Weird and unusual ways to make really good money online

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looking online I stumbled upon these odd ways to make money online. Over the years I have heard about a few of these, more than once too. So some of these have been around for quit a few years.
If they stick around that long then they should be legit and pretty decent money. If they didn’t pay good and be true to their word, they would have been booted off the internet a long time ago. I seen a site promise huge payment for doing simple things. Well they no longer exist.

  • Tradeline Selling: This one is such a simple thing that I dont understand why more people are not doing this. I did not know you could make money from it. Knew that it could help build their credit score.

If you are unfamiliar with what this is. Simply explained as adding a stranger to your credit card. There are some risks involved, make sure you know everything before you start. If you would like to know more about this, side hustle nation has written a great article on this. They dive deeper in to all the ins and outs and you will understand this a little more. Check them out here.

  • Get paid to sleep: Yes this is honestly a thing. You can get paid 1500 dollars at the end of the test period. The applicant needs to take part in a video call before and after each experience. Looks like each test period could run about 30 days.

They are closed right now for taking applicants. However they will take applicants in the future so here is the site to either keep an eye out for an open period or sign up so they have your application on hand.

  • Get paid to study: One man from Korea started a YouTube channel and all he does is study. He has some of his friends doing this also and and you can also watch his friends study. Think we all know what you can get paid from YouTube for ads.
  • Farming Influencer: While on the YouTube subject let’s talk about being a farming influencer. This is just like any other influencer, only it just like any other influencer. Just this one is all about his job, farming.

I have seen a few of these videos thanks to my grandson who is obsessed with cows. I don’t know if he is this way because his grandpa works with cows or just something he grew to love at 2 years old. Every time he comes visit us, he asks grandpa to take him to see the cows. when we get to the farm he scared of the cows and to scared to go near them lol.

  • Selling your breast milk online: This women are saying they can earn as much as 2000 a month. This can be a very risky side hustle though. Some men out there think its ok to just take food from babies who can not get it from the means they should be.

I seen a video about even grown people taking all the formula during the height of the pandemic. They were asked if they could share and they refused. If my memory serves me correct, they did not have a baby either. They did not just have one or five cans either. They had like over 20. Their whole cart was full. Here is a place to sell said milk if your interested.

  • Wake People Up: Just what it says. The site I see here I see that it is to be woken up so I hope they will also allow people to wake others up. This I have never tried unless in a hotel. Be kind of different to have me getting woke up at my own home when I can set multiple alarms on phones and laptop. So for me I would not have use for this maybe others would though.

We have another good live coming up on Monday Oct. 25th if you want to join us. The topic is “Beta testers made made sales in 24 hours with Michael Cheney’s 10k accelerator” 7pm BST

That’s all for today. Share with anyone who you think would benefit from today’s post, or just share on all your social medias get the name out there. Need to make my payment for next year’s domain and won’t happen without more traffic. So if you could kindly share for me would really appreciate that so much. Stay safe!

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