8+ Online jobs that will get you a great income

Got a good collection of online jobs that are very easy to do. Some require a little more work than others, but they all are very easy. Just to let you know also that I know holidays are coming up and so is my payment to keep this place running. If you can help out with any little amount that would but be great. There is absolutely no obligation and only asking for those who can afford it. I just would love to keep giving you great content and any amount will be greatly appreciated. Now on to the money making sites.

  • Bird.co is one for bigger cities mostly. I know this is something that I don’t have in my small city this is why I say for bigger cities. This is one of the “harder” jobs. It’s not even hard either. You will get paid to charge their scooters. A very simple job most people can easily handle.
  • Gigwalk pays you to do random tasks. Some of the things that you will be doing on their site are  Retail Audits * Mystery Shops *QSR Audits *Digital Experience Testing *AI Training Data *Safety Checks *Location surveys*Property Inspections.
onespace screenshot
  • Onespace is a place to do freelance work just like upwork or guru. I mention more about those places here or here
  • Usertesting is where you get paid to test sites to make sure they function as they they should. Might need to buy a pair of pants and go all the way til you are ready to hit purchase, then stop. You will not have to actually purchase anything, just test the site as far as you can go more a less. I talk about usertesting here also if you want to know more.
  • Fieldagent is a app not a site that pays you to do some simple micro tasks.
fieldagent screeenshot

As you can see they got a pretty good rating in the app store. Walmart, Walgreens and Target. Stores we all have around us to do these tasks in. I know I tried one of these and I couldn’t do it in my small town. Never had any tasks to do.

  • Acx.com Get paid to read books on this site. Click on actor or producer and then find a book of your choice, check out tons of offers and pick one you like. Read in to a well working microphone so you will get the best results and get picked among the other actors auditioning for the same book.
  • Apple Home Advisor is getting paid to work for apple from home from the many different jobs they could have to choose from. Get paid up to 18 dollars an hour and go through the list and see if they have a job in your area. They have openings in California, Texas, Virgina, Amsterdam, Finland, Singapore. Jobs everywhere as you can see.
  • Google Skill shop is the last one on the list that can produce more then 8 on this list if you look at all the different things you can do and different certificates you can get after taking the classes from google. If you look at upwork and look at youtube advertising. There are two on there that are getting paid super well compared to the rest of them. One asking for 85 dollars an hour and the other 25 dollars an hour. This is because they have the training from google skill shop that others don’t have. And to get this it will cost you nothing. The skills google teach are free.
google skllshop

As you can see there are so many skills you can learn and take any one of them and do freelance work and get paid 85 dollars an hour if you want. Most people do not have the time to learn these skills and will pay someone more money will the skills and knowledge in the background they are asking. If you have the time and want to do freelance work or just want to get paid more than this is the route to take.

Hope that this list will have you making money in no time. With the holidays we all could use that extra cash to spend on our loved ones. Or with this pandemic just trying to scrape by to pay the bills. This is why I am asking for help to pay the bills here, only if your able to. Not asking for a lot only what are able to afford. Like I said any amount no matter how small is appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great day or night and please… stay safe.

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