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Promote Yourself

Hope that I see a lot of you coming to promote your sites. This is a great way to bring in new traffic. It helps all of us in this community when we help each other out. I want to help each and everyone of you grow and prosper in your blogs or sites.

Please remember do not just leave a link. Who is want to just go to a link. Tell a little bit about yourself and your site, what is your niche, what do you blog about. Keep it clean please. We maybe mostly adults here, does not mean all of us are. I encourage any younger blogger to step up let us get to know you. This is for everyone.

I look forward to hearing a little bit about each and everyone of you. So here we go……

Thank You To All That Is Here Reading My Blog

I want to thank each and everyone that has read my blog, stopped by my blog. Even if you just opened a page, or left a like even left that you hated my site. However you interacted with my site to make me reach this milestone.

I am still in the processes of moving. So no blog as of yet. Soon as I am done moving which should be Monday maybe if all goes well. I’ll keep you informed and get a good post out as soon as possible. Thank you once again for making me to 5k.

Have a great day or night. Stay safe.

Different ways I have never heard of to make money online, plus more.

money on laptop Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A great way to make money that not many are doing…
Go to etsy and type in handmade space to see all the suggestions that list under the search bar. You could even type in something like ring or earrings. Find one that is relatively cheap and with shipping included would be better for you. After you find something you like.
Then head to facebook marketplace and make a listing with the item in it but charge a bit more. So you make a profit. Then when someone purchases the item from facebook you take their shipping information in etsy so they ship the item straight to the customer.

Got a link here to check a. great quick read on places to make money online. Should check it out it’s really good read about more places for writers to submit their article to companies and get paid. Places I never mentioned. HERE is the link for that. 

How about making your own fonts? Have you done that before or tried that before? I have heard of it just never knew where to make them or sell them til now. One site use to ne paintfont.com but that is no longer the name of the site. Calligraphr is the new site. They have a free membership that is limited like most. But you can sell them at Creativemarket. Looks like you can sell them for a nice price also. Seeing most in the 30s. Looks like good money could be made doing this.

premium ad

This video just shows you how to make a premium ad on this site. Instant AdPower. I love the site. If you are a free member you do have to wait five or four days in between mailings. But the return I get back from each is just amazing. Each one is counted as a referral so I get paid just the same. Days I send out mail I can get back almost 70 people alone. I had 100 people one day all just from the mail return.

I would brag if I didn’t believe it was that good and worth it. It will really help you boost your visitors. In time you can get more than free mail every few days. They do a lot of promotions that help you get more types of ads.

It is a ad viewing type of service or mail viewing in this case. Get points for each mail you view. It does get boring but just remember, it is for your blog to boost the visitors and views. Give the free a try and see if it is something you might like. Here

banner ad

This next one is from a different site and to put a banner ad up. For any banner you need to find the size the require from what site your making it for. Then do custom size in Canva. I don’t know if you know but Canva does everything even the free plan.

AdExchange Team is the next site and I show you where to put each link. You need a Https:// for your banner so that is why i get the link from secure banner. Any questions feel free to ask in the comments. Hope I walked you through so it is understandable.

This is just like doing any email ad. You ad your link in the proper place and put a ad in the body explaining what you want the person to do. I have even just added links to this blog and explained what I write about. That was all I had in my ad. I had a lot of visitors to my blog with that ad alone.

I was going to do a regular email ad for you but I thought with this you should get the drift and me explaining it. These are honestly the best sites and will help with your views and visits. Plus with World Profit exchange I am not up to 100 visitors a day. 2.6 a month. I’m doing something right. The number goes up every single day. I am sharing with you what has gotten me to where I am at now. With the ads and you… My blog is flourishing. Thank you for that. I had already been determined not to give up and see this all the way through.

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

Always told myself I won’t stop til I can make some money online and do it everyday to bring in an income to help my husband. Getting closer to that goal more each day.

Hope this helps you get a better understanding on how to do ads on these types of sites. There are so many out there that starting on this one is something you don’t have to do , if you have your own site. If not this is a good as place as any to start. Most the sites also walk you through what to do also.

Have any questions leave me a comment. I got tons of packing to do with one day left before I move. I may not be able to get on and do a full post but I will come and say hi when I am able.

Have a great day or night. Please stay safe.