Learn copywriting with these 6 steps, from beginner to expert

Copywriting is not easy as most would think. It does take a lot of work and a lot of practice to get it right. The more you practice the more you can get good paying clients. It may seem easy to make a sales pitch from let’s say a ad and copy that with a few changes. It does take more than that and here today I have 6 steps to show you just you what to do.


So what is copywriting? It is making text or copy of text in your own words for promotional or marketing purpose that is used to persuade someone to take a certain action. So many forums of copywriting. Making a blog post, a email, a ad. The list goes on.

Today I will show you 6 steps that can help you become a great copywriter and with practice, earn the big bucks. Let’s jump into the list.

  1. Study: this is far so important and for sure number 1 on the list. If you do not study, learn how to do copywriting correct than you will not get paying jobs because no one wants to hire you if you don’t have any idea what your doing. Study with podcasts, youtube videos, online articles and courses. Keep yourself always up to date on copywriting. Leads into number 2.
  2. Practice: Just as I was saying in number 1, if you do not practice than no one wants someone who does not know what they are doing. You do not have to be a professional writer when starting out. But you do need to know what you are doing. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  3. Find an online community: Utilize that community to help you with any questions you may have starting out in the copywriting business. Show another copywriter your work, ask them if you need to make changes or anything needs to be added. If you don’t utilize this than you would be missing out on a huge help for you learning and missing out on money.
  4. Write your elevator pitch: (personal sales pitch) The reason it’s called elevator pitch is because you want it to be that short. As long as it takes a elevator to get to one floor to another floor. Around 10 seconds you need to explain what you offer, who you serve,and how you do it. Needs to quick and help them with the clients needs so they will know this person I will hire because they can help with my ad or post.
    1. What do you offer: Will you offer copy or content or both. You also need to nail down what niche you will want to do your copywriting work in. Or your area of expertise. Could be finance, beauty, health and fitness and so on. Find out what you truly enjoy to write about and also research because this is something you will be doing everyday on the same subject. You can change if you find that first pick was just not for you.
    2. Who do you serve: Do you want to help coaches, authors, or maybe entrepreneurs. Maybe local business in your neighborhood you see needs help with their marketing. Narrow down your ideal client.
    3. How do you do it: What services will you offer? Blog posts, sales copy, video scripts, emails. Maybe social media is more your thing or homepages or even website. When doing your sales pitch to your client you want to add your niche not just say… I’m a copywriting I will do your copywriting for you. Sounds so plain. If you explain that you do blog posts that have a beauty background. Makes it sound more professional and seems you know what you are doing.
  1. Build your portfolio and profile: Use your work that you practiced with to make a portfolio and organize it. Use google drive to make your portfolio it is free and easy to use most people already know how to use it and send documents through it.
  2. Get visible: Start looking for your clients. If you are unsure where to look. This is where that community you joined will come in handy. They can give you some tips on where to line up work. Otherwise great job site is linkedin, upwork, freelancer.com and so on. All the freelancer sites I have mentioned before will have copywriting in there. Here is one freelance post and here is another that I wrote can maybe help you find work through these posts.

Hope that this gives you a little information into what copywriting is and what to do, and where to go to get a job once you have learned the skill. Master that skill before you jump into paying jobs in my opinion. That way you can get a great paying gig to start with if they see you have excellent work.

With winter coming everyone wants to stay indoors and start their own blog. Its a great thing to do if you love to write. If you dont then maybe its not for you. Research is a big part of it too. I love to do it all and right now bluehost has their sale going on again to get a domain and they link with wordpress. Click this and check them out. 2.95 is cheaper then I even pay, wish I went through them. I think that is the next place I will go to get my domain and site.

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They are a excellent place to go and great customer service that can help with any issue you have. Click right on the banner check them out.

Have a great day or night and please stay super safe.

1 thought on “Learn copywriting with these 6 steps, from beginner to expert

  1. Thanks for these 6 tips / steps. I can agree, copywriting isn’t easy. And I think that practicing it daily, and analyzing the results will also help you learn to become better at it. There are also a ton of books to read that can help. Great article, thx!


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