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Really good traffic post tomrrow

tons of traffic

Sorry I just finished the research for tomorrows post. I did want to get it out today but it’s been a long day. Rain on and off all day so had real spotty internet. Did not get a lot of research done with that happening.

Still shooting my everyday post out the window. Had my grandson here all weekend and I can not even have five seconds peace so hard to do research that way. So I will still do my best on posting as much as I can, maybe everyday was a little over the top for me. I don’t know how parents with little ones can blog. That has to be very hard. Maybe between naps, my little guy don’t always take naps.

Well either way you know you will always get a few posts a week from me no matter what. I tried more but I only felt it was taking from the quality of my posts and I never would want to do that to you.

Tomorrow I really got a great post for you. Traffic is always a big one for all of us. I had found a few new ones. Discuss a few old ones too with a different look at them. Have you ever heard of torrent marketing or blog carnival? If you haven’t going to learn a couple new traffic forms tomorrow. I am looking forward to letting you know about one of them so we all can give it a try.

So this is just a drop in to say hello again and hope all is doing well. Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

5 short clips for today


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♬ Campus – Vampire Weekend

Share with someone who you think will like this and rest of my posts. Stay safe.


New webinar Monday 11th

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A little hi and a kind of go over past posts

Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com

Just a hi hope all is going well with you today. Fall has hit us all the leaves have changed colors. Lived out here so long didn’t think of taking a picture of all the pretty colors around my house. Half the leaves have already fallen so to late for that one sorry. Plan on having this blog for a long time to come so next year I will try and get a good color post.

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Check out the video here to check out adchiever. I love the site. Give my blog a boost of views and visitors every so often.

Here is a ad for Worldprofit. I mentioned them before. 50,000 visitors to your blog, site or links.

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This last one is like adchiever, just get more return back from the email you send out. Least I do. Depends what you send in your email and if people are interested in clicking. This has a downfall for the free version. You can only email once every five days. I chose to pay the 8 dollars helps so much the site has so much to offer. So worth it for 8 bucks. Not that you need to. Do what you feel right doing. Took me a while before I started paying that 8 bucks… not sure why for that cheap amount.

Join InstantAdPower.com

Has so many extras and promos too. Activity points you can trade in for email sending points or different ads. Login page ads, Power ads, Full page ads, text ads. To much to mention. Just sites I really love besides the one I always talk about. OLSP

OLSP is the easiest money making affiliate site. I tried so many and this is the only one I got return back. They have lives almost every week as you see to help you make that money. No more getting back with people if you don’t want to. No more auto-responders. They do so much check them out when you can.

Well that’s it for tonight. Just a little recap. Maybe I can recap on other things I use in a later post. Anything your interested knowing more about feel free to message me. Have a great day or night. Stay safe.

1 helpful SEO site and 2 moneymaker sites

I hope all is well with everyone today. I already messed up wanting to post everyday. I still will try to post as much as I can. I just don’t want to come on with a hello and a good-bye. I want to have a little something meaningful to say. So please forgive a few missing days, still will try my best. Let’s take a look into these sites I have for you today.

SEO in scrabble tilesPhoto by FreeBoilerGrants on Pexels.com

Let’s start with the SEO one. It is really more software than a site. You still need the site to look at all the data compiled from what it looks like. I read it was also geared more toward ecommerce. So not sure if it will work for our blogs, think it could. Helps with everything from the looks of it all needed from our blogs too.

Screpy is the name of the site. No affiliate link here, just straight to the site. This is free like most of the things online with limitations. The bigger your business grows then the more you need from these sites. Then you have to start paying.

It help’s you to get ahead. Make advertisements, and product promotions in one go. Has many add-ons to make this super easy. You an advertise on social media or any site. It says its possible to add numerous products that will be displayed on numerous platforms.

  • easy to install. Can use the software smoothly
  • If you code(you don’t need to be a coder) you can make improvements to the platform through it’s PHP based and MYSQL-based coding.
  • Can add unlimited products, which means no restrictions and you can add products freely.
  • Accounting integrations you can work in harmony with accounting systems. Which means you have a variety of opportunities besides it comes with a feature that makes your easier with its compatible structure.
  • And thanks to the wide variety of modules you can offer visitors easy navigation and enjoyable shopping experience.

