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I have been in this group on Facebook called “Mothers Helping Mothers” and they asked our hobbies etc. things that could help other mothers. And of course I really could help with hats, scarves  and well basically anything. So I made a post and showed a cpl hats that I did for family for Christmas and one hat was a big hit. Made me super happy to know that ppl like my work and some parents need hats for their little ones. 

Well yesterday I met one of the mothers and gave her the hat. She gave me a little back story of why she having a hard time. And wow. I know I’m not in the best position myself but I am doing better then she. From the sounds of it. Even not just financially. She had a lot on her plate financially as well as emotionally with three little ones to for through the hard time with her. Made me feel good to help her with the hat. But only made the hat feel like a small thing compared to her big situation. So after I finish the other orders I think I will make more hats scarves, and whatever else I can whip up kind of fast for her and give her a big basket full of things for her and her children. 

Think this is something more of us should be doing. And those who don’t and don’t have a lot like me…. Even just the smallest thing helps. This hat only felt small because Iam able to give more crochet items. I couldn’t do cash but I can do crochet items for them. And know that every little bit helps. Seen that yesterday. Made me feel super great inside. 

I have never gave to charity since I haven’t had much myself. Once I move out by my hubby then things  will be better financially and I will be able to make my own craft room….… super duper excited about that. Pictures will come. But that won’t be for another at least 7-8 months. Maybe a little less. Just waiting for my lease to end here and him to move into the new house his boss bought for us to live in. New journey for me. Can’t wait. But that will be for another day. 

Bottom line please everyone remember charity…. Even the smallest of thing helps someone. 

Crochet hat

I got the pattern from http://www.yarnspirations.com called Bernat easy crochet hat. 

I was never good at the seam but after redoing it and redoing it over and over about ten times I finally figured out something that worked for me. 

At the end of each row before finishing the last stitch. Leaving two strands on and add other color finishing off that stitch. And instead of joining or changing one any of that. I just single crocheted new color in the next stitch. The row below should be the new color. Did that each row and didn’t make any seam in the hat or any colors out of order. 

Hopefully that helps and you can understand that. Know most crocheters should least not beginners should understand but always here for any questions and I’ll answer them the best that I can. 😘