. Have you heard of this site? It helps you find out what your targeted traffic is asking. When you know what kind of questions they are asking you can make your blog post around that topic. Then they will come to your post for the answer to their questions. Let me explain a bit how to use faqfox. First, go to google and what your niche is, find forums for your niche. If you are into the poetry niche. Type in poetry forums. The screenshot shows where you need to put a couple of forums. So you can comb through them and find the questions you’re looking for. Well, faqfox does that for you. Then your targeted traffic will go to your blog to find the answers to their questions.
3. Quoting experts can sometimes produce some great results. A lot of them expect to know they are being quoted, so once you tell them. They can tell their audience that they are were talked about in this blog post. That will bring in that targeted traffic from the expert you had quoted.
4. Guest Posting is a major one. This can bring in a lot of targeted traffic if you guest post on a blog of your same niche. If the other blog has a few thousand visitors a day. Then you can bring them few thousand to your blog. You must give the best post possible. Make sure you are writing like an expert in your niche. Then they will want to come to your blog and see what else you have written. There is a huge possibility that you will get denied for guest posting. It is very hard to get accepted so keep trying until you find that one or two or three that will accept you.

podcast Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

5. Podcasting is like guest posting. Easy way to get your blog name out there and known. If you go on podcasts that are in your same niche, then that will bring the targeted audience back to your blog.
6. Last but not least at all. This is the most important of them all. I have been talking about this in a few posts already. SEO. The more you use keywords( the words your audience is searching for). That will bring them to your post because you are posting what they are searching for. Use these keywords in meta title and meta description. Use the keyword in the front of your headline. If traffic is your keyword. Try to use that at the beginning of your title to help with SEO. I did not in this case, meaning it could hurt my SEO. I use a site to help with better headlines. It usually works pretty well. It does not give me an SEO score though so for that I have to try my best when I can. I had mentioned it before but here is the site I use if you missed it before. Sharethrough. I have been using it for quite a while now and it has helped me a lot. It is free. Gives me the quality of my headline, engagement, and impression. Think all of them will help me have a good headline. That is my list of 6 ways to get targeted traffic. Don’t forget to check out the videos which I reposted and here is the link for that. The videos have more than what I explained here and a lot also bring targeted traffic too. We have another great Live coming up on Facebook.
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