1 helpful SEO site and 2 moneymaker sites

I hope all is well with everyone today. I already messed up wanting to post everyday. I still will try to post as much as I can. I just don’t want to come on with a hello and a good-bye. I want to have a little something meaningful to say. So please forgive a few missing days, still will try my best. Let’s take a look into these sites I have for you today.

SEO in scrabble tilesPhoto by FreeBoilerGrants on Pexels.com

Let’s start with the SEO one. It is really more software than a site. You still need the site to look at all the data compiled from what it looks like. I read it was also geared more toward ecommerce. So not sure if it will work for our blogs, think it could. Helps with everything from the looks of it all needed from our blogs too.

Screpy is the name of the site. No affiliate link here, just straight to the site. This is free like most of the things online with limitations. The bigger your business grows then the more you need from these sites. Then you have to start paying.

It help’s you to get ahead. Make advertisements, and product promotions in one go. Has many add-ons to make this super easy. You an advertise on social media or any site. It says its possible to add numerous products that will be displayed on numerous platforms.

  • easy to install. Can use the software smoothly
  • If you code(you don’t need to be a coder) you can make improvements to the platform through it’s PHP based and MYSQL-based coding.
  • Can add unlimited products, which means no restrictions and you can add products freely.
  • Accounting integrations you can work in harmony with accounting systems. Which means you have a variety of opportunities besides it comes with a feature that makes your easier with its compatible structure.
  • And thanks to the wide variety of modules you can offer visitors easy navigation and enjoyable shopping experience.

The next one I want to talk to you about is one I have mentioned a lot before. Just another way to make money with it. Youtube. I don’t know if I had let you know about shorts. You don’t have to wait for the watch time now. With shorts you can add as many shorts and use affiliate links, make money that way. However that way you will not get paid advertising. Take forever to get the watch time in but maybe not subscribers.

There is a different way I got for you still. Where you can make your own videos and not copy other videos or anything like that. You can get your videos from pexels.com or sites like that, with royalty free videos, or pictures if you want to put a lot of pictures together. Look up motivational videos on pexels, or what site you choose to use. Then go to archive.org download royalty free audio. Look up motivational audio there also. Then you can go to Openshot, which is a free video editor. Put the video and audio together. Then upload it to YouTube. Once I move I will be trying out shorts or this one. I also like the meditation ones you can upload. The meditation ones are usually a few hours long. The longer the better, least that is what seems most popular. Would be real easy to get that watch time in. Most people fall asleep to them type of videos. Will get that ad revenue fast.


This is another site and when I looked it up said it was legit. I read one main site that has no steered me wrong yet for legit sites. This site reminds me of the site that made the choice for me to help people out so they also wouldn’t get screwed over by these fake survey sites. This is just how this one looks but people say they are getting paid.

Surveyj you get 40 dollars just for signing up for the site. Really and they have a lot of extras that are quit challenging but they give you big bucks for doing 10 surveys and more. Really good survey and offer site. All from your mobile phone. Apps to download and get paid for. All things we are doing already, well some of us. Give it a try make some money with me.


Hope you made it to the crypto live, got a new one coming up tomorrow. Make money in a completely different way.

October 6 at 3:00 pm BST CLICK HERE

This is London time so please make sure you look up your local time for this, sounds like its going to be a good one.

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