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Iam back…. Sorta 😕

Moved so far out I have no phone service and can’t get internet. But still working on that. I got my craft room super happy about that. Just a small room I don’t need much for my first one and have another room bigger I could switch too if I needed more space. But with no internet no phone barley been out here crocheting new things for the house hardwood floors made a rug for my dining room patio door which we use a lot.  

 Then I made a rug for my personal bathroom which is also hardwood floor in there. Both patterns I got off of if you would like them. 


Crochet hat

I got the pattern from called Bernat easy crochet hat. 

I was never good at the seam but after redoing it and redoing it over and over about ten times I finally figured out something that worked for me. 

At the end of each row before finishing the last stitch. Leaving two strands on and add other color finishing off that stitch. And instead of joining or changing one any of that. I just single crocheted new color in the next stitch. The row below should be the new color. Did that each row and didn’t make any seam in the hat or any colors out of order. 

Hopefully that helps and you can understand that. Know most crocheters should least not beginners should understand but always here for any questions and I’ll answer them the best that I can. 😘


Crochet Hook Holder

I made this very long ago and I’m not sure where the pattern is but if anyone is interested I will find it and link you to it. Or later I will get all my crochet items linked to their patterns.

This was a super easy project very good for beginners. i made it custom for me so i could just take what I needed at that time for what ever project I was working on at the time.