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10 Real Online Jobs that are not scams, Guaranteed to pay

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So let’s start with survey sites. I have named so many in my posts always my favorite site will be survey junkie. You only need to make five dollars to cash out and it goes into your paypal as soon as you hit cash out on survey junkie. So if you looking to getting for a quick few bucks this is the site for you.

Earnably is another typical survey site. It has surveys and offers just like most sites. It says on the savvy sloth you only need 170 points to cash out, which does not sound like a lot. But in all I have learned to cash out with a low number like that it must be very low numbers for each survey or offer. Meaning it will take forever to even get to that little amount.

Smartphone Apps:

Panelapp is considered a passive income app and you get paid just for having the app on your phone, if you look at the screenshot below. But then it says its a downloading app. This is the first time I’m seeing this app so do not know alot about it.

Getupside is a cool app from what it sounds like. Get paid for buying gas and food. We do this all the time so why not get paid for this. Seems almost like a passive app to me also because it’s something we normally do so why not get paid for it. Maybe get some of our money back.

Paid to Lose Weight:

Sweatcoin has always been a popular one that I’m sure you may have heard of. They pay you to walk and stay healthy. Think a lot of us need this app. To many people just plop in front of that tv and do nothing after work or even all day if not working. This is the reason the US has so much obesity. I’m not one to talk but I just talking stats and this is what they say about my country.

Healthywage win real cash and prizes just f or losing weight. Can calculate what your prizes could be for how much weight you want to lose.

Paid to Test Products:

Smiley360 is a site that they send you products and you review with a honest review on the product you tried. I have not tried this site but the next one I have and I have gotten two boxes full of goodies from the next site.

Pinchme is a great site. I get little things here and there from the site but when you qualify for a whole sample box its neat. You get a box full of samples and I found my new favorite coffee from them. Just have to make sure you review everything you get from them. That’s all they ask for all the free items they give out.

Paid to Test/Play Games:

Playertestcloud is the first one and you can play and get paid to test new games that come out. You have to take a qualification test to see if they will let you play to test the games. If you fail the test you can take it again it says.

Bananatic get paid to play games for this site. Then you will write a review on the game you played. Collect bananas and exchange them for real prizes.

So there are 10 online jobs that are not scams. Hope that this helps someone and you can make some money out of one or more of these sites. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to sign up for my email traffic helper for your blog. 14 sites to get organic traffic from.

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Great Videos to watch and help you earn money from home.

I have shared these Youtubers before, But these are some great videos to learn to earn money online from. Or earn money through your blog. I really learned a lot from the SEO one.

So let’s jump into the videos and I hope that these videos will show you ways you can earn money online. First one is how she runs her business with these sites and apps, very helpful.

How would you like to be able to move and get paid for moving to a different place. Here is a video on the different places that will pay you to move.

Wesley has a lot of awesome videos that show so many different ways to get paid that anyone could do a lot of them and have multi sources of income following his videos.

How about having five apps that will pay you 600 dollars from anywhere in the world.

And last one. I watch incognito for affiliate marketing, he does a great job of walking you through so many different ways that one way should work for someone, check him out. Here is just his latest video.

So I hope this helps someone. I always get a lot of my info from these videos and some websites. But if I can get some great value from these videos I’m sure you can. Let me know if you have watched any of these Youtubers before, which video or person is your favorite, let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by have a great day or night and please stay safe.

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Let’s accomplish dropshipping today and find out how amazing it is

Dropshipping can be a very rewarding business if you put in the time and effort. Once you put in that time, it will become a lot of passive income from there. Passive? Well is there such thing as partially passive? Well let us dive into this and find out what you think, is it passive, partially passive? Or not even passive .

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I have yet to try this one. I know once I get the time this is one thing I would like to try for sure. I have watched a few online videos of youtubers trying dropshipping for a week. Some turn out pretty good and some just ok. I think it is just like affiliate marketing but not as hard to sell. Just have to do a lot of promoting just like you would your blog or website. Basically that is what your store will be is a website.

