Let’s accomplish dropshipping today and find out how amazing it is

Dropshipping can be a very rewarding business if you put in the time and effort. Once you put in that time, it will become a lot of passive income from there. Passive? Well is there such thing as partially passive? Well let us dive into this and find out what you think, is it passive, partially passive? Or not even passive .

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I have yet to try this one. I know once I get the time this is one thing I would like to try for sure. I have watched a few online videos of youtubers trying dropshipping for a week. Some turn out pretty good and some just ok. I think it is just like affiliate marketing but not as hard to sell. Just have to do a lot of promoting just like you would your blog or website. Basically that is what your store will be is a website.

You can even start a store here on wordpress. They have the patterns to get you started. Got the item with prices after so simple to just change it to your item and price. For those of you that didn’t know where to put their store. If you click on the plus on the right hand upper corner and go search through patterns you should find it in there. Might be more I’m not sure I just noticed the one.

Let’s take a look into where to begin after you know where you can put your store on wordpress here or where ever you decide to put it. There are only a few steps after you set up your store. That is the hardest part from what I hear, well watched on videos. Takes a lot of work to find each item you want to sell. You will look at sites like alibaba or aliexpress to see your cheap prices, then go to where you find the pictures you need to get the high price. You set your price in between to whatever you want. For the really good picture to put on your site. Most people will just go to walmart online or straight to manufacture online and just take a screenshot. Once you get all the items you want to sell and store set up, promote, promote, promote.

After you start getting sales in, then is this partially passive or passive? You copy and paste the customers info into aliexpress or alibaba and click the item they want, that’s it. They do the shipping so nothing left for you to do. Then from what you decide to charge you can make a profit of at least 50% from each item, and if your store becomes a hit then you will be making 6 figures in no time.

I had read that one man made a lot of money from dropshipping just from one single item. Must been one popular item that’s for sure. So tell me is this something you would embark on? Or have you tried this already? Are you still doing it? You making any profits?…thinks to self, dumb question, pretty sure they making some profit. Let me know in the comments below an answer to anyone of these questions.

I have to make this another short post. I am feeling like 95% better, body just sore from all that vomiting, ugh! Pray never again. But I live way in the country surrounded by a forest, we are going through a thunderstorm right now and it is usually highly likely that our electric goes out and rather not that happen in the middle of typing. Have your self a awesome night or day and please stay safe.

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Party for my two year old grandson

Party for my grandson

Im sorry I have not been posting been real busy with my grandsons birthday party and then I got really sick, I am still not back to myself but feeling a bit better to come on and post what has been going on. So if this one does not appeal to many of my readers my apologizes but I had not had anytime to do research.

As you see by the title we threw a huge party for my grandson at the lake. Was almost 90 degrees fahrenheit here yesterday. I did not get a chance took what it topped out at was just too busy all day.

Then with the heat, and something I ate I spent the night in the emergency room. I had been sick for over three hours with almost constant vomiting. I pray nothing is wrong, this is the second time I had gotten sick like this just out the blue. I am a person who never gets sick. I haven’t gotten my flu shot in over 10 years and have not got the flu. I just never get sick. I am super healthy besides for my back. That is the only thing wrong with me. But that is something I have had all my life, since I was born. But enough of that.

The party was perfect yesterday. Everything went off without any issues. Got lots of pics if anyone is interested in getting to know me and my family a little more. I only wish I had taken some pictures of the lake it was so pretty yesterday.

They also did a piñata but I had to walk far to the bathroom and by the time I got back they were done already so I missed that part. That was the little birthday boy in the pictures and my cousin having a blast with him. He is such a kid person always been. Ever since he was little he was just a wild one and still now a grown man still wild as ever just uses the kids as the excuse.

mommie getting a face full of cake

Sorry I’m not the best picture taker, The sun being so bright and us inside a shelter I think it darkened it to much, maybe 🤔 But the best thing at the party was the Tres Leche cake( 3 Milk Cake). Was super hard too keep it cold on such a hot day but laid it in a bed of ice and it actually stayed together. I don’t know if that is what got me sick but no one else got sick, so I just don’t think it could be food poisoning like the Doctor said.

Well sorry for the short post today maybe tomorrow I will feel better to be able to do some research and get a good post up for you. Hope you can enjoy the little family time for now. And If you would like a recipe for Tres leche cake leave it in the comments. I will get one out for you. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to sign up for my email freebies. Got a awesome one coming out very soon you don’t want to miss it.