The next one I want to talk to you about is one I have mentioned a lot before. Just another way to make money with it. Youtube. I don’t know if I had let you know about shorts. You don’t have to wait for the watch time now. With shorts you can add as many shorts and use affiliate links, make money that way. However that way you will not get paid advertising. Take forever to get the watch time in but maybe not subscribers.

There is a different way I got for you still. Where you can make your own videos and not copy other videos or anything like that. You can get your videos from pexels.com or sites like that, with royalty free videos, or pictures if you want to put a lot of pictures together. Look up motivational videos on pexels, or what site you choose to use. Then go to archive.org download royalty free audio. Look up motivational audio there also. Then you can go to Openshot, which is a free video editor. Put the video and audio together. Then upload it to YouTube. Once I move I will be trying out shorts or this one. I also like the meditation ones you can upload. The meditation ones are usually a few hours long. The longer the better, least that is what seems most popular. Would be real easy to get that watch time in. Most people fall asleep to them type of videos. Will get that ad revenue fast.


This is another site and when I looked it up said it was legit. I read one main site that has no steered me wrong yet for legit sites. This site reminds me of the site that made the choice for me to help people out so they also wouldn’t get screwed over by these fake survey sites. This is just how this one looks but people say they are getting paid.

Surveyj you get 40 dollars just for signing up for the site. Really and they have a lot of extras that are quit challenging but they give you big bucks for doing 10 surveys and more. Really good survey and offer site. All from your mobile phone. Apps to download and get paid for. All things we are doing already, well some of us. Give it a try make some money with me.


Hope you made it to the crypto live, got a new one coming up tomorrow. Make money in a completely different way.

October 6 at 3:00 pm BST CLICK HERE

This is London time so please make sure you look up your local time for this, sounds like its going to be a good one.

10 keyword Search tools for SEO and long-lasting organic traffic

the letters seo in gold with a mouse

With all the talk of SEO thought I would give you a good list of places to go to look up keywords for your blogs. Well don’t have to be just for blogs. Links for affiliate products and Youtube videos, Website. Anything online that you want traffic to. Can check out my SEO post here and I have another here, if you want more SEO information.

This is the best way to get organic traffic. Most of these sites tell you how hard it is to get rank from the keyword and number of people that searched for that keyword. This is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site.

If someone is searching how to make blueberry pancakes. Good keyword(s) for your site is what…. blueberry pancakes. That is what they are searching so you want them keywords so they find you. lets get on this long list.

Keyword Generator is from ahrefs and this is a excellent site. I watch a lot of his videos on youtube. With the keyword generator you can choose where your results come from. Google, Bing, Youtube, and Amazon. In the results give you different rank in Google, volume of people that searched that keyword, and last time that was updated, so you know how accurate volume and rank are at that moment. It also gives you questions that were asked with that keyword.

Ubersuggest, which is from neil patel. I love the site he has so much to offer and his podcast. A lot of my information I get from his podcast. This has the same results as keyword generator almost. SEO difficulty plus a couple other things are a little different with the results, but not to much difference between the two.

SemRush keyword magic tool: Hope by now some of you know about how good semrush is. Has so much to offer. They have a paid and free version. You only get a few free searches a month. Has the same results as keyword generator. Volume searched, difficulty to rank and how hard it is to compete doing paid traffic with the keyword.

semrush keyword magic tool

Questiondb uses reddit and quora plus more sites to get it’s results for keywords. You don’t even need an account to search here. Unlimited searches and you can also download your results.

Moz keyword explorer: Gives you the same answers as the last sites. This one only gives you 10 searches a month.

Google: think we all know what Google can do for us. Once you type in the word you will get suggestions of what other people ask for using that word. You can also scroll down to the section “People also ask” you will get more suggestions what people are asking with that keyword.

Google Trends: I mentioned this before and it helps with your keyword search by telling you how many people have searched for that particular word.

keyworddit uses reddit to get it’s results. This one is better to use with other keyword search tools. Can get a little different result when you use this in combination with other tools and will only help with your keyword search.

Keyword sheeter gets it’s its results from google. This one is great to help with blog topic but it is very limited with it’s free version.

Answer the public: I mentioned this before, this is a great site. Helps so much with our blogs in many ways. Put it one or two words and what country and language you want your results. Gives you instant search into the direct minds of our customers. Discover a goldmine of ideas. Answer the public ensures that it’s as optimized and targeted as much as possible, when it comes to writing content. With our content and answer the public search listing tool, it’s easy to grow our businesses.