You can even start a store here on wordpress. They have the patterns to get you started. Got the item with prices after so simple to just change it to your item and price. For those of you that didn’t know where to put their store. If you click on the plus on the right hand upper corner and go search through patterns you should find it in there. Might be more I’m not sure I just noticed the one.

Let’s take a look into where to begin after you know where you can put your store on wordpress here or where ever you decide to put it. There are only a few steps after you set up your store. That is the hardest part from what I hear, well watched on videos. Takes a lot of work to find each item you want to sell. You will look at sites like alibaba or aliexpress to see your cheap prices, then go to where you find the pictures you need to get the high price. You set your price in between to whatever you want. For the really good picture to put on your site. Most people will just go to walmart online or straight to manufacture online and just take a screenshot. Once you get all the items you want to sell and store set up, promote, promote, promote.

After you start getting sales in, then is this partially passive or passive? You copy and paste the customers info into aliexpress or alibaba and click the item they want, that’s it. They do the shipping so nothing left for you to do. Then from what you decide to charge you can make a profit of at least 50% from each item, and if your store becomes a hit then you will be making 6 figures in no time.

I had read that one man made a lot of money from dropshipping just from one single item. Must been one popular item that’s for sure. So tell me is this something you would embark on? Or have you tried this already? Are you still doing it? You making any profits?…thinks to self, dumb question, pretty sure they making some profit. Let me know in the comments below an answer to anyone of these questions.

I have to make this another short post. I am feeling like 95% better, body just sore from all that vomiting, ugh! Pray never again. But I live way in the country surrounded by a forest, we are going through a thunderstorm right now and it is usually highly likely that our electric goes out and rather not that happen in the middle of typing. Have your self a awesome night or day and please stay safe.

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Party for my two year old grandson

Party for my grandson

Im sorry I have not been posting been real busy with my grandsons birthday party and then I got really sick, I am still not back to myself but feeling a bit better to come on and post what has been going on. So if this one does not appeal to many of my readers my apologizes but I had not had anytime to do research.

As you see by the title we threw a huge party for my grandson at the lake. Was almost 90 degrees fahrenheit here yesterday. I did not get a chance took what it topped out at was just too busy all day.

Then with the heat, and something I ate I spent the night in the emergency room. I had been sick for over three hours with almost constant vomiting. I pray nothing is wrong, this is the second time I had gotten sick like this just out the blue. I am a person who never gets sick. I haven’t gotten my flu shot in over 10 years and have not got the flu. I just never get sick. I am super healthy besides for my back. That is the only thing wrong with me. But that is something I have had all my life, since I was born. But enough of that.

The party was perfect yesterday. Everything went off without any issues. Got lots of pics if anyone is interested in getting to know me and my family a little more. I only wish I had taken some pictures of the lake it was so pretty yesterday.

They also did a piñata but I had to walk far to the bathroom and by the time I got back they were done already so I missed that part. That was the little birthday boy in the pictures and my cousin having a blast with him. He is such a kid person always been. Ever since he was little he was just a wild one and still now a grown man still wild as ever just uses the kids as the excuse.

mommie getting a face full of cake

Sorry I’m not the best picture taker, The sun being so bright and us inside a shelter I think it darkened it to much, maybe 🤔 But the best thing at the party was the Tres Leche cake( 3 Milk Cake). Was super hard too keep it cold on such a hot day but laid it in a bed of ice and it actually stayed together. I don’t know if that is what got me sick but no one else got sick, so I just don’t think it could be food poisoning like the Doctor said.

Well sorry for the short post today maybe tomorrow I will feel better to be able to do some research and get a good post up for you. Hope you can enjoy the little family time for now. And If you would like a recipe for Tres leche cake leave it in the comments. I will get one out for you. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to sign up for my email freebies. Got a awesome one coming out very soon you don’t want to miss it.

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6 Informative Videos to Boost Your Traffic

I downloaded these videos a while ago and thought that it would also benefit my readers also. Many of you have a site yourself or starting one yourself.

