Did you know you can earn crypto for doing nothing?

I just found this browser today. I had heard about it before I just never tried it out till now. It actually works. I have been earning for doing absolutely nothing but keeping the browser open. I mentioned this before, just very briefly so going into it more today. Since I actually tried finally.

cryptotab browser

I have looked at review and review. Yes this won’t make you rich. However this is a very easy way to make a little crypto. All you have to do is leave your browser open nothing more. If you want to use the browser you can. I have tried it out for a few games and surfing today, and I haven’t had any issues with the browser.

You don’t have to use the browser at all, just as long as it’s open, its mining. I had it running in the background for a few hours today and made a little bit. Not a lot but I see if I do this everyday for a few hours, I could start racking up a little bit of crypto. If your able to run it in the background then I suggest take advantage of it, don’t have to do a thing.

You can put the speed to how you like. I just have it set at half and think I did ok for just a few hours having it open.

crypto balance

I know it’s not a lot like I said. Just something to run in the background and earn a little bit of crypto. This actually works on your phone too. Android and iPhone.

Stormgain is another way to earn crypto however this one has limitations. You can only spend what your earn within the stormgain app. Also you have to go back in the app every 4 hours and restart the mining.

This is why I think crypto tab is a bit better. This is all personal choice of course, that is the reason for the two different ones. I’m pretty sure there is more out there. I think this can benefit a lot of you since there is nothing you need to do.

If you know anyone else that would enjoy this post share it with them please. And any past post share. Thanks for all that shares, really appreciate it. Have a great day or night, stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Did you know you can earn crypto for doing nothing?

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