8 Podcasts that can help you be successful online

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I have not put out a good podcast post in a while. I believe it’s good to listen instead of just read all the time. Know we can get bored of the same thing over and over again. So here I try to change things up when I can.

Don’t forget if you really need traffic just like that last post I need to say it again because I am still getting slammed with traffic from the site. Super happy I found a site that works.

I must have added an ad before not remembered because I received an email staying I needed to change it, they only last a week and like to keep things fresh on the site. That makes me even more happy to know that I will not click on an old ad.

change lives make money

I did not really care for this podcaster. I just thought what he was talking about could be really beneficial. Also he is giving away 1000 cash for the month of december if you care to check that out. I just did not care for his every other word being f this and f that. I almost don’t even want to say every other was just about every.

To me that is very unprofessional and I know I will not be listening to him again or sharing him again. We are adults yes but that was just to much. I am no saint by any means but I have more of a vocabulary then using the f word for every sentence. I share though for those who care to listen to him. We are all different.

Digital nomads skills

They have a little bit of information for everyone here. Being that they are already on season 2 they have quit a bit of podcasts to help with whatever niche your in.

Project Digital Podcast

They haven’t had a recent episode since November, however I had listened to some of the podcasts they have out and they talk about all the things you need to get ahead in your business. Like how to influence people, how to overcome rejection and failure. Aldo how to hire a freelancer.

I have talked about us being the freelancer a lot but do you know how to hire one if you need help with your blog? This is the podcaster that has that if you need the help there. 146 episodes Derek has discussed quit a bit on his podcast.

Making Money Online

She has great episodes here. I especially like that one about having a thriving business whilst having a chronic health issues, something I can relate to. Can any of you?

Make Passive Income Online

This podcaster was only active in the month of June from the looks of it. They put out some great content in that month and thought I would share with you such informational episodes.

Problogger Podcast

He has not put out a new podcast going on almost two years now. But he has some super great information here. Has over 200 episodes that can help any blogger out with any issues they could come across their journey of blogging.

Eat Talk Blog

This is more for those food bloggers out there. She discusses a lot of things that food bloggers can run into or just general help for food bloggers. I don’t think of myself as a food blogger. I do like to share my recipes when I can. I prefer to help with the money niche. I feel there are such hard times out there right now and that is what is most needed at the moment.

Know there are a lot of others doing the same but for me I have been making money many different ways and feel I can share what I have learned. I also like to keep up with the new things happening and share that with you also.

Digital Nomad Wannabe

I have been listening to a lot of her episodes and reading her blog. Just love her content. She has a lot of helpful information that I know can help anyone that needs it. Even if you don’t need help always great to learn. Can learn with anyone of these podcasts, don’t always have to be help.

I like this episode I have shared of the digital nomad because I agree that for us bloggers. We should go through our blogs every year and try to fix things, go over things make sure it stays evergreen where it can be. Or might need to update links. Have a blog is constant work. Always need to keep up with maintaining anything within our blogs. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.

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Have a great day or night and please stay away from these new variants out there please please stay safe!!

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