They are very short but very informative. So hope you can get as much value as I did out of them.

blog commenting
ebook with link
forum posting
guest blogging
help a reporter
press release

Hope this helps. Which was your favorite video. I really like the blog commenting one. Makes a lot of sense to be the first commenter and get your name seen by any person who visits that blog for a long time to come. Believe this will bring in a huge amount of traffic. I see a lot about the guest posting and that is something I need to look into a little more. Every blogger that I look to for help mentions guest blogging. Tell me which you liked the most and why. Thanks for watching the videos and reading, have a great day or night and please stay safe.

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Blast Traffic to your site and links

I know I had just mentioned traffic to your site a post back but this one has showed me awesome results already. I had the highest day for visitors yesterday. So I thought I would share these two sites that bring visitors to your site and also pay you for visitors you bring back to these sites.

traffic blasting through streets Photo by Mohamed Almari on

The first site is CashJuice, with over 20,000 members your sure to get traffic to your blog or affiliate links. Or any other link that you need traffic to. Socialize, earn and advertise is on the first page. They have free advertising between this and the next site they go hand and hand and you get paid from both separately but they go together to help one another out with advertising. I’m still learning but with one day seeing the results to my blog I couldn’t be more amazed with how fast that happened. Got personal development with posting on cashjuice and a plan to help you earn money from cashjuice and help you promote your site and affiliate links.

If you remember the other site I had mentioned where you go on sites earn points, this is basically the same concept and you use your points for people coming to your site. I did notice I pick up in visitors and and views and even likes. So I have noticed a lot of these people are staying and looking at my blog. It may not be all the people that are just trying to get points but you also do posting on cashjuice and that can bring people to your site or links. I seen my visitors and views double since starting these sites and I hope that this works just as well for you too. Yes takes work to get them here just like any other advertising you would have to do. But on for the next site.

Trafficadbar, and just basically like cashjuice but the combination of the two bringing massive traffic to where you want it and then getting paid from each different site is just awesome. And yes they both are free sites too. You can get paid more from each site if you do a paid site which the prices are not high at all. I think that I will be signing up for a paid profile for each for the amazing traffic I had sent to my site already. So worth it. I know that .

So I think you get the basic concept of these two sites and just like all my other posts, this can bring in the money. It depends on you on how much you bring in. But even at that you still can bring in traffic to your site or links. So far this is the best and quickest way to bring in the visitors to your site. I did see one that said you can not use a site if you have AdSense on your site, not these two I have not seen it, was a different site associated with these sites so that site I just use for my affiliate links then.

Well hope this helps any of you boost that traffic to whichever link or site you want it sent to. Please let me know how well it works for you.

I want to send you to the most awesome blog I have been looking at. She has everything you could want to know on her site if you like my blog. Her blog talks about all the same things, she just has a lot more of it. She has been doing this a lot longer than I have and she will even help with blogs that make money, helps with affiliate marketing. Just a all around awesome site. Makingsenseofcents. Michelle talks about so many ways to make money on and offline. She has a great ebook if you want to take a look at it. 80+ ways of making extra money. Check it out know you will like it as much as I did. She talks about everything in the ebook.

Thanks for reading sorry for the short one hope that these sites help bring traffic to your sites which will bring money to your blog and also take a look at Michelle’s site to learn more ways to make money ones I have not mentioned on my site yet. Have yourself a great night/day, stay safe and see you in the next one.

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Take Time For Your Mental Health.

I want to take time to address mental health and how bad it is becoming in todays world. With everything going on with this pandemic I see why and this is why we all need to take the time for our mental health as well as our regular health. Both are just as important and much needed.

selfcare isn’t selfish Photo by Madison Inouye on

I learned over the years how important our mental health is. I never realized until it smacked me right in my face. When my own child’s mental health got affected I knew more than ever how important it was to our whole family. I knew this would happen to my son sooner or later after the trauma he endured when he was only 14 years old. At 14 he had watched his best friend get stabbed in the back, then they took him to the hospital where he later passed. During that time the grieving mother blamed my son for what happened. Do you know how that would affect a 14 year old. I know some adults that would have a hard time getting through something like that how would you expect a teenage to process all that.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

Over the years to follow I watched my son go down a downward spiral only to come out with schizophrenia, and the bad thing is even without what happened ad 14 that could of been something he cold of gotten anyway. Him or my daughter or even me for that matter. Talking to my aunt finding out how it runs in the family. My father never really knew how my mother was til all of us kids had moved out on our own and he was the only one left for her to take her craziness out on. But I never knew it ran in the family see, when my mom turned only 25 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. And her health along with her mental health spiraled out of control from that point on(from what I heard)I was just born when she was 25 also her last child of 3.