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4 easy ways you can make a attractive passive income while online

Got another one for you today. Back to making money online with this one today. Very easy ways to make income with these 4 ways.

webinar Pexels.com

1.Webinar is a good way to make money online. Just turn on your camera and talk about what you know. You don’t have to be an expert in the field that you chose to talk about. However you should have some knowledge of the subject so you know what your talking about one camera or people will no want to purchase the webinar. You also should have a mic. The ones on the laptop are not the best and you can pick up a fairly cheap one that has super good sound for around 20 dollars.

Photo by ebookLisa on Pexels.com

2.Ebooks are a excellent way to bring in some income. They don’t have to be really long. You can make it relatively short, just a few pages and still make a few dollars from it. Even a few dollars can add up once you sell it to 50 people. If you take the time and make it longer then you can sell it for more. If you don’t have the time to write your own book they have many sites with what is called plr =Private Label Rights. You can download one and change it to your book as if you have written the book. Many people make a lot of money off of plr books. Its a very lucrative business.

spreadsheetPhoto by Lukas on Pexels.com

3.Last two kind of go hand and hand only because they both could be made from the same app. Unless you have your own app that you use. Selling spreadsheets on etsy. They are hugely popular on etsy more then you could possibly think. Many homemakers love to download sheets they can print off to help with their finances. Or maybe a spring cleaning list. You could sell one budgeting spreadsheet for as much as 15 dollars. That will add up fast for just making one sheet that will continue to sell over and over again. I will let you know the app to use after I talk about the next one since they both can be done there.

Photo by Chay Garcu00eda on Pexels.com

4.Image editing turned into pins for pinterest, facebook stories, instagram posts etc. Even intro and outro for youtube videos. All your editing needs in one app. And if you look on fiverr or upwork you can see they charge a pretty sizeable amount to do these jobs for people like me a blogger who don’t have the time to do it myself or other online business owners. And for us bloggers who are looking for extra income. They have plenty of templates to make spreadsheets or spring cleaning, anything you want you can make it on canva. I use this app every day to make pins for pinterest. And my social media posts. I love this app. You don’t even have to download a app if you don’t want to. They even have a website.

So there is my list to help anyone looking for different types of online jobs again. You can make a lot of money on these. There is no cap on what you could possibly make. When people start to buy the income can be endless.

Good luck in your passive income search. Hope this helps with that search and you start making money from any one of these or even all if you wanted. Let me know in the comments which one you would chose to do, which sounds the easiest.

Don’t forget to sign up for my email extras. Got a big 13 traffic sources coming your way plus a lot more to help you get the most traffic coming to your site. Thanks for reading, stay safe.

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6 Informative Videos to Boost Your Traffic

I downloaded these videos a while ago and thought that it would also benefit my readers also. Many of you have a site yourself or starting one yourself.

They are very short but very informative. So hope you can get as much value as I did out of them.

blog commenting
ebook with link
forum posting
guest blogging
help a reporter
press release

Hope this helps. Which was your favorite video. I really like the blog commenting one. Makes a lot of sense to be the first commenter and get your name seen by any person who visits that blog for a long time to come. Believe this will bring in a huge amount of traffic. I see a lot about the guest posting and that is something I need to look into a little more. Every blogger that I look to for help mentions guest blogging. Tell me which you liked the most and why. Thanks for watching the videos and reading, have a great day or night and please stay safe.

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4 ways to make 100 dollars or more a day

So we all could use a extra 100 dollar a day or more in our pockets right? Type 100 in the comments if this is something you need, or even want. Disclaimer this like most things I talk about here on my site, are not going to make you rich. These sites are just here to be a side hustle to your already permanent income. Which I hope you have. If you don’t that’s ok too. Not everyone are able to have jobs or make that dream money online that we all desire.

I understand that all to well. I was broke single mother before I stumbled upon these money making things online. I have been making little money like this online for many years now. I have not dived into affiliate marketing til this year. I was always scared to dive into that. But that leap I finally took and wish I would of started a lot sooner. I started a different blog that was about crocheting. I felt that I wanted to talk about something I learned. With this pandemic I know a lot of people are out of money. With people losing their jobs, losing their loved ones or not working enough hours. I knew this is something I needed to talk about to help people learn about.

Freelance Proofreading. I have talked about freelance a few times already but if you knew how much you can actually make. Freelance is a never ending job source. If you can dream it, you can do it. That’s no lie. I found new places to do freelance work. Two sites in fact. One is more generated to any job in any place. Which includes freelance proofreading or what else you want to do.

