15 fun ways to make money as a teen, on and offline jobs

Teen gamers Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There are many jobs that teenagers can do now days. When I was a teen there wasn’t as much as their is now. The internet wasn’t such a widely used thing like it is now. It was just coming into its popularity back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. We did not sit in front of computers back then. I did not even stay in the house if I could help it. Nothing at home that could keep you occupied like now. I know people who grew up before me can say exactly what I’m about to say now…those were simpler times.

Life was not so high tech. Nothing wrong with it, when used for the right things. But when you use it to babysit your child or teach your child than I think that causes issues. Nothing wrong with it helping. Just think a parent should teach their child. Just my opinion. Let us get on with this list. With it being so long I will not leave details for each one.

  1. Dog walking: That couldn’t be done up north much right now. Not when we are getting below 0 weather right now. Warmer places this could be an everyday job.
  2. Snow shoveling: This one can be up north around 6 months or a little more out of the year. Depends how long winter lasts here or how far north you are.
  3. Cleaning peoples yards or lawn care: Cleaning maybe doggie dodo or just mowing the grass, raking the leaves. Your own lawn care business could be very lucrative.
  4. Freelance Work online: I don’t want to get to specific here. There is so much even a teen can do just like an adult. Search on upwork and find something that you know how to do and like to do.
  5. Craigslist jobs in your area or put what your willing to do for a job on craigslist in your area.
  6. If your old enough to drive you could do instacart or doordash or more.
  7. Camp Counselor
  8. Babysitting
  9. Pet sitting
  10. Social Media manager: If your really good at twitter, instagram, facebook look if a small local business has a social media and ask them for the position and let them know what you can do for them.
  11. Start a Youtube channel
  12. Sell your extra clothes that you don’t wear anymore on poshmark or facebook market
  13. Try being a referee or umpire for your local little league team in your neighborhood
  14. As a teen sure you might have a lot of pictures on your phone. Sell some of those pictures to make money
  15. Online survey sites like survey junkie or lifepoints panel. Two of my favorite that I have always got paid and paid quickly from

So there you have it. A quick list of 15 jobs a teen can do to make money. Some could pay you before christmas even, if your looking to buy presents. If you celebrate of course.

I mentioned that invitation site before and its a great site I had a lot of views just for my couple links I had already posted. If you want to post your referral links without getting in any type of trouble this is the place to do it. Check them out here this is my link and it will give you 20 coins to be able to help boost your links. So check it out when you get a chance. Sure you wont regret it.

Have a great day or night and stay safe out there please!

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