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Hi glad you stopped by. Hope my site helps you out if you're looking to make money, make Mexican food, and well sad to say my pug passed away in 2020. Killed us all. That was our baby my husband and me. I can’t have anymore. I have two grown children 26 and 20. And a terrible two grandbaby, and he is grandma and grandpa's world. 😍I spend my days when not with my grandson, reading on how to make money or how to get more blog traffic to help fellow bloggers. Listen to podcasts even when I'm falling asleep. I'm always learning to better help give my readers as much value as I can.

Increase Traffic in 30 days with SEO

I had done an SEO challenge blog post before and I hope some of you have tried to do that at least a bit to help your sites out. I have now found a real 30 day planner for you to try if you want to increase your blog traffic.

SEO in gold lettering
SEO in gold letters

I know I will be doing this. Hope you can join me. How far did you get in the last challenge? Tomorrow would be day 30. Hope that you gotten as far as you could and you had increased your traffic a little bit with that.

This one goes day by day. Tells you one thing to do each day to help with your SEO and it claims your traffic should increase. Let me know if it helps this one or the last one I had you do. This is a great challenge for you. All of us, no matter how much traffic you get now, nothing wrong with more. I will do this and let you know how far I get also.

I am excited to see how much traffic could increase from this. Very curious about who is joining me with this also. Comment before those who are going to join in the new challenge. Here is the SEO 30 day planner. Good luck.

I love posts like this. Helps with our traffic and learn SEO. Things we all really need help with. Stay safe.

More ways to get tons of traffic to your site, in different ways

I have talked about a few of these already but just gonna go over them a little differently than last time to get traffic. Know that traffic is hard for many new bloggers or your links can be extremely hard. I like to share with you what has worked for me so far or a few different ways I have learned in my research. So Let’s get that traffic headed your way with these different ways I found for you.

I know I have talked about this first one a few times already, so don’t go running for the hills once I mention the name. I want to explain a little different way to use this site. YouTube. First, it’s not making videos. This one is taking advantage of what some creators are not using. To do this you need to first find videos in your niche. Then find the popular videos with almost a few thousand views. Make sure they are still getting views, but older videos are better.

If you think about Youtube logically, why would anyone want to miss out on over 1 billion, yes 1 billion unique visitors a month? This is a massive amount of visitors that you can get a hold of a lot of those to your blog or link. Over 100 hours uploaded every minute. The best thing is a lot of these creators don’t have any marketing skills, unlike us(some further knowledge than others yes). They are getting all these views and doing nothing with all their views. That’s is where this new method (well new to my blog) comes in. We are going to reach out to these creators, and take advantage of all that traffic.

What we need to do is make sure we target the videos with a lot of views and in our niche. Reach out to those creators. Make an offer to them. Offer something a month in exchange for them adding your link in the description of their video. Things to look for when finding a video you want.

  • In your niche
  • Not already a link in the description
  • Video with at least 5-15 thousand views
  • Trending upwards in the stats
  • Older videos with a good history

If you don’t know what to do or how to go about it. This would be a good job to hire a virtual assistant for. Otherwise, go through and find all the types of videos yourself and message them on their social media of choice or some have an email for business enquiries in the description. One good extension that helps you get more in-depth information about the stats is videoIQ. No affiliate link just got to search for the extension. If you can get your link in 25-50 videos getting a few thousand views, that turns into a lot of traffic to your blog or link.

Pinterest on scabble tilesPhoto by Pixabay on

Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your site or link. Just keep persistent on there just as you do on any other social media and you can get some awesome results. If you don’t have the time, the best app made me get so many pins out there and I saw the traffic from Pinterest after I started using Tailwind. Create, schedule, measure.

Take advantage of bloggers that allow you to promote yourself on their sites. I had made a post about a blog site before that offered this and today I have another for you. Just make sure you go and check out other peoples blogs as well. EarnmoneywithJessica. Always look for more. Get to know your fellow bloggers and help one another out. We are all here to help each other out not stab each other in the back for traffic. Even a little boost of traffic from another blogger will lead you to your own followers as the word on your blog gets out more.

That leads me to the next one, blog carnivals. I have noticed a lot of my followers are in the same niche and this is something great for us. A group of bloggers in the same niche get together and decide on a topic to write about in a certain amount of time. Then the ones that are doing the writing each put the post on their blogs so it gets all the new names shared among the new sites and new followers. A good way to get your name out there and bring in lots of traffic. This one I really might take advantage of.