  • Ziprecruiter is the first one I am gonna let you know about. This is the site that has a lot of different jobs but one in particular that I’m talking about here today. Proofreading. Over 28,000 freelancing jobs on this site, and over 300 for proofreading just in chicago area. I don’t know this site to well but looks like I had to put a place to search. So it could be more proofreading jobs in your area, maybe less. If its less you could look in the over 28 thousand jobs for freelancing and maybe find something else you might like. Can get paid over 40k a year with some of these jobs also, so that can be well over 100 dollars a day.
  • Reedsy and this is just a freelancing site for editing and proofreading. They need all them type of freelancers here because this is a book are made and they have to make sure all books are up to par before they can publish the books.
  • Userlytics this is a remote user testing site where you test apps and websites for the owners.. It would not seem like this could bring in a lot of money but if you only did a few tests a day you can bring in that 100 or more . Once your test results are approved, depending upon the user test project you can be paid $5, $10, $15, $20, or other amounts. Some projects pay as much as $90 for having fun expressing opinions while navigating the web! Userlytics claims testers can make up to $50/hr. Since the average test takes 20-40 minutes that is ~ $20 per hour. So as you see easily make over 100 a day here.
  • ACX is a place looking for audiobook readers. You would read the audiobook outloud. So you need a quality mic which a cheap good one can as low as 20 dollars, is what one Youtuber said. They put the audiobooks out on Amazon, Itunes and audible. Then if you have this you can get royalty shares from these books when they do get published. So after time this would be all passive income. You search for authors looking for narrators. Then search all the filters as needed and some will let you know if you can get royalty shares from that book.

So this is going to do it for today. I hope that you had a great day or having a great day or evening where ever in the world you are reading this from. If you got some value out of this please sign up for my email extras. I have a huge extra coming very soon and you don’t want to miss out. Thanks for reading stay safe.

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Unique Ways To Make Money Online

I stumbled on a site when looking for more different ways to make money online. I couldn’t imagine that there is so many different ways one could make money online. Some are well…. to weird to handle.

sleeping at computer Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Like how would you like to get paid 25,000 to talk people to sleep. Can do a podcast and get paid to talk people to sleep. For one they get most their money through patreon, starting as little as 5 dollars a month. So a lot of room for income here.

I have talked about this one before. Putting books up on Kdp. Kindle direct Publishing. You can make coloring books, notebooks and blank books. The front and back covers is all you have to do. You can make anywhere from 6,000 to 11,000 a month.

How about doing what your already doing. Blogging… but blogging about paleo diets for dogs. One blogger makes around 6,000 per month doing this. So with seeing this, any blog can make money.

framed quotes Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

One guy makes 25,000 per month to frame peoples tweets. he frames tweets. Any little odd job you can think of, you can most likely do and get paid for it. need to be creative.

This one would be a little to impersonal. To have someone else write this for you, But if you can not do it on your wedding day. You can pay someone 75 dollars per speech to have them write your speech for you.

Or this one, kind of lost on how this is. A all online wedding? To pay someone 300 dollars to be a virtual bridesmaid. I can’t fathom the things people will actually pay for now days.

According to indsider one person got paid 1000 in three days to binge watch superhero movies. cabletv.com paid someone to watch 20 marvel movies back-to-back, over 40 hours to watch. To much for my taste. Hard enough to even sit through when my husband is watching.

How would you like to get paid to eat. Lots of people get paid almost 10,000 a month to live stream themselves eating mukbang. I’m still lost with that word a bit. But it is a very popular word I see it all over.

alarm clock Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Back in 2004 a guy got paid 5,500 a month to wake people up. He had a app they used and then he would call them up on their requested times.

How about getting paid 1,300 a month to sell your old books on kindle. I even know I got a few old books I got lying around the house that I can sell. Don’t need to, yet I would like to check it out and see the outcome of this one. I guess it would be based on the book on how much a person can get paid.

Do you live on a farm? Or have a few farm animals around or near that you can put on camera? 30,000 a month approx. to get a goat on skype. They said over 300 people made requests for this or a virtual farm field trip. I live in the country and think this is one I could actually do. My husband works on a dairy farm.

barber Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

How would you like to get 30 dollars a hour to tell people how to cut their hair. Over video chat you can get paid if you are a barber or hairstylist. Think this is a good one for a mom, would really help and stay home with the kids.

This next one I am very against. Virtual babysitter. Please tell me what someone can do if a child falls and hurts itself when they are no where near the child. Who knows how long it would take for help to arrive even. Think this would be maybe a good one for teenagers that might need to a check in here and there. Small kids, oh no that is a never in my book. And I pray that no parent takes advantage of this type of service for younger kids.

So tell me any weird online job you know about that I might have missed? Which one would you like to do or not do and why? Please sign up for my email extras. I got a really good extra coming up soon to help with your blog traffic. 11 places that you can post to bring in more traffic to your blog. So a little faster one tonight. Hard to post when depressed. For the first time in my 13 years of marriage my husband and i had to be apart so little hard to be cheery but here is todays post, stay safe.

