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9 amazing things to do while writing a blog post to get it to rank

This goes hand in hand with my last post. This one has more to do with while writing the things you should do. The last one was more about after your done writing and before you hit publish.

It would be great to add these two together as a all together way to get the best post possible. I hope that between the two, that is exactly what this does for you.

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  1. Use Headers: In the headers is where you use your keywords. I read from a popular blog that when writing your heading use Heading 2 as your title and heading 3 as your introduction to your post. This can include a affiliate link because some people don’t make it to the bottom of your post.( I had to learn this myself)
  2. Always try to include at least 1 photo in your post. When picking out an image it is kind of common sense to get a image that fits your post also. Why write about food and post pictures of circus animals. Your readers would be lost to why that picture is there.
download images

  1. Try and write short sentences. When writing your paragraphs try to make them only 2-3 sentences long. A lot of people are on cellphones nowdays and anymore than that, will be a huge paragraph on a cellphone.
  2. Number and bullet lists are easy for people to skim through. Most readers just like to skim through the content. Reading it all comes after skimming, If they like what they skimmed through, then it tends to get read all the way through.
Hemingway app
  1. Use the hemingway app to help with grammer. Also helps make shorter and much more easier to read sentences. Sometimes I know I do it, write and forget a period or comma. Then my words are one long hard to read sentece. The hemingway app is something I use almost every single time.
  2. Don’t forget your backlinks and internal links. Like in the last post here, explains how much this can help with SEO to link to popular blogs. Google likes to see that your connecting to other popular blogs. Great with your rank.
  3. You need to solve a problem in your post. Start out with a question that your asking or aiming toward answering for your audience. Make sure you answer this throughout your blog post.
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  1. Your post length does not have to be over 1,000 words long. Yes it does help and looks good to Google. Just sometimes you need to write for your audience not Google.
  2. Struggling with what to post. We all as writers come up with a blank mind at times. A good idea to help with this is. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Within that time, write down a bunch of topics, thoughts, anything that just comes to mind. None of it is stupid. Even that one you think might be stupid, could make for a excellent blog post.

Yes, number 9 may not help get you that ranking post. Just a little help with what to write, just as this whole list has that same idea. The other ones should help you rank in Google in time. It does take time for Google to notice you. So please do not get upset if you don’t see this helps the day after you post it.

I am still learning some of these things. Google changes what it decides on how things will rank and its rules. Think this is the reason things take a bit to rank.

Besides Pexels, do you know other places you can download free images for your blog? I got a couple here for you so you can have some great photos for your blog

Hope that helps you get some quality photos for your blog or site or to use on your landing pages. Hope this gets you a great blog post in conjunction with the last post.

I will be getting some more downloads for you soon. So if you are looking for any type of ebook to help you get ahead, let me know and I will find it for you.

Have yourself a great day or night and please always remember….stay safe!

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