ADS Photo by Marcus Herzberg on

Solo ads are a great way to get an email out describing your blog, or product when you don’t have a list of your own. I take advantage of these for my affiliate marketing. I noticed a lot of people on these sites are all usually in the same line of niches so it goes well with anyone you email on these sites. I found a really good one where I got a very great return on my email. Adexchangeteam, is one of the best return rates plus they have given away the most free ads. 10 free banner ads, 10 free solo ads and 10 free login ads. Plus they give the most for surfing. I have over 30000.00 points to purchase more ads when I need to. If you’re just starting out, or for an affiliate link, these ad exchange programs work so good.

To do a banner properly you need to first make your banner then upload it to a site that gives it a secure https to use on the ad exchange sites. I found a good one so far called secure banner hosting.

Last let’s take a look at torrent marketing. This one is new to me. I have used torrents for years just never thought to use them for marketing. Really simple to use though. Put a bunch of blog posts together or just a taste of your work. Torrents are made for bigger files usually, however, I have seen smaller ones in there. But make sure you use keywords in your title when you upload it to your torrent client like bit torrent. Also a small description of what your torrent is about make sure to use keywords in there also.

Really good traffic post tomrrow

tons of traffic

Sorry I just finished the research for tomorrows post. I did want to get it out today but it’s been a long day. Rain on and off all day so had real spotty internet. Did not get a lot of research done with that happening.

Still shooting my everyday post out the window. Had my grandson here all weekend and I can not even have five seconds peace so hard to do research that way. So I will still do my best on posting as much as I can, maybe everyday was a little over the top for me. I don’t know how parents with little ones can blog. That has to be very hard. Maybe between naps, my little guy don’t always take naps.

Well either way you know you will always get a few posts a week from me no matter what. I tried more but I only felt it was taking from the quality of my posts and I never would want to do that to you.

Tomorrow I really got a great post for you. Traffic is always a big one for all of us. I had found a few new ones. Discuss a few old ones too with a different look at them. Have you ever heard of torrent marketing or blog carnival? If you haven’t going to learn a couple new traffic forms tomorrow. I am looking forward to letting you know about one of them so we all can give it a try.

So this is just a drop in to say hello again and hope all is doing well. Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

Story on medium about my parents allowing their friend to do things to their daughter

This is a true story on how my parents allowed their friend to almost do things to their daughter because they were high.

If you like what you read check out my other true story with my encounter with the Paulding Lights or Dog Meadow lights in Michigan. Some say it’s paranormal. Some say gases and others say it’s headlights. This is my conclusion on the lights.

Check it out if you like. Hope you do. Both just short little stories. Have a wonderful day or night. Working on a longer and good post yet. Stay safe.

5 short clips for today


How do I make over 1k per day? By ghostwriting online! #makemoney #sidehustles #workfromhome

♬ Campus – Vampire Weekend

Share with someone who you think will like this and rest of my posts. Stay safe.

New webinar Monday 11th

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A little hi and a kind of go over past posts

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Just a hi hope all is going well with you today. Fall has hit us all the leaves have changed colors. Lived out here so long didn’t think of taking a picture of all the pretty colors around my house. Half the leaves have already fallen so to late for that one sorry. Plan on having this blog for a long time to come so next year I will try and get a good color post.

Having problems getting your email list started? Want to start emailing as many as you want everyday? No limit to how many or what you can send. Just read a few emails and there are points to email. Lots of promos to give you extra points. You get usually 20 points per email(around that). That’s 20 people you can email. All different types of niches of people.

Check out the video here to check out adchiever. I love the site. Give my blog a boost of views and visitors every so often.

Here is a ad for Worldprofit. I mentioned them before. 50,000 visitors to your blog, site or links.

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This last one is like adchiever, just get more return back from the email you send out. Least I do. Depends what you send in your email and if people are interested in clicking. This has a downfall for the free version. You can only email once every five days. I chose to pay the 8 dollars helps so much the site has so much to offer. So worth it for 8 bucks. Not that you need to. Do what you feel right doing. Took me a while before I started paying that 8 bucks… not sure why for that cheap amount.


