Hope that this day is turning out to be a beautiful day for you and your family. Here in upper Wisconsin, the weather is so up and down. You can see snow, sleet, and sunshine all on the same day. The seasons up here seem to be cold or warm. Never hot like the southern United States. But even at that we get out and enjoy the outdoors warm or cold. Hope that you do the same. Take time for yourself whether it is to cook a meal for yourself or your family. Or making money for your family. The two best things in life food and money. Who could ask for much more.

Talk about the many ways to make money online and cook a few Mexican recipes. For around the last 5 years or more I have been reading and doing everything imaginable online to make money. You name it I tried it or read into it a lot. I love to learn about making money online.All day I’m learning by either watching videos, reading sites about making money or ways to better your blog to make money, I even fall asleep listening to podcasts. I’m learning all day and all night, so basically any free time I have. Oh I also love to cook. I cook every day two times a day sometimes three. I make homemade tortillas plus more food from scratch. I try to make a lot of my recipes authentic as I can find online, if it is something I made a lot then over the years added my own twist to it how my husband likes it. I have been cooking mexican food straight 14 years now. Everyone seems to love food and money, so why not stick around read I Think a few posts about the best money-making apps and sites I can find for you. Or how about make some Mexican rice. My husband is Mexican this is why I try to make it as authentic as I can, but he loves all types of food. He is happy with whatever I make as long as he doesn’t have to cook it… Lol, men.

My family is my world and will try and do all that I can to make and keep them happy. Even down to my littlest boy… Cooper. My beautiful pug!!! He has made us all so happy. He shows he loves us all the best way he knows how. He is just big snoring, farting, sneezing, and licking bundle of love.

R.I.P 04-17-2020

my grandson

This is my pride and joy means the world to me. He brings so much happiness to our whole family and as you see he is always happy always laughing and smiling. I thank the lord everyday for bringing this little man into our life. We needed him and didn’t even know it.

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