The most legit ways I found this year to make money online

With this past year of diving more deep into each different way to make money I come up with the most legit ways to make money online. The ones that will actually pay you. The jobs that could be potentially a good income in time. All of these here I mention do require work to get you the income coming in regularly however it is not like hard work offline like farming or factory work. Most of the work I talk about here is either time or learning to know how to do the job correctly.

Blogging is the first one I want to start off in this list. Just as I was talking about it takes work. Blogging takes time and learning to get things down right. Bet we all wish it was just as easy to slap some words down and say there now give me some money.

Blogging takes time to learn Seo, and maybe even takes a course on blogging. Depends on which niche your in might want to learn more about that background also. All of that will just help you get ahead and get that income coming in a lot sooner, because your content will be well written and what the people want to hear, what they are searching for.

Affiliate marketing this one requires a lot of work also. Time and money with this one. Think paid ads usually help the best with this one if you do not have an email list. Plus this takes a lot of dedication to keep an eye on ads if they are doing well or you need to make a new ad to change things up and see if that ad does better. If posting to any social media that takes making new posts with canva to make things look professional, and keep things fresh and new there also.

Freelancing work would be the next best one. These are really in no certain order. This one would take time to get clients and actually having to do more work when your not getting the clients to prove that you are good at the freelance job you are trying for. Once you get your foot in that door. Get some good testimonials under your profile then it is work from there but paid good from that, better pay then most jobs offline nowdays.

Remote work would be the next and that could be almost anything that you do now if it can be done remotely then you can do your job at home or pick up someone else that needs you for the job you do. Remote work would be the next and that could be almost anything that you do now if it can be done remotely then you can do your job at home or pick up someone else that needs you for the job you do. With this and freelancing this two you can learn to do what type of job that you might seem interested in trying. Not all of course but there is a big handful that you can learn to do and get paid a pretty good amount once you have the training.

This is the little list I have for you and yes there are more these are the main ones that I believe if you really want to make money and have a legit job with a real income these are the jobs.

There are little money makers online like surveys and jobs to do mirco tasks that can bring in a little cash, I just don’t think these can bring in a steady income like the other ones.

For the end of the year this is my list for you and do you agree? Do have some to add? Let me know in the comments which ones you think are a good source of online income or you think I might have missed?

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So this is all for today hope that you get something out of this. Has been things I went over in more detail in past posts if you want to learn a little more about any of these. Like HERE for a older remote work post and this one HERE also is a older freelance post. Hopefully you like them or check out more posts I have on any of these.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day or night, see you over at FAFY , please stay safe!

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