Talking about the wrongs others do online plus a couple good sites

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This is not any way shape or form something to pick on any individual that does this. I think that almost all of us are guilty of doing this. Telling a little white lie to make a sale or not telling the full truth to make a sale.

I myself find it better to let the consumer know the whole truth about a site or item then half the truth. I know myself when I see someone saying this site does such and such, then when you get there, you have to pay to even try to do what was told to you in the persons video or written page.

That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate watching a pin on Pinterest and thinking, this could be something I could do, sounds like something I would like. Then I get there I can’t even do it unless I pay for it. I rarely pay for anything online, and will not pay when it comes to something like that. I get more upset than anything. Wish I was told that there is a fee or membership that has to be paid before you can do this.

This is always something I implement in my writing, or try to all the time. I admit sometimes I do not know and if I don’t know then I tell you that this is new to me, so when you get there and you got to pay, you knew this is something I did not know.

I usually always try to try the site out before passing them on to you. Yes I don’t always because I want you to go to the site fresh eyes like I had and not think that I am trying to use a affiliate link to get you to the site. I have sometimes but I do not use those all the time. In fact a lot of the sites are just links to the site more than affiliate links to the site. But I try a lot out still out read pages before passing the site to you.

Want you to be aware of this and know that this is something I try to do on this site all the time, keep things honest and tell the full detail about a site, not partial detail. With that said got a couple sites here that could possibly be a good side hustle.

Voices is the first one I looked into that a couple people on Pinterest neglected to tell the person watching the pin, that it cost money. I had also talked about this same site in a couple posts here and here. If you want to have a look what else I discussed about the site before. It is basically a place where they look for talented out loud readers. One comment said they tried and they just were looking for actor or actresses. I have never tried because there is a membership that has to be paid before you can actual do any of the paying gigs. But if this is your ideal dream job then maybe this is something you would want to invest in. From looking at other pins, there is good money to be made on this site.

Want to do some learning online and maybe get a better paying job once covid is over(if it ever is) or even have that certificate on your record for online jobs. There are many places for you to go do this here is one of them I heard about. Digitaldefynd.


Digitaldefynd has 45,000+ free courses, 12,000+ certificate courses and 8,000+ university courses. This site has a lot to offer for you to gain some serious knowledge. Take advantage of it when your able to. More you learn the better you will be in this world.

I stumbled on this site that is just amazing. It is to help with any referral link that you have. You have a profile and in this profile you post all the affiliate links that you have. I don’t think individual ones from like clickbank or digistore24 etc. These are more links from sites from the looks of it. Like coinbase, webull, paypal. Sites like that. I still have to add my links to it. I only got a couple in there. People who are looking for these types of sites that your have links for, they will see your link not just the regular link from one person’s testimonial. Not Sure if they have to have to chrome extension for that to work or not. I am still learning myself.


It is almost like a blog where you can connect with other users. Join other referral programs, and boost your links visibility by reposting them. I just posted two links today and already had a view to my links. So seems legit and great to help anyone with a referral link to where they can actually feel free to post their link without any repercussions.

One more site I am looking into that I will let you know about another day. Before I post it I want to make sure it is a well worth site for you to venture into. So far I like what I see. It is a ad views for blog view site but this one pays you for viewing. I already seen that is true. But I want to check out all the aspects of the site for you.

The invitation one really nothing to lose there just posting your link. This one is a little more involved making ads and clicking ads for views. Once I know it is legit I will let you know what it’s all about.

Think we got enough for this post today. Don’t want you to fall asleep lol. Hope my blog posts don’t make anyone fall asleep. I work hard and hope that they are not boring. Come check out the next live. Looks like it’s going to be a great one tomorrow. Click the link save your seat. Look forward to seeing you there.

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