Remote jobs that pay you good in 2021, will they still pay in 2022

girl holding a sign that says remote jobs
Remote jobs

Remote jobs is something that a lot of us are looking for since this pandemic. I don’t blame anyone. Another new variante out there is driving people to stay indoors themselves even without a lockdown. I wish people would just understand. The shot is in no way taking anyone’s right away it’s only to help save people who can not get sick.

Most of us got vaccinated when we were little, this is just the same. Yes it was made fast….people were dying fast they had to do something fast. More people are ok with the shot then not if you look at the statistics. Think of this stupid virus like the aids virus. You don’t know you have it, but you can sure pass it to others and kill them. That is the exact thing here. I just wish people would understand this. The government is not trying to hurt no one, they are trying to save the low immunity people and children from dying from this virus….. that is all. Please save the ones that can not take the virus in their body. My opinion and I feel very strong about this. Sure most of my readers know this already. Not trying to upset anyone.

Now sorry for that let’s talk about remote work. I talked a bit about remote work back in april in this post HERE. We are going to take another look at what is out there now and if it will still be as good in 2022.

delivery services are usually remote Photo by RODNAE Productions on

A lot of the delivery jobs now days are remote work, like doordash and jobs like that. I even ride with a service to take me to my medical appointments and they work for a company from California and we are in Wisconsin.

Indeed has a lot of remote jobs first one I come upon is a $14 hr call center representative out of missouri residents.

Then there was one for data entry remote jobs $30-$35 an hour also. Just had to collect information from customers and clients, data entry, copy typist inputs data into database and periodically creates reports based on the information from the clients. remote work from home

There is even part-time work at indeed, a part-time essay review tutor (remote) in texas from $16 an hour. For this you need to consistently be available to work at least 10 hours per week.

Flexjobs, ziprecruiter and even amazon jobs.

Virtual locations or remote positions available to qualified individuals who live some areas. So if you aren’t near a amazon location, or just want to see if there are virtual jobs near your area, your in the right place. Is what they say on their site.

amazon virtual jobs

There were 500+ jobs in the USA. 200+ in UK, and even more countries. As in the screenshot you can see what type of jobs they have. So take a look might find something that would spark your interest.

This is all I got for you today. Sorry such a short post. Take a look at my last post for remote work. Here

Hope those who celebrated thanksgiving had a good one with their families. Have a great day or night and please stay safe.

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