Has so many extras and promos too. Activity points you can trade in for email sending points or different ads. Login page ads, Power ads, Full page ads, text ads. To much to mention. Just sites I really love besides the one I always talk about. OLSP

OLSP is the easiest money making affiliate site. I tried so many and this is the only one I got return back. They have lives almost every week as you see to help you make that money. No more getting back with people if you don’t want to. No more auto-responders. They do so much check them out when you can.

Well that’s it for tonight. Just a little recap. Maybe I can recap on other things I use in a later post. Anything your interested knowing more about feel free to message me. Have a great day or night. Stay safe.

1 helpful SEO site and 2 moneymaker sites

I hope all is well with everyone today. I already messed up wanting to post everyday. I still will try to post as much as I can. I just don’t want to come on with a hello and a good-bye. I want to have a little something meaningful to say. So please forgive a few missing days, still will try my best. Let’s take a look into these sites I have for you today.

SEO in scrabble tilesPhoto by FreeBoilerGrants on

Let’s start with the SEO one. It is really more software than a site. You still need the site to look at all the data compiled from what it looks like. I read it was also geared more toward ecommerce. So not sure if it will work for our blogs, think it could. Helps with everything from the looks of it all needed from our blogs too.

Screpy is the name of the site. No affiliate link here, just straight to the site. This is free like most of the things online with limitations. The bigger your business grows then the more you need from these sites. Then you have to start paying.

It help’s you to get ahead. Make advertisements, and product promotions in one go. Has many add-ons to make this super easy. You an advertise on social media or any site. It says its possible to add numerous products that will be displayed on numerous platforms.

  • easy to install. Can use the software smoothly
  • If you code(you don’t need to be a coder) you can make improvements to the platform through it’s PHP based and MYSQL-based coding.
  • Can add unlimited products, which means no restrictions and you can add products freely.
  • Accounting integrations you can work in harmony with accounting systems. Which means you have a variety of opportunities besides it comes with a feature that makes your easier with its compatible structure.
  • And thanks to the wide variety of modules you can offer visitors easy navigation and enjoyable shopping experience.

The next one I want to talk to you about is one I have mentioned a lot before. Just another way to make money with it. Youtube. I don’t know if I had let you know about shorts. You don’t have to wait for the watch time now. With shorts you can add as many shorts and use affiliate links, make money that way. However that way you will not get paid advertising. Take forever to get the watch time in but maybe not subscribers.

There is a different way I got for you still. Where you can make your own videos and not copy other videos or anything like that. You can get your videos from or sites like that, with royalty free videos, or pictures if you want to put a lot of pictures together. Look up motivational videos on pexels, or what site you choose to use. Then go to download royalty free audio. Look up motivational audio there also. Then you can go to Openshot, which is a free video editor. Put the video and audio together. Then upload it to YouTube. Once I move I will be trying out shorts or this one. I also like the meditation ones you can upload. The meditation ones are usually a few hours long. The longer the better, least that is what seems most popular. Would be real easy to get that watch time in. Most people fall asleep to them type of videos. Will get that ad revenue fast.


This is another site and when I looked it up said it was legit. I read one main site that has no steered me wrong yet for legit sites. This site reminds me of the site that made the choice for me to help people out so they also wouldn’t get screwed over by these fake survey sites. This is just how this one looks but people say they are getting paid.

Surveyj you get 40 dollars just for signing up for the site. Really and they have a lot of extras that are quit challenging but they give you big bucks for doing 10 surveys and more. Really good survey and offer site. All from your mobile phone. Apps to download and get paid for. All things we are doing already, well some of us. Give it a try make some money with me.


Hope you made it to the crypto live, got a new one coming up tomorrow. Make money in a completely different way.

October 6 at 3:00 pm BST CLICK HERE

This is London time so please make sure you look up your local time for this, sounds like its going to be a good one.

Unlock The Power Of Expired Domain Flipping To See If It’s That Prosperous

I had talked about domain flipping before. If that is one you haven’t read then maybe you should check that one out. HERE And the two are basically the same in ways but how you buy about expired domains is different.

You really need to do really good research before you purchase any domain, expired or not. If you plan to make money and you don’t do your research you could lose money instead of making money. Just because it seems like it could be an excellent deal does not mean it is.

thumbs down photo by cottonbro on

If you want to buy make sure you check the moz ranking, traffic, link, and site quality. One last thing but a big one, make sure that it has not been banned on Google. If it has been then the site is pretty much worthless. Can’t get good quality traffic from Google and no more ranking to get higher on pages to help with traffic. Google will be of no use makes the site of no use.

