What remote jobs will be available in 2022 that you should grab now

Remote jobs are a great way to earn money right now with covid and winter. You can stay in you home not worry about traffic, other people and the dreaded… boss. We are our own boss when it comes to working remotely and this and many other reasons are why so many are choosing to work from home lately. Let’s look at a few new ones I never mentioned here yet.

lady holding a sign that says remote jobs
remote jobs

Start your search where most would start their search for anything they would look for an answer for….Google. Most specific, Google Jobs. If you type in work from home jobs in the search bar, Google will show you remote jobs. Would look something like this.

Google Jobs

As you see very great place to work right on top. AT&T. Customer Service Rep for AT&T would be a very great job to get, in my opinion. I do not know a lot about how they would be to work for honestly. Just know they are a very big company and would think they would offer benefits for even a work from home job.

Mural is a great place to work. It looks like it might be a little challenge to get accepted for a position here. If you do, take advantage of it because this is the first one I heard that has benefits. Here is a little bit from the company itself.

We know applying for a new job and joining a company during a global pandemic adds extra complexity to what already can be a nerve-wracking process, to creating a smooth and transparent process for our candidates every step of the way. At MURAL, the safety and wellbeing of our employees, candidates, and communities always comes first. Given the impact of COVID-19 around the world, all interviews will take place via phone or Zoom. Here is what you can expect from our virtual hiring process.

01 Apply online: Found a role that’s a good fit? Send your application directly from our website. Easy peasy.

02 Chat with People Ops: An initial conversation with People Ops to get to know you, tell you more about MURAL and answer your questions.

03 Meet the manager: A first interview with the hiring manager to share your previous experiences and what you would bring to MURAL.

04 Presentation: You’ll be given a challenge to complete in your own time that you will present to one of our teams.

05 Final interview: This is the opportunity to show the leadership team why you’re the best person for the role.

06 Offer sent: Congrats! We’ll send you an offer and get you ready to join our team.

Zapier is another place hiring for remote jobs. They seem very committed to keeping the person applying for the job informed about the process of their application and call each week to let them know information on their application. They do a video call for your first part of the interview process like Mural. Zapier also has benefits available. As you see in the picture below.


I made sure for both of these sites that when you click on the links for each site, the link will take you straight to what jobs are available for each company. Thought I would make it easy on you so you wouldn’t have to search around for the job openings section.


Teletech is a place that usually hires for customer support, tech support. Those type of jobs are usually what teletech hires people for. As you see in the screenshot, you can get location specific or just look at all the work at home jobs.

I know I had recently discussed remote job. I thought before years end I would find jobs in every category that I could. This is why I decided to add jobs for teens in the last post I did. No matter the age if your out of work hopefully you can find something here you enjoy. For this one, those that still need a job by the end of the year or want to start a new remote job in the new year to come, this would be their opportunity.

let me know below what else you want to know before the end of the year. Maybe something I have never covered. Maybe something I didn’t cover enough. Whatever the case is, I will gladly look it up and help you with whatever you maybe have questions with. We are all here to help and anything to help you and your business or blog or site get ahead. I will do what I can. Just comment blow with anything you want to learn about or any questions you maybe have for me.

Have yourself a great day or night and please stay safe.

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