Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, be back posting regular soon

lot of postits around laptopPhoto by Tara Winstead on

That is what my life looks like at the moment. I still have some things at my old house that I have to get rid of and I just so at a loss. So much having to get thrown away because I just have no room for a lot of it in my new house. Moving from a larger three bedroom with office and finished basement to a small two bedroom and barley any storage.

So hopefully this coming week I will be getting all that finished and the house cleaned. Then I can get back on my regular posting schedule. Just hope you all can bare with me a little longer.

I haven’t even had time to listen to a podcast. Time I hit the bed I am knocked out. During the morning Im lucky if I can listen to the news even. Busy putting things away going from one room to the next or garage to store what I can store in there, hard to listen to a speaker in one room when I’m all over.

If you want me to post about anything you want more information on, let me know. Throw some ideas at me. Less time I have to search for what to post about more time I can dedicate to research and writing. Anything you want I will do my best to give you the most accurate and up to date information on the subject.

Tonight I have a birthday party to go to so cuts my moving short and research time also. But like I said this should for sure be the last of it this week. Should have the house empty and cleaned out. Will keep you all posted and still write a little here and there like I said.

Have a great day or night and stay safe.

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