Fried Plantains

I don’t know if any of you tried plantains before, but they are really good. They look like bananas 🍌 but they need to be black on the skin unlike bananas.

Whole and cut up plantains

This is so easy to make. Just basically cut it and dry it. It’s what you put on top that makes it really good. However you could just eat a fried plain plantain. Just much better with toppings. Like crema (Mexican table cream) and Queso Fresca

Mexican Crema
Queso Fresco cheese

As seen above with the plantain all cut up. Cut up as many as needed. You will see at the end how many one plantain make. All depends how you cut them also.

Once you cut them up to your desired size you will put them in a little bit of oil to deep fry. Or you could also put it in your air fryer. I will do it in the air fryer next time. I have one and not sure why I don’t do recipes in there for you also.

One plantain frying

Make sure your oil is hot enough and start frying until they are all golden brown. They might need to be done in batches. To many in the pan will lower the temperature of the heat.

Batch of plantain frying

After they are golden brown let them drip on a paper towel to get off excess oil. Put some crema and cheese on top.

Fried plantains with crema and queso fresco cheese op top


1-2 Plantains

Oil for frying


Queso Fresco

That’s it for todays recipe. Hope you enjoy if you try. Let me know what you think.

Hope your looking forward to promoting yourself, I want to thank other bloggers who have done this. Think this is wonderful and really helps us grow as a whole. Can be a great strong community helping one another out.

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That’s all for today. Have a great day or night and please stay safe.

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