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A Spicy Cooking Salsa

Well today I’m going to change it up a little it and do a food post. Hope that you like spicy. I know as for myself I can not handle spicy anymore. I use to eat hot food and hot cheetos like they weren’t anything years ago. But my acid reflux says nope you can not eat the good stuff anymore. So just stuck cooking it for my family now which I don’t mind as long as they enjoy it.

Let me remind you these are just how we make things in our house. So by no means are they authentic. Some recipes I will try to get as close to authentic as I possibly can. And others I just put together what I have on hand in the house. That being said, on with the recipe.

  • 1 Chile Arbol
  • 1 Chile Nuevo Mexico
  • 5-7 Chile Pasilla
  • 1-2 tomatoes*see notes*
  • quarter of a white onion* see note*
  • 1-2 garlic clove
  • water from boiled items

Fill a medium size pot fill around half full of water. Then you want to add all the chiles listed along with your tomate, onion and garlic cloves. The 1 or 2 gloves is just to your taste. I usually add 2 myself. Then you are going to bring all these items to a boil then shut off heat and let cool down to be able to put in your blender.

Once the items are cooled off then you will need to add them to your blender, you don’t want to add it still boiling because you need to use some of the water from the boiled items in your blender so it should not be boiling. Some people do add it boiling, so that would be your choice. *the tomatoes is 1 or 2, depending if you want it little more spicy and less on the tomatoey side or little less heat and little more watery. If you use 2 tomatoes you also use less water from the pot.* *As for onion, you can use yellow or white onion which ever you have one hand, and you could add a little more if you like. These recipes are designed to make for your liking*

Once items added blend adding the boil water as needed to the consistency you would like. I make mine a little watery not much, because I cook my food in this salsa, so some the extra water has some room to evaporate a bit while cooking with the food.

Then you can pour it in a pan with steak, chicken, pork chops and even ribs. This is a versatile salsa and can go with almost anything and can be made to your liking. So go ahead play with it a little bit and enjoy your nice spicy food with sauce in the end.

Well hope you enjoyed this little recipe. More money posts and food post to come. Have yourself a great rest of your weekend. Til then stay safe.

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Red Rice

I figured since I had posted my version of white rice that I make I will show you how I make my red rice which is basically the same just one item more that is the only difference.

I make my white rice almost just the same as I make the red rice, just add chicken and tomato bouillon. I really don’t measure out my ingredients but for the post I will do my best guess and when you make it all you do is need to make it to your taste


1 cup Long Grain Rice

1 1/2 tsp. each onion/garlic powders

1Tb chicken and tomato bouillon powder

2 1/2 cups water

salt to taste

Try to make sure your rice is a dry as you can get it draining it as well as possible, shaking out any excess water. I let mine sit for a little while even to make sure it is dry is as I can get it. I notice the more dry I have it the easier it is to fry the rice. It usually sticks to the pot if it is still pretty wet. Then with oil in the bottom of your pot as much as you typically need maybe a tablespoon or so. I notice with my new pot I do not need much oil but in one of my older pots I need a bit more oil to help avoid the stickiness of the rice even if it is dry still tends to stick a bit in my older pot.

while I’m frying my rice a bit just til you notice it changes color a bit, from a white to a almost greyish, I warm up my 2 1/2 cups of water.( you may only need 2 cups of water. My stove runs hot so it evaporates the water more then it normally should so with just 2 cups of water my rice is not cooked all the way) After my water is hot I add the bouillon, powders and the salt. (if it is your first time making it I would suggest maybe a half a teaspoon of salt and after it is cooked you can taste and add to desired amount). Make sure you mix the ingredients well before adding them into the rice.

Mix into your rice carefully so you don’t splash and burn yourself. Mix the rice well but then do not mix it anymore after that or your rice will get sticky. While it is cooking with cover on to keep moisture going back onto rice, you will only mix it occasionally and only the sides and in the center a very little bit to insure it is not sticking to your pot.

After about 15 to 20 minutes your liquid should be almost evaporated and just left with rice and little bit of water, here you want to taste your rice to check for doneness and also check if there is enough salt. If the rice is not finished then here is the time you should add a little more water before all of the water has evaporated so that it can continue cooking cause it will stop once all the water has evaporated.

After 20 minutes or a bit longer if you had to add more water to it your rice should hopefully be finished and cooked all the way til it is done and should be left with a nice looking and nice tasting rice. I know this is by no means authentic but I have made it with tomatoes and made it with tomato sauce even and this is the way my Mexican husband likes it so this is how I make it in my house. Hope you enjoy it. If you make it I would love to see some pictures. Have a wonderful day thanks for reading.

Spicy Green Salsa

  I filled up a old salsa jar with just all this in the pan. You can make it less spicy if you like. Usually I just use one or two jalapeños but this time I used one jalapeño and one Serrano. I don’t eat spicy so one taste to me and I could taste the spiciness woooeeee not for me but perfect for hubby and he probably could of handled a little more spiciness. But after 7 years I’m just learning to get it more spicy, I can cook good now took years of practice and now I cook almost anything pretty good 😊