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Seo 30 Day Challenge

I have a e-book for you to download if you would like. No you do not need to leave your email address for this. Just click the link and download. I will be also doing the challenge. I have not been through the whole thing so I there are any parts that can not be done because maybe there is a cost to do something than we all have to maybe skip that part or pay for it if you would like. Not asking any one to pay for anything they can’t. I also will be doing it without paying to see what all can be done for free with this challenge.


In 30 days I will see how far some have gotten if you chose to take part in this challenge. This is a 30 day planner but I am making it a challenge to see how far any have gotten and how much it has helped like it says it should. The name of the e-book is called How to increase your traffic with SEO in 30 days. So just curious how this helps. This is only going to benefit you if you do try to take the challenge so please join in because I only want to help you make money. If you increase your traffic than it will bring in more money to your blogs with the more people that see the ads on your blog. If you are trying to drive traffic to a affiliate link or any type of link in general, this will also help. It does not matter what your trying to do this should help to bring traffic to any thing you are trying to bring traffic to. I already had done the first part to get on the site and it does cost for the site, but there are some things that you can do on the site that are free. So check it out and just move on from things that you can not do if it is something you can’t afford or just don’t want to pay for at this time. Ok enough of my gibber-jabbering here is the link.

Just so I know if any of you will be participating please leave me a comment below so I know who has joined in on the challenge with me. Have a great day or night. I will put out longer posts. Been working on some packing so things been a little tight around here to get any research done. Will get a decent post out soon, Thanks, stay safe.

Facebook live tomorrow and November 6-7


The Secret To Getting 85% Of Opt Ins To Read Your Follow Ups

Just a reminder for both

Traffic Domination Nov. live

Don’t forget about the big one in November, gonna be a good one to explain a lot for those who are unsure about the program.

4 sites to get traffic to your blog and make a lot of money from ads

We are all looking to build our blogs and make money with the traffic that comes. Sometimes it is not easy to get traffic. Harder yet to get targeted traffic. I have 4 sites that can bring in traffic for you. If you find ones with your niche, you can bring targeted traffic to your site. I will explain as we go on.

  • Onlywire is a paid service. It does post to 20+ social media sites from a browser extension. You can schedule posts, automated posts, and analytics. Which will increase your blog traffic and your social media following. They have a cheap one for 9 dollars a month which is limited. It would be enough for any small to medium business though in my opinion. Then they have the next step up from 9 dollars to 99 dollars. Big increase. All they show are these two that you can buy. The 9 dollars one has 1000 posts a month and to me, that would be plenty for any small to medium-size business. The 99 dollar one is all unlimited and that to me would be for a very large company. Spreading 1000 posts to all your social media which finding 50 places to post is a little hard. To me that 9 dollar one is perfect. If you feel you would like to or need to buy the more pricey one then please go for what your business needs. I am stating my opinion.
  • Blogengage is a forum from the looks of it so it should be free. I have yet to come across a forum that costs money. I am sure they are out there though. I don’t go on them enough to see if there are any that to cost money. These are like any other forum, where you post what you want, and bring in the traffic to where you want it. All forums do have rules so make sure you read each site because they are all different. Most will let you drive traffic to an area that is what a lot are for. Show people things you like and they go to what you post to see what you sharing. If you don’t know about forums. These are what I was talking about with the targeted traffic. There are so many different types of forums out on the internet, one for every niche and more. Search forums in your niche and sign up for each one that you can find. There you go, targeted traffic to your blog or site. It is as simple as that.
  • Scoop.it has a limited free plan. It will publish curated content for a targeted audience. It also can generate customized newsletters for Mailchimp or any other email solution. store and share content. They also have resources you can download. E-books like SEO, ROI, or RIP, the complete content marketing handbook. Scoop.it has been on Forbes, Mashable, Fast company, and more.
  • bokube is another forum site from the looks of it. You know from reading the one above always read the rules. The more you know the more you read, the easier it is to know what to post. If you post the wrong thing, they can ban you from the forum. So keep up with the rules and you will bring in a lot of traffic.

I had gotten all these from a chrome extension and I wish I had not taken it off. This was some valuable information here and could have been more. I just did not use it a lot. If you want to find it, I remember it was traffic tools. It was in a form of a checklist. That is all I remember about it sorry.

New webinar coming up again hope you can come join me.