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6 videos inspires me with my blog posts

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube to learn what to post about. Do a lot of site reading also but today will be the videos that I will focus on and hope that you like the videos I’m going to share with you and who know maybe you can make some money off a couple of them. I know with these videos the money potential is there. The opportunity for multi income streams are easy when you follow the videos. Each one has their own way to get some income.

Hope that this helps with make someone some money know it has helped me great youtubers. Have a great day.

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Let’s look into Cryptocurrency and Stocks

Have you ever started investing in crypto or stocks yet? I have just bare minium just to see what it is like and still learning and getting to know things. I have tried three different places to try and invest with and just gonna let you know about each one and what I have learned so far.

Graphs on computer and phone

Welbull is the first one on the list. They give you in-depth tools with charts to understand your stocks and helps you understand what you are looking at. They also have crypto trading. Stocks and crypto all in one spot, no need to go to different sites when it all can be done right here. I have a little crypto on paypal. I started out with bitcoin cash and doubled my money and then tried just bitcoin and now its just sitting not going up, slightly going down but sure is not going up at all. But just like all these sites you can get free things and webull gives you free stock when you get so much money in your account and sign ups. Your first deposit you get Get 2 FREE stocks
valued up to $1850! Super great deal. Could be top companies they give you too. They chose which ones but who cares it’s free, makes it so worth it.

Webull free stock signups. Come join me and learn the world of stocks over at webull.

stock market prices Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Robinhood gives you up to 500 dollars free stock every year. They have a section just for documents to read so you can understand what you are doing. For each site you do tell them if you have any experience in stock trading or not so they know that you know absolutely nothing or a little. Whichever it is they will help you either way through the process.

recurring buys and earning crypto pic

Coinbase is just for trading crypto. They have every type of crypto on the site. Any one you could think of. I have to say out of the three i think Coinbase might be my favorite. They make you want to learn a little of what your diving into because they pay you for learning. You make a lot too not just a couple pennies or just one bitcoin nothing like that. Got ten dollars in one crypto, not bitcoin but a different one. So they do reward you. You can borrow from your bitcoin if you need a advance in money even. They try to help here in many ways. Think this is why I like it so much.

can borrow from bitcoin screenshot

Coinbase get 10 dollars free in Bitcoin

This is a short one tonight bad weather really messed up my research to add more to this one and now I have my grandson overnight so got to keep a eye on a toddler now. I will try to get a post out tomorrow too if i can get it in.

Thanks for reading hope this gave you a little value and learning about stocks and crypto. Have a good night or day see you on the next one.

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Freelance, are we afraid to take this full time?

Why are most of us afraid to take that next step and do freelance full time? The income potential is there. Once the clients start coming in, we are sure to make enough money to pay the bills and have money left over for fun. Getting rich from freelance, That I’m not to sure of. In order to make a lot of money here we got to put in the work. But nothing is for free, not even passive income.

money coming out of a wallet partially Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

There are so many different sites that I have mentioned in my past blogs about where to do freelance jobs. Guru, fiverr, upwork and freelancer. So many sites, so many people looking for people to do odd little jobs for them. It could be almost anything, making a intro or outro for a Youtube video. Make pins for their company because they don’t have time to sit and make them. Manage a companies social media page. A could go on forever talking about all the different jobs that people hire for on these sites, this is just a handful.

word freelance in scrabble letters

With a lot of motivation and maybe a lot of work, they claim you can make 5,000 to 10,000 in freelance work. It may not even take a lot of work. In the beginning when you are just starting your freelance career you might have to take on a lot of gigs to get a lot of reviews and get your name out there to the clients. But after time you can charge more because they will know that you are good at what you do. Like in SEOclerks, they have so many different jobs on there just like all the rest of them. I have used this one and was very impressed with how fast my job was finished. And what was done for me.

Let’s look at one job, virtual assistant. Might ask what that is and what they do. A virtual assistant does almost everything you do on a daily basis being a blogger.