That is what everyone in the family thought and who wouldn’t think that would be the cause of someone’s mental health. See after she got diagnosed with breast cancer she had to get her breast removed, I being young unsure of all the details know in time she had to get both breasts removed then they put implants in. Well these were before they knew much about them implants and they both exploded inside her. After all that liquid in her she only got sick and sicker over time. She did get a settlement for the implants as did many women during that time. But In all that time my mom had to go through man more surgeries and just gone through he** and back. Finally at age 47 she got her second diagnosis of skin cancer and only lasted one year at 48 her body couldn’t take anymore. But as you can see what a toll on someone’s mental health that would take on someone.

But she had only gotten that from her mother. My aunt told me their mom had very bad mental issues and her dad was a alcoholic. So addiction and mental health in our family, not a great combination. So all this is hereditary and it only followed from me to my children.

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So please take care of your mental health along with your regular health trying to stay away from this virus. And if you know it is in your family then please take extra care to be on top of your mental health. I have a whole family of addicts and I pray that I have ended the cycle and my kids see that. Know my grandson will see it and pray that he keeps it out of the family as he gets older.

May is Mental Health Awareness month and I really feel more people need to know about mental health, and how it effect so many people in the world. I think you would be surprised on how many people it does effect.

If you would like more information on mental health please go read this ebook online, its filled with so much information.

you are not alone

Will All Work And No Play Bring In The Money Or Will It Leave You Broke

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Thought for today I would take a break from money even though I know we all need it. So take a break yourselves even if just for a moment while reading my own scary story and watching these videos that I like to watch.

What type of videos do you like to watch in you spare time. Let me know in the comments. Really curious to know what you are watching. I myself like to watch a lot of money making videos on youtube this and articles on the web is where I get most of my posts from as you can see. Who knows maybe what I have posted about I’m sure most of you seen already or even watched the video where I had gotten my information from. But today is about our hobbies or spare time if you have any. I know with a lot of you being bloggers yourself, It is very hard to find anytime with researching and writing, writing just the right way to get views.. its hard. I have been reading so much lately my eyes have gone dry.

woman exploring a building with lots of graffiti

So I like to watch a lot of Ghost Hunting videos but only a few selected few that I actually like to watch and I also like to watch Urban Exploring. I did that when I was younger we had a couple places where I live and explored these places. Was exhilarating. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child just 19 years old and this place we were going to had claims of being haunted. It was the only house on a dead end gravel road. And as luck had it the name of that road was called… Elm street. No lie. But that didn’t stop us just made it more thrilling to go and check this place out. I went with a few school friends I still hung around with at the time and I was the only female and there were three other guys with. Of course the big scary guys made the big fat pregnant girl go first. Big babies they were. I didn’t care. I loved sh@t like that so I was more then happy to go first. It was early evening and misty out or had been raining earlier in the day… I can’t remember just remember that it was wet out because I walked on this board that led to the door of the house and slipped on the wet board and feel flat on my rear. And still at that the guys still did not go first, who cares that the pregnant one might get hurt. Men lol, sorry I should say boys cause they were around 19 also. Sorry guys just how I felt at that time, like how could they make a 8 month pregnant female go before them.

pregnant woman in woodsPhoto by Leah Kelley on

But I brushed myself and pushed on. I walked to the doorway and just felt the rush kick in cause I knew I was going in a haunted house. I walked in the house and it still had so much in it still. I was just amazed at all the stuff left behind. I found pictures left in the house and it was a picture of how the house use to look. There was a older lady standing in front of the huge picture window and a old couch that was behind her under this big picture window. I remember how much green there was, think it was the curtains that were all green like that dark green. Not my color I would pick out but it could of been what was popular at that time which I think it was around the 60s the picture was taken. Was just a guess cause I wasn’t sure there was no date on the picture.

lady laying on a couch reading Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I don’t remember what the kitchen looked like, I don’t even remember if I went in it. Got to remember that was almost 30 years ago, so some details are a little fuzzy yet sorry. I do remember there being a bedroom downstairs, could of been more then one but I just remember one that I went in. I remember part of the house was falling in on one side a bit so this could of been the kitchen, or a place I don’t remember because I couldn’t go in.