Be great to see you at both. This is the month I will be moving some time around the end of the month I will let you know ahead of time so if there is a longer span with no posts than you will know why. I will try to get the internet set up there right away so hopefully I can get posting right away once we move in. Thanks have a great day or night. Stay safe.

7 free online tools I use to make the best eye-catching blog posts

Besides the tools I have on the page of online tools I have a few others that I use a lot that I think could really benefit you all. No matter what you do if its a site or pins or selling stuff these 7 free online tools can help for almost any online thing you do. Some maybe on that page and some are not. Not everyone has seen that page so I will link that page also. Here is the page of tools

  1. Sharethrough Headline analyzer : this is pretty much what it says. Only thing I don’t like is that it does not have SEO score. There are others that have that on their site but I just like all this has to offer and I usually have been getting traffic from google, yahoo and even seen bing too. So I do believe it does a pretty good job with my headlines. If you have a different one that you use. Let me know in the comments below.
  2. Hemingway Editor is the next one and I just love how it tells you how easy it is to understand what you wrote. Shows if your sentence is hard to understand. If you are using to many passive words and so much more. Really helps so you can write so everyone can understand what your writing, not just college graduates. Got to remember not everyone has that high of a reading level.


3. Instantadpower is a email exchange site if that’s what it is called. I can email 1000 people on this site and I get at least a 80% return with in the next few days after I email. I have the free account and if you really want to jump start your site faster you may need to upgrade. The free account only allows you to email every 5 days. You have to read emails to earn points and them points turn into the points you use to email. Really don’t have to read them just click for the points, wait for the timer to run out and collect your points. It’s that simple.

4. Sqribble is the next one. It helps make a ebook super fast. Make graphs quick. If you want to just go earn a new Iphone 12 pro head over to clickbank and find sqribble. Each month the owner has been giving away something new for sales. I wont go into this a whole lot. Click the link and read the whole page and review I have on it. I had purchased it. I love it super happy I bought it.

5. Tailwindapp is the next app. I couldn’t live without this app. I have boosted my traffic so much with this app. I had been able to schedule so many pins with this app and it has brought in so much traffic. I have seen the other creators talk about it and I finally tried and super glad I did it. Right now I have a free month for you .

6. Canva this is the most awesome app to help make them pins for tailwind. You can make any social media post and so much more. Infographics, logos, the list goes on. Know this is one you wouldn’t be able to live without once you give it a try also. I even had to add this to my phone and computer. Even can make blog banners and graphics. I don’t think there is nothing this app can’t do. lol

7. Seoclerks is a freelance site that can help us bloggers or business managers in so many ways. The prices are nothing like the ones you would encounter on the bigger sites. I paid two dollars to have a guy send a pdf to I think it was 20 different places. I did tip because that was a super low price and not sure how someone could live off that. But it is a great site and you can find all different kinds of help on this site. There are some that charge big prices like the other sites so if you want to do freelance work this would be an ok site for that also.

I added my site to the directory on entireweb and only a couple weeks and I am seeing how it has already brought me traffic. Just seen it in my list and surprised me. Go ahead check it out if you like. Has seo tools and so much more. It is a really neat site and has paid submission to which that is what I will be investing in next. Check it out here

So thats all for today. Hope this tools will help you out with your posts as much as they all help me out. I use almost all of these with each and every one of my posts. I make pins with canva after my post and use tailwind to schedule the pins. All works out great. Thanks have yourself a great day or night and please get that vaccine so we can end this BS and get back to normal. Till then… stay safe.

6 Videos that will show you ways to make money

Just thought would make it a easy day today so you don’t have to read almost 1000 words. Just watch some videos that will teach you just what I would if I were typing it out for you. The videos can give you a little more in-depth idea on how to maybe do what you need to do to make the money from the site they are referring to. Remember if you want to learn more about getting your email list going go back and check for the opt-in list for beginners. So let’s get on to the videos that will show you a few ways to make money and more.

Hope you enjoy the videos and give your eyes a break from all that reading. Hope you all are doing well and healthy. Things are just looking terrible out there. I know a lot may not agree with the vaccine but we have been getting and dealing with these since before a lot of us were even born. Some in short time just like this. If you won’t do it for your own health thinking it’s all the government or whatever it is you might think… I stay away from all that negative talk. Do it for your children, for your grandparents, parents. You may think you don’t need it and that’s fine but they don’t deserve to get sick because of what you want to believe. With or without the vaccine the virus is still there and it will never go away til it can be kept under control the same way we have done years ago…vaccines. Sorry to non believers. I don’t discriminate against anyone just telling you how I feel. What I think. I am not any expert in the virus or vaccine but I just know what worked years ago for other pandemics before I was born can work now if we all try. Just my thought and my opinion. I just want everyone to stay healthy. Pray for each and everyone of you and your families.

