Unlock The Power Of Expired Domain Flipping To See If It’s That Prosperous

I had talked about domain flipping before. If that is one you haven’t read then maybe you should check that one out. HERE And the two are basically the same in ways but how you buy about expired domains is different.

You really need to do really good research before you purchase any domain, expired or not. If you plan to make money and you don’t do your research you could lose money instead of making money. Just because it seems like it could be an excellent deal does not mean it is.

thumbs down photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

If you want to buy make sure you check the moz ranking, traffic, link, and site quality. One last thing but a big one, make sure that it has not been banned on Google. If it has been then the site is pretty much worthless. Can’t get good quality traffic from Google and no more ranking to get higher on pages to help with traffic. Google will be of no use makes the site of no use.

The first thing you should do is find a name you think could be sought after. The more popular you think the name could be the more you can make from the name alone. But still, a lot of other factors come into play like the ones mentioned to make money from the site. If you do your research correctly, should bring you a lot of profit.

Places you can purchase an expired domain:

  • freshdrop
  • moonsy
  • godaddy auctions
  • expired domains.net

After you pick out a good name do all the research you possibly can., Before you actually purchase the domain. If you decide to sell the domain you want to make sure you will be able to turn over a great profit for the domain.

If you decide to keep the domain and start where the domain is now. This is like starting a blog that has traffic, ranks in Google, and has excellent quality sites and links. If this site has been around a decade or so, and all the other factors. You can start blogging and make money immediately. In the long run, you will make far more than you purchased the domain for.

To get you started from the complete beginning. Besides the sites I had mentioned I will walk you through another site. You want to go to justdropped, and go to daily deals.


Pick out a name in the list that you think will be a good name and do your research like mentioned above. Then your gonna want to go to godaddy auctions. Go to domain names on the left hand side menu. Then investing in domain names in around the middle of page.

domain value appraisal

After you go on domain value appraisal, enter the name you want to get the value for. (in the pinterest video,or was a tiktok one, either way. The guy picked out a 69 dollar expired domain. It was valued over 1000.) But like I had mentioned does not always mean it’s a good deal.

Do your research so you get the most money back from your purchase. This is basically like buying domains that are not expired. Always do your research before making any purchase in life.

Then after you know the value of your domain. Go to flipit.com, sell now. Make a free account if you do not already have one. Then sell your domain for a much larger profit.

I initially though that it would take time, like affiliate marketing maybe. Just depends when someone wants to make that purchase, however. Doing more research I found out I was wrong. If you sell your domain at godaddy auctions(I’m not sure how flipit.com works). With the auction it takes 72 hours to get the domain activated and then it is put in a 7 day auction.

I don’t think that a week is terrible long to wait for what possibly be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. I bet if it is a name that is really sought after, plus traffic and link ranking etc, will get it sold a lot faster. Just my opinion.

People who do not want to do the blogging thing like us. Those are the ones that flip domains. But us bloggers would be the ones that keep it, so we can get a little ahead in the income game for the blog.

To me if you don’t buy a domain in your same niche if you plan on keeping it. It would be hard to keep most of the followers. Once again my opinion. Just if they follow a fashion blog then you buy it and start talking about horror and morbid things, how many followers do you think would actually stick around. Yes there will be a few that will stick it out. They loyal ones but after time they will see that this is not the same person and eventually leave also.

Don’t forget the new live coming up. Crypto is a great thing to learn and this one for sure since this strategy has been around for 20 years and anyone can use and profit from it. So come check it out. 4pm BST

Hope you enjoyed the post about something I even learned about. I knew about domain flipping, just never knew you could use expired domains for this. Great to learn something new. Have yourself a great day or night and please…stay safe.

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