8 amazing hacks to increase your ad income

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I listened to a great podcast today. Well, there were 8 podcast episodes that I will share with you here today. Very short ones or I would not put all 8 if they were very long.

So much information that I had learned from these and I am sure you also will too. Plus I want to share a 5 minute SEO trick that I had listened to on a different podcast earlier today. Great information to help with your keywords and learning SEO.

So wait till after the podcast episodes for that. Let’s jump into the podcasts. This blogger gets a million blog views a month, so think he can help us small bloggers in many ways.

The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire
The Blogging Millionaire

I know a lot of you are having to learn about SEO and it is not easy by any means. I am still learning everyday. I try to listen to a podcast or read something everyday that has something to do with SEO. The more I learn the more I can teach and help you. That is why I really think it is a good idea for you to do the SEO challenge. Just to help you with your blogs getting more organic traffic from google. We all want free traffic and that is the way to do it.

I listened to a different podcast this morning that had a neat trick. It is called ” Boost your blog with this 5 minute google tip. This is a great SEO tip. SEO is using keywords that your readers or customers are looking for searching google. This is just what you are going to do. You need to get long posts like the blogging millionaire was talking about.

To do this you need to answer every question that maybe asked about the product your talking about. Like the analogy this other podcaster used. Let’s say you were selling a hair brush. You need to do lot of research about this hair brush, will it brush long hair. Will it brush curly hair. How well does it hold up after certain kind of use. You need to answer every single question that could be asked about that hair brush. You need to cover the benefits, the features and the experience with this brush.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

A good way to find all the questions is, type in a question in google pertaining to the hair brush or the item you are talking about in your blog post. Go to the very bottom of the page in google search. You will see related searches. Each question that is in the related search, make sure you answer each one of them in your blog post. Google will see you as an expert in that area or niche and send more traffic your way.

Hope this makes sense. I know SEO is very hard to understand. As I find out more and can easily explain to you so it’s super easy to understand. I will pass that along to you. If you want to look into more SEO, I have two different posts you can check out if you like.

SEO what does it mean and how can it bring your site more traffic

SEO little basics to help you get that organic traffic flowing

There is one more post I have but that is enough to get you started. Hope you enjoy the post. I see a lot of us work hard on our posts each and everyday and I am very proud of each and every one of you that take the time do your research and type out things that come from your research. I had saw one that I really was not happy with. But to each their own just unfair to most of us who work our butts off not find a video and hit get transcript to someone else’s video to mind you not their own.. and that was their blog post.

Blogging is about helping people out not copying other people’s work. So once again, those who do a great job write their own material I applaud you and all the work and effort you put in like most of us. Yes I share videos and podcasts but I do not use their material as a whole post there is difference and I do show and let you know this is someone else’s work. Never pass it off like I wrote their material. Sorry just was not happy seeing that knowing how hard we work. I have an opinion and use it sometimes sorry to offend anyone not trying to.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Thanks for reading if you got this far. Please stay safe and have a great day or night.

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