Have yourself a great day or night. Please join me in the OLSP program. As I pray for each and everyone’s family. I also want all of you get money online and this is the way and do not want you to miss out on this awesome opportunity. Remember besides great income you will learn so much and make so much during each facebook or zoom live. The system is set up for easy way to make money. No follow ups, no auto responders. All the work is done for you. Just bring the people in and join in the live encourage the new product being talked about in the live.

6 skills to learn today, that will return maximum income once learned

We all want that job that pays super well. It would be even better if that job was a stay-at-home job. Well, I have that here for you today. Even one job that can pay as much as 5000. Yes sounds too hard to believe, it is true though. Wait and see til the end for that high-paying job that does not require any degree.

HubSpot academy screenshot

1. Digital Marketing: This is also called online marketing. And it is any form of marketing online. Marketing is connecting with your audience at the right place and right time. You

can learn on Hubspot. Hubspot has an academy that has many different types of courses you can take.

2. Coding: is the process of using a programming language to get the computer to behave how you want it to. You can find so many different courses on youtube for coding and tons online also. Think a lot online do cost money though, unlike youtube.

3. Closing: is where you can close a sale over the phone for a business so that business can make revenue. Dan Lok on youtube has tons of videos to learn closing.

4.Copywriting: is the act or occupation of writing the text for advertising or other forms of marketing. You can find this on Hubspot also and so many online courses that will help you learn from the one you’re looking for. Everyone learns differently. Sometimes it can take searching to find the one to teach the way you understand.

5. Basics of computing and programming: Computer Programming – Basics

  • Programming Environment.
  • Basic Syntax.
  • Data Types.
  • Variables.
  • Keywords.
  • Basic Operators.
  • Decision Making.

and more. This is a lot of learning about how to program and just like coding tells a computer what to do and when to do it. This one has a course at NYU online. 6. Introduction to social media marketing: think we all understand marketing now. This would be connecting on social media with your audience at the right time and right place. Could be a group or a page. A lot to learn and to look into. This one has a free course on Hubspot also and coursea. The last thing want to let you know about is a really high-paying job that does not require any degree of any kind. Just you and your voice is all you need here. This one I have seen they can pay as high as 5000-740t for one job.

Voices is a really neat job that some of you might like out there. I know I am interested. If any of you had tried this already let us know in the comments. Is a good job. How is the pay? Does it actually pay what it shows for the job they asking for? Really curious about this one. You can get paid 500 for 2 mins of work. Seen it in the list in this video. So they do have maybe a handful of legit ones that pay for that high. Check it out, You go to sign yo and hit for voice-over. Looking for work. Then you need to verify your email. After you verify then you will be able to search through the list of jobs available the prices and who they looking for. They may be looking for a female voice in her 20s. Or a male in their 50s. They all vary so take a look. If you do sign up come back let us know in the comments your experience.

One more thing is that I have really made my traffic boost up with Pinterest and there is only one way I was able to do that. I did not manually pin and pin. Tailwind app. You easily log in with your Pinterest account. Then just schedule what pins you want to go out and when. They do only give you very little with the free account. I did have to pay but it is not expensive. Great app to have and use if you want help boosting your traffic. Super easy to use and understand. You click on the pin you want to schedule, click what board you want it to go to, and schedule day and time, that’s it. Super easy. Know your blog could use this as much as mine did. If you forget this post I have it on my tools page.

That is all for today hope you enjoy these skills you can learn for high-paying jobs in the end. Know I will be looking into that Voices when I get the time. Have a great day or night, most of all please, stay safe!

canva vs snappa

Canva vs Snappa, which better to use? Plus a site to make lots of money.

I watched a video on snappa and I thought I would show you the difference between the two. Canva vs Snappa, which is better? Let me know in the comments below which you think is better. This is my opinion on the two. Would love to hear yours.