The first thing you should do is find a name you think could be sought after. The more popular you think the name could be the more you can make from the name alone. But still, a lot of other factors come into play like the ones mentioned to make money from the site. If you do your research correctly, should bring you a lot of profit.

Places you can purchase an expired domain:

  • freshdrop
  • moonsy
  • godaddy auctions
  • expired

After you pick out a good name do all the research you possibly can., Before you actually purchase the domain. If you decide to sell the domain you want to make sure you will be able to turn over a great profit for the domain.

If you decide to keep the domain and start where the domain is now. This is like starting a blog that has traffic, ranks in Google, and has excellent quality sites and links. If this site has been around a decade or so, and all the other factors. You can start blogging and make money immediately. In the long run, you will make far more than you purchased the domain for.

To get you started from the complete beginning. Besides the sites I had mentioned I will walk you through another site. You want to go to justdropped, and go to daily deals.

Pick out a name in the list that you think will be a good name and do your research like mentioned above. Then your gonna want to go to godaddy auctions. Go to domain names on the left hand side menu. Then investing in domain names in around the middle of page.

domain value appraisal

After you go on domain value appraisal, enter the name you want to get the value for. (in the pinterest video,or was a tiktok one, either way. The guy picked out a 69 dollar expired domain. It was valued over 1000.) But like I had mentioned does not always mean it’s a good deal.

Do your research so you get the most money back from your purchase. This is basically like buying domains that are not expired. Always do your research before making any purchase in life.

Then after you know the value of your domain. Go to, sell now. Make a free account if you do not already have one. Then sell your domain for a much larger profit.

I initially though that it would take time, like affiliate marketing maybe. Just depends when someone wants to make that purchase, however. Doing more research I found out I was wrong. If you sell your domain at godaddy auctions(I’m not sure how works). With the auction it takes 72 hours to get the domain activated and then it is put in a 7 day auction.

I don’t think that a week is terrible long to wait for what possibly be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. I bet if it is a name that is really sought after, plus traffic and link ranking etc, will get it sold a lot faster. Just my opinion.

People who do not want to do the blogging thing like us. Those are the ones that flip domains. But us bloggers would be the ones that keep it, so we can get a little ahead in the income game for the blog.

To me if you don’t buy a domain in your same niche if you plan on keeping it. It would be hard to keep most of the followers. Once again my opinion. Just if they follow a fashion blog then you buy it and start talking about horror and morbid things, how many followers do you think would actually stick around. Yes there will be a few that will stick it out. They loyal ones but after time they will see that this is not the same person and eventually leave also.

Don’t forget the new live coming up. Crypto is a great thing to learn and this one for sure since this strategy has been around for 20 years and anyone can use and profit from it. So come check it out. 4pm BST

Hope you enjoyed the post about something I even learned about. I knew about domain flipping, just never knew you could use expired domains for this. Great to learn something new. Have yourself a great day or night and please…stay safe.

Flipping expired domains will be out tomorrow

colored words on computer screen Photo by Markus Spiske on

Working on a good post for tomorrow for you. Never knew so much money could be made from this. Never knew would could even buy or sell expired domains. Hope this one is as new to you as it is me. Doing a little more research so it will have to wait one more day.

There is another thing I want to let you know about is another live coming up.


 Mon 4th Oct 2021, 4pm London Time click here to register so you don’t miss your spot.

Also don’t forget to be there for the Worlds first TRAFFIC DOMINATION LIVE LONDON NOVEMBER 6-7 2021 Sat 6th Nov 2021, 09:00 London Time click here to register, spots are going quick. This is a popular one, don’t miss out I will be there with my better internet can’t wait.

I been watching some excellent movies lately not sure what type your into but I love my horror. I watch a lot of different types though with hubby. Top one on hbo is the squid game. I don’t know alot about games in the culture over I think Korea could be wrong, sorry if I am. But that was one weird movie. Finally a change from the norm.

Then one I just watched that was a horror, No one gets out alive. That was a good one, and today just watched Till death. was actually a pretty good suspenseful movie.

But that’s it for today will get that post out tomorrow. My goal for this month is try to post even if just a little something like this, I want to try to post every day for this month. Going to see if I can do it. Have a great day or night and please stay safe.