Flipping expired domains will be out tomorrow

colored words on computer screen Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Working on a good post for tomorrow for you. Never knew so much money could be made from this. Never knew would could even buy or sell expired domains. Hope this one is as new to you as it is me. Doing a little more research so it will have to wait one more day.

There is another thing I want to let you know about is another live coming up.


 Mon 4th Oct 2021, 4pm London Time click here to register so you don’t miss your spot.

Also don’t forget to be there for the Worlds first TRAFFIC DOMINATION LIVE LONDON NOVEMBER 6-7 2021 Sat 6th Nov 2021, 09:00 London Time click here to register, spots are going quick. This is a popular one, don’t miss out I will be there with my better internet can’t wait.

I been watching some excellent movies lately not sure what type your into but I love my horror. I watch a lot of different types though with hubby. Top one on hbo is the squid game. I don’t know alot about games in the culture over I think Korea could be wrong, sorry if I am. But that was one weird movie. Finally a change from the norm.

Then one I just watched that was a horror, No one gets out alive. That was a good one, and today just watched Till death. was actually a pretty good suspenseful movie.

But that’s it for today will get that post out tomorrow. My goal for this month is try to post even if just a little something like this, I want to try to post every day for this month. Going to see if I can do it. Have a great day or night and please stay safe.

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