I have been using Canva for a while now and I can vouch for that site. This Snappa, right now is the first time I heard of it. I looked at it and it does seem like a good site. Has a lot to offer an individual if this is what they are looking for. Looks like it has a lot of good templates to help with your social media. I watched a video on youtube from Make Money Girl and she was explaining how you can copy and paste to make 50 dollars. Snappa has a lot to offer and I’m sure you can make 50 dollars but, for me, it’s not worth it. This is why they make so many sites or apps that are so much alike with a couple of differences. Everyone in this world is different. We all have different tastes so what one likes the other may not. The only difference is what the two sites have to offer in their free. Snappa is not expensive though. Can pay as cheap as 10 dollars a month for the lowest plan. The free plan is very minimal. You can only do 3 downloads in one month, to where Canva has unlimited downloads.

Snappa has over 6,000 templates for your social media. Snappa makes you pay to integrate your social media with the site. Canva that is all free. Snappa has 5,000,000+HD photos and graphics. I did not sign up for Snappa I love Canva way too much. All the things you need to pay for in Snappa are free in canva. To me Canva is way better. I shouldn’t make that judgment since I have not signed up for snappa. To me, it is not worth it for how little they offer in the free program. All the free things coming from Canva that Snappa makes you pay for. This is why I love Canva so much. Here is the video that explains making the money using Snappa(or you can use Canva)Since it ended up being a short post with a video I felt I had to add a little more for you.

. I watched a great video from Franklin. He always puts out great videos on how to make money, how to use Clickbank. Things of that nature. He has some great content. Check out more of his work if you wish after watching this video. Going to explain just a little bit of the video. I know we all have a hard time getting our email list off the ground. This video from franklin shows you how to start your email list and use it for affiliate marketing. There is a lot of money to you can make with your list. Always remember once you make that list, it is your list and no one can take that from you. If you switch platforms that list goes with where ever you go. So let’s take a look at the video and see what Franklin can show you.

Last I got a site that can make you some good money. This is almost like your typical survey site. But this one has more than the other sites to offer to make money. The two screenshots here will show you all the different ways. Like engagement with social media, play games, browsing on websites, writing comments. So much more as you can see. They also have a referral program that I am not currently using for this post. I had not even signed up for the site but read a lot of reviews that say so many good things about the site. If I thought for any reason this was not legit I would not be adding it in this post. I always find ways to get only legit sites for you. If I had not been able to try it out, and if I had not seen good reviews then there is no way it would be on my blog. Hope this post has been helpful. I try to do my best to find ways for everyone to make money. If any of you try the site let me know I would love to hear in the comments. Let me know how much you made if it was a lot or not so much. I would like if I am picking out good sites for you all that make a decent amount of money.

Don’t forget about the best money maker, the easiest way to make money, OLSP. Every time I go on the site I look after Wayne does a live, I have more money added to my account. I don’t want you all to miss out on this wonderful opportunity, so please come check it out or meet me in the next live.

Have yourself a wonderful night or day and I will see you in the next post. Stay safe.

Creative and fun apps that actually pay pretty decent

Think by now we all know the ways to get paid online. There are countless ways and every day I always find more. Blogging is the main one we all do lately. There are quite a few ways to get paid from blogging, more than you think.

  • ads
  • sponsorships
  • freelance work
  • affiliate marketing
  • selling your own e-book/course

Sure there could be more that I am not aware of. With all the reading this is what I had managed to find out so far, the different ways to make money from blogging. So don’t give up because your ads may not be up there yet. There are so many possibilities that can do to get the money until your ads start doing better. You will make more from affiliate marketing or freelance work. It is all up to you and what you feel like doing and what you enjoy. Let’s look into one affiliate marketing that is so far the best out there. I have mentioned it so many times but this is the only one that has shown me more than any other one I have tried so far.. OLSP System. No other program pays you to learn how to make money, and they have free ongoing training. If you want to make $20 dollars in under 2 hours. if you keep watching video after video, some are very short. It can be quickly done. Come join me and meet me in the next free live training. Look forward to it. Don’t want to miss out on all this free training, no one else does this for free look online. There is always a charge. This whole system could go for thousands and Wayne does this all for free ( the training that is). There are extra things you can buy which only boost your income higher. But there is no obligation to purchase anything today. Do the Bootcamp get a feel for the system first. Bet you will love it as I do. Ok on with the apps.