  • blogging
  • appointment scheduling
  • writing
  • graphic design
  • social media management
  • proofreading
  • booking travel
  • email management
stuff a virtual assistant would do

Being a blogger you do all this by yourself anyway. Well most of it. Why not get paid to help someone else out in your spare time. I really don’t need the extra cash but never hurts to have an extra way to get money just incase i need it someday. Think this is something I’m going to look into and just take on a couple small jobs and see where that take me, I won’t have the time til next month though so if I do venture into this I will be sure to let you know and let you know how much I make. If any of you have been doing any freelancing on the side or even as a main job, let us know how much you make? How many hours do you put in? All that good stuff. Sure a lot of people who been thinking of doing this as a side job would love to know what they could be getting themselves into. I myself would love to know before I jump into this. But I do think its good either way it goes if not for full time definitely good for a side hustle. All I have read it does sound like it could be a full time gig. But for most people that would be a huge jump in their income 5,000 to 10,000 extra. I know with one person working in my house we could use money like that, but I don’t know that I could do all that is required to be a virtual assistant. I can hardly keep up with running my house and also doing research for my blog then typing and editing. I don’t have any team to help me I do it all myself and I’m sure you can tell in my editing. I know that is one of my weakness. Not very good at editing.

typewriter for writing

I know I will be looking into freelancing very soon though. But I think that this is all for today. Hope this gives you some value into freelance and if it is something you thought of getting into, this helps you out in your decision. I will keep you informed of my decision also. Thanks for reading. Have yourself a great rest of your night/day. Stay safe. Please don’t forget about signing up for my email newsletter and extras.

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Vaccine will get us back to work and back to normal

I know many of you are hesitant about getting this new vaccine. Trust me it is save for most of us. Yes everyone has different body makeup and things can happen. That happening though is a very rare thing. Yes the Johnson and Johnson had a few kinks to work out and that they did. But just how I see that vaccine it seems like it would be getting people a little more sick then then other two. It’s one strong dose going in your body all at once. To where the other two have it broken up into two shots. This is just my take on it.

person getting a shot in arm

Think of all the vaccines we had gotten growing up. We are just fine from them are we not? Yes some may of had a few complications just like I said our bodies are all different. But for the most part 99% are ok. Just 1% had some issues. This is the same with these new vaccines. If you look at the actual percent of people who took the shot and are perfectly fine to those who had some complications (not talking about Johnson and Johnson here) the ratio is very low of people who had had major complications.

1 out of 7 people have any side effect. Which most side effects are mild the day after. Only 8%….8% of people reported getting a headache after first dose. 13% yes still very low only 13% got headaches after the second dose. The most common side effect was fatigue and they told me that would be more common after the second dose. Because the second dose is stronger than the first. You see how low these percentages are.

Over 70% of older us adults are fully vaccinated. That is a huge number of vaccinated people and you did not hear about a lot of those people getting sick or dying. Do not believe any of the horror stories out there cause that’s all they are, are stories. When you get your vaccine you can go online and sign up to report how your feeling everyday any symptoms you maybe having. And now days everyone has phones that go online so I’m sure a lot of people reported their feelings after the vaccine for about a week or so. That means most of these horror stories would be more widely known all over the news saying this is happening to this person and that happened to that person. The news anchors are just as scared as any of us if they haven’t taken it yet or they want them ratings so any bit of effects they would have blasted all over the news foe them ratings.

My whole family got their vaccine and not one terrible side effect to report. My arm was sore from the second dose on the day after but was not from the first dose. They monitored me for a half hour after each shot because when I was little I was allergic to be stings. They are super cautious when giving this vaccine with everyone. EMTs sit right in the room where everyone sits after your dose and keeps an eye on everyone. Looks at the injection site before you leave.

I really think everyone who can be vaccinated should. I know you along with everyone else in this world would love to go back to pre-pandemic days Businesses would love to open up full capacity with no restrictions. I for one would love to back to the movie theater again. Even if they opened earlier I wouldn’t have gone. Just to risky. Just as I believe( remember this is just my opinion) the bars are a huge risk. All unmasked people jammed into a super crowded place. You know if just one person has Covid-19 in that bar, they just passed it to every single person there potentially. I do understand these places are losing tons of money but that as hard as it is on the government, that is their place to help those businesses out.

Please think of everyone else not just yourself. Get the shot so the world, businesses, jobs can all go back to normal. Would be nice to have some normalcy back in out lives. Just like any other vaccine you get when you grow up this is just another added to the list. And I know you all would love to throw away those god awful masks. Let’s move forward not stay stuck in this pandemic. It is not as bad as you think. It don’t hurt. Just sore after if you even get sore, not everyone does.

This may seem like a odd post and you maybe thinking what does this have to do with money. It has a lot to do with money. Our world will not move forward with jobs and work for people if we all don’t do our part and stop the spread.

fully vaccinated person

Well I hope this helps anyone who was undecided. It is really only to help everyone get back to normal. We all need to go back to what normal lives we had and kick this pandemic…..to the curb!

stay safe til next time. Please sign up for email extras. Newsletter sent every week.

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