We made our way upstairs. Now the rumors said that up in the attic dogs use to jump out this window and pass. Now that was just the rumor and the dogs got scared of something that was in the house that made them jump. Well we made our way upstairs and it was a narrow hallway you could go left or right and I think the left was where the house was bad so we never went that way, always to the right. The old items up there were just amazing. I love antiques. But first you pass, I don’t know what you call it. It was a room as big as a closet but it was long skinny like a hallway but it went the opposite way of the hall that I was coming from almost like a cross, if that makes sense. I don’t ever remember seeing it in any other house I was in just this house and that little hall closet thing was packed with old things so packed you couldn’t even walk in it on either side just pass through it to go to the next room.

Once we took one step to go in the next room which was the attic by the way. One step and we heard a noise downstairs. We paused and listened for the sound again… nothing. So we pushed on. Took another step into the attic and once again there was a sound downstairs. So another pause to listen, but nothing again. The sound only came when we stepped in the room. And yes it could of just been the old house making noise but the sound was not coming from under us when we took a step it sounded like it came from the opposite end of the house downstairs. So one more step and there was another sound we bolted for the door. Not taking a chance to whatever that noise could be.

scary woman face Photo by Elina Krima on

And that is what happened in that place, I know not a super scary story its they type you just had to be there to feel how we felt. Was scary when we were there of course and just so weird that it was only a sound when we took a step into that attic. Weird. Years later I had went back to that house and it was sos crumbed that there was absolutely no going into it anymore.

But now I just want to share a couple of the videos on youtube I just love to watch. The first is Brothers of decay. I just love how they make you feel as you are there with the family that lived in this house years ago. They go into a lot of mansions in Portugal and Italy. They just do a great job describing the people that use to live there and make you feel like you knew them too.

Brothers of Decay Youtube Video

The last two are ghost videos. Amy’s Crypt is my favorite. She is so real in what she does. I am a total skeptic. There are things in this world I do believe that no one can explain. I do believe that all the accounts of U.F.O’s, ghosts, bigfoot and whatever else is out there, I just do not believe that all these people that make claims are lying. There has to be some truth to some of these things said.

And last by not least by far is Urban Ghost Urban Exploration. They use to collab with Holywalkers and the voices they picked up in their videos just gave me the absolute chills.

I hope you all like this change of pace for once and sorry to those who only want to read the money posts. But if this type of video interest you then I also like to watch Hunting the Dead and Omar Gosh Tv. Just a few of my interests, what do you like to do in your spare time let me know in the comments and please if you want extras sign up for my email list. Will be lots of extras on there I got a few downloads coming for my email subscribers.

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Why can’t I make money online like others?

I have a friend that refuses to believe you can make money online, and this poor friend of mine has not a dime to his name, He sees influencers make money and shows off about them making so much money online. I have showed him my paypal proof yet… he still does not think he can do it. Hope some of these sites put some belief in you that it can be done.

poor man praying over his dinner, eating sitting on sidewalk

My friend has been battling a drug habit for many many years. He walks with a limp being that he is in so much pain. He has been fighting disability for years and just lost again so more fighting ahead for him. So he really could use money. Right now he should really thank the lord that the company that gives him a ride everyday to the clinic that is keeping him clean, the boss of this company bought him a year of rent in this studio apartment or some place cheap like that. I never seen the place only heard about it. But if it was not for that he would be in a homeless shelter or on the streets even. Feel so bad for him and he has been clean for a little while again. I know many people are maybe saying, well he finds money for drugs or he can just stay off drugs if he has no money. Please for the ones who have not been there.. you just don’t know the struggle. The doctors over the years got me addicted because they didn’t want to help me they claim that was all they could do for me. I had to get myself clean even though the pain drove me nuts and unable to function and do daily things we all do in life. But I’m sure looking at my friend and the pain he is in, is how he may have gotten addicted also. Some people just keep trying stronger and stronger things thinking it will take away every ounce of pain they got. I wish it were only so simple to take away all the pain. I never tried harder drugs but I knew my pain was never just going away completely. So a little insight to my life.

