Great site to get traffic and money not only on commissions

This is a site that I had mentioned a few posts back. I told you that I wanted to get to know it a little better before I show it to you.

I would not send anything your way that I do not trust myself. I try to get to know a lot of the sites before I pass them on to you. This site I have been on it for a few days now getting to know a lot of the different things that can be done on it and I am completely amazed.So many things you can do with a free account.

leadsleap screenshot

I have been going through each thing in the black there on the side seeing the different things that the free account has to offer. I think there are maybe two things maybe three that are just for the pro account. All the rest are for free.

Free is the best thing when you are just starting out with your blog or business and do not have the extra money to spare on other things like advertising. Which can be pretty costly.

Leadsleap i the site that I am talking about if you haven’t noticed from the image above. I just wish I had more time to sit and look at ads all day to make more money and more credit for real visitors to my link. Going to go through all the awesome thing the site has to offer.

  • Earn money just for clicking on ad
  • Earn credit for clicking on ads, credits equals real traffic
  • Click 10 ads and get entered in the daily active bonus of 25usd
  • Put a widget on your site and earn from any clicks you get on that widget
  • You can make form or pop up manager for free
  • Can make free landing page for your affiliate offers
  • Can add your email list or make one from the sounds of it from the forms you make. Free autoresponders and follow up emails
  • You can add your own banner. Here they call it ad bar instead of banner
  • They have a link rotator. Add all your affiliate links into the rotator and then you have one link for all your affiliate offers.
  • There is even a link tracker to check if you are getting real visitors to your link.
  • There is a spot to do a social review its called. You review a site and you add your affiliate link to that review. That review will get rotated along with the other reviews. So all the other members will see your review

Can click the box below and check out some of the social reviews. Or check out the links below that will lead you to the site and show you how to add your link to the links below.

If this is of interest to you click the link for social reviews, or the highlighted leadsleap, or even the links below to show you how to add your link to the links. We all need this traffic to our blogs if we want to grow and this is the place to help you do that and all for free, unless you want to upgrade.

Have yourself a great day or night and please stay safe.

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