Cash magnet says you can earn money using your phone for doing nothing. Absolutely passive income. Only for a android phone, sorr iphone users. I can not use this app either. CashMagnet pays you for every minute of your time. You do nothing, no tasks to perform, no ads to watch and no games to play. You get paid for doing nothing. Cash magnet also claims that after only two months of working with them you can buy yourself a new phone. Somehow I doubt it’s a good high end phone they are talking about. I could be wrong of course. I have a iphone so unsure of how much a person can make.Even the very first review of this app says just what I say. The review says you can make 100-200 a year. From that review I do not see how you can get new phone if your making that little amount. Even being generous saying I would make that 200 a year. That only averages out to be about 17 dollars a month. Not enough to by even the cheapest of phones. Still could be a few extra dollars in your pocket for doing absolutely nothing.


Observanow is an app where you can get paid for completing surveys in stores, or “opportunities.” These involve answering a few questions, taking some photos, and speaking with a store associate or manager. You will do tasks in your area like I tried to do. I personally did not use this app but I tried another one and with my internet, it was not sending. I am sure most of you have much better internet than I have so this would be something fairly easy for you. I had to take a picture of a store shelf one time or they wanted me to purchase a specific type of beer and try it out. They would pay me back for the cost of the beer plus ten dollars for giving the review on. Free beer plus ten bucks. Great gig for a college kid. Me though not so much, I have not drank in about ten years now. Heavy meds for my back does not allow me to mix the two. Back to the app here.. This app is for android and ios which is great. When you sign up make sure you use the same email that you would use for your paypal. If you use a different email than you may not get your payment from observa.

Easyshift is the one I had tried and like I said it was just my internet. Easy to do most tasks. Mabe people in bigger cities get more tasks. Me living so far even from a small city I did not get to many tasks. I had maybe 3 or 4 on my list that stayed for a month or so. I did not stay on much past that month, was no point for me with my internet not sending out. It was a great app though have to give it that. I had no issues with it myself. Easy to use, easy to understand. If you like to do little things around town or a collage student looking for beer money, this could be the app for you. This also pays you through paypal. This is something I love about these apps when they pay you through paypal. Easy to get your money or use the money from paypal. After your task is approved for payment, it takes up to 48 hours to get paid. Easyshift also works in usa and the uk. Any other country you would have to take a look. Maybe observa pays for Canada or any other country you might live in. Do your research. That is always something you should do before you begin any app or site anyway. If you jump in blindly to anything that pays you or have some kind of contract with, should always do your research. Read the TOS and policy . All the stuff they have to make sure you and the site or app are on the same page with pay and how you will be getting paid.


Lastly this one I had just found out about myself and I will be looking into it a lot more because my assistant just sits up here plugged in barley getting used. Google home mini I have. If you have any home assistant app like Alexa, Amazon Echo, this is the app for you . Conversationally. You can earn up to $100 dollars every month just for using your smart assistant. They say, make your smart assistant work better for you. This also pays you through paypal so remember use your paypal email. All you need to do is talk to your smart speaker as you normally do and then you also get entered into a $500 dollar monthly sweepstakes. If you use your smart speaker a lot this could be something for you. I don’t think you need to use it every single day but like I had mentioned I will be looking into this one more. My speaker just sits here most the time waiting for me to use it for my lights or play the news which I don’t do as much as I use to.

google home Photo by John Tekeridis on Pexels.com

I will be putting it to work than just like it says lol. I didn’t even purchase this, got it free from google. I got rewarded from google for being a youtube premium member for years. Which was very thoughtful of them. Google really thinks of their long time customers which is great business practice. Think this is long enough for today. I had started this yesterday but I have my grandson and also I am sick. My throat hurt and now today I lost my voice. This is all that is wrong so I do not think it is the bad virus going around. I am vaccinated which I know is not 100% safe. I also go out with masks and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. I just don’t want my husband to get sick with him being the only one brining in a paycheck in this house. My money is not always consistent yet. Once that is more of a regular thing hubby can take some days off work and not worry about bills. Can’t wait for that day. I make some but think you all know how it is. Just need to make sure it is a safety net than things can change around. Ok that is it for today. Go out before summer is over. Have some fun, enjoy the warmth and sunshine. That is my plan for today. Going to the pool with my grandson. Have a great day or night see you in the next post. Just a reminder Encore of the last webinar and here is some information if you need to understand it a little more… This is also going to be a post on my facebook under the same name as my blog name.

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