I have some sites that basically are like the rest but who knows maybe one will be for you. So before my long winded butt keeps talking and talking lets get on with the show.

Oneopinion, is your typical survey site. Like the rest take surveys make money but this one claims to be a little easier that you can get paid weekly by doing marketing studies. Think the cash out is 25 dollars because it says it is easy to get your first 25 dollars and get paid through paypal, venmo, or online gift cards.

They have high paying surveys and something called free sample tests to easily get that money to cash out. Alot of the testimonials calm to be a excellent site, even the best site some claim. One said payouts are fast and frequent. One of the best things I noticed on the very first page when reading about the site before signing up they have their phone number and says you can contact them whenever convenient for us and even through email or facebook. Now that is very rare. In fact I don’t think that i ever seen that in all the survey sites I came across or maybe I missed it but honestly don’t think so. My only question to that though is… do they actually answer the phone or the email?

screenshot of ip.drumo

Drumo is another survey site and its new to me not sure a lot about it but see it looks almost like my favorite site surveyjunkie which is mentioned in a few posts before. You get your payment in 24 hours and you can cash out one dollar. surveyjunkie makes you cash out at 5 and you get that payment within seconds but even at that 24 hours is the least I ever seen in all the other sites I been on besides surveyjunkie of course. If you need a fast payout I would suggest Drumo or surveyjunkie well worth it for a quick spot of cash when your in a bind. I know with surveyjunkie when I took the surveys on my phone they were 50 cents and less but when I downloaded the windows installer the surveys can be up towards 2 dollars I seen them as high as. So also get that money super fast too with surveyjunkie, unsure about the new one here I’ll have to get back to you on that, I just seen it looking just as my son asked me to look for something for him and I had a page up from my research before and seen it there, so took a look and glad I did. Just got more research to do on that one.

kashkick screenshot

Kashkick is another new site to me, I don’t know if they flooding the web with new survey sites or what’s going on just funny I had not noticed these site names before. This I did sign up for to check it out and it is kind of your basic survey site where you take surveys, do offers, download games and get paid when you reach a level they want, also searching the web however, while in the site I seen nothing that shows where or how I can search the web and get paid even though they make that claim on their sign up page, maybe it’s something happening in the future? I’m also glad this one is not on a point system as you see in the screenshot. Straight cash payments, which is so much better then trying to figure out what points equal what amount of cash. That can be tricky sometimes to figure out. screenshot

Makesurveymoney is another typical survey site just like the rest, I just like to put them in just incase this one appeals to one person and not another, we all have our own preference so I need to give a lot of different suggestions to hopefully appeal to everyone well at least try to for those who want to try these sites at least. Maybe its you.

survey,mysoapbox screenshot

Survey.mysoapbox is another site just like all the rest you see from the screenshot above that it has many options to chose from for payout but one thing i really liked if you look at the very last question…. you sign agree if you agree that lying is mean and not allowed at this site. Lol very different then most typical long winded policy that you make sure you never lie on any survey they will catch you. lol But that is why my long winded butt had to stop earlier knew this would end up being a long post today. Hope that you all like it took a lot of work to look into all and yes even though I wrote it short saying they were the same I had to look into each to find out but I did not want to bore you all with the same paragraph over and over about taking surveys, doing offers etc, etc so tried to keep it short and sweet for you. Last thing please take the time to join my new email newsletter. I will send out many goodies that will only be offered in my email newsletter and when I finish my ebook on my life I will give my email subscribers first access to that.

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Stay safe everyone please. I would like to add, I have been clean for 10 years now almost to the date. April 11th 2011. which also happens to be my birthday. So I have been clean for a long time now, clean off all the painkillers the doctors had me so drugged out on. Until next time.

My First Poll Block

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