So hope this list helps you find the best keyword search tool for you. So many out there and can even use some together. To get multiple answers to know your getting the best answers possible to help with your SEO. None of these are affiliate links just links to some of these sites.

Good luck and hope this gets you further in learning and doing SEO. Want all of you to get free organic traffic to your blogs. Have yourself a great day or night and please… stay safe.

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9 amazing things to do while writing a blog post to get it to rank

This goes hand in hand with my last post. This one has more to do with while writing the things you should do. The last one was more about after your done writing and before you hit publish.

It would be great to add these two together as a all together way to get the best post possible. I hope that between the two, that is exactly what this does for you.

colorful google letters
  1. Use Headers: In the headers is where you use your keywords. I read from a popular blog that when writing your heading use Heading 2 as your title and heading 3 as your introduction to your post. This can include a affiliate link because some people don’t make it to the bottom of your post.( I had to learn this myself)
  2. Always try to include at least 1 photo in your post. When picking out an image it is kind of common sense to get a image that fits your post also. Why write about food and post pictures of circus animals. Your readers would be lost to why that picture is there.
download images

  1. Try and write short sentences. When writing your paragraphs try to make them only 2-3 sentences long. A lot of people are on cellphones nowdays and anymore than that, will be a huge paragraph on a cellphone.
  2. Number and bullet lists are easy for people to skim through. Most readers just like to skim through the content. Reading it all comes after skimming, If they like what they skimmed through, then it tends to get read all the way through.
Hemingway app
  1. Use the hemingway app to help with grammer. Also helps make shorter and much more easier to read sentences. Sometimes I know I do it, write and forget a period or comma. Then my words are one long hard to read sentece. The hemingway app is something I use almost every single time.
  2. Don’t forget your backlinks and internal links. Like in the last post here, explains how much this can help with SEO to link to popular blogs. Google likes to see that your connecting to other popular blogs. Great with your rank.
  3. You need to solve a problem in your post. Start out with a question that your asking or aiming toward answering for your audience. Make sure you answer this throughout your blog post.
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

  1. Your post length does not have to be over 1,000 words long. Yes it does help and looks good to Google. Just sometimes you need to write for your audience not Google.
  2. Struggling with what to post. We all as writers come up with a blank mind at times. A good idea to help with this is. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Within that time, write down a bunch of topics, thoughts, anything that just comes to mind. None of it is stupid. Even that one you think might be stupid, could make for a excellent blog post.

Yes, number 9 may not help get you that ranking post. Just a little help with what to write, just as this whole list has that same idea. The other ones should help you rank in Google in time. It does take time for Google to notice you. So please do not get upset if you don’t see this helps the day after you post it.

I am still learning some of these things. Google changes what it decides on how things will rank and its rules. Think this is the reason things take a bit to rank.

Besides Pexels, do you know other places you can download free images for your blog? I got a couple here for you so you can have some great photos for your blog

Hope that helps you get some quality photos for your blog or site or to use on your landing pages. Hope this gets you a great blog post in conjunction with the last post.

I will be getting some more downloads for you soon. So if you are looking for any type of ebook to help you get ahead, let me know and I will find it for you.

Have yourself a great day or night and please always remember….stay safe!

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Things to do before you hit publish on your post to drive more traffic

I have mentioned a lot of things you can do to drive traffic to your blog. I never mentioned the things you should do before you hit publish to help drive more traffic to your blog. There are a lot of things that you should do to drive organic traffic to your blog, let’s look into a few of them now.

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com
  • Write evergreen content: What I mean by that is, write content that will be always relevant. If someone looks at this post a year or two later, will what you wrote still be true and still work?

Google will look at this as good content. If you can go to the article a year or two later and people still get value from that same article.

  • Interlink your articles: Meaning try to make it like a domino effect throughout your whole blog. After writing an article, try to get a link to an old post you made. If that post you linked to has a link to another post and it keeps linking more posts. The longer they stay on your site, the better it looks to Google.
  • Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly: That is self-explanatory. If you are on WordPress, it is already optimized for mobile. Make sure you check where you have your domain if it is also optimized for mobile.
  • Use a theme that is responsive: meaning a theme that loads fast. It also is responsive when opened by the reader and ready to go when the reader is ready.
  • Write unique content: The more unique your content is, the more people will want to read it. The reader will be glad they are not reading what they have already read on someone else’s blog. Even if it is slightly the same, try to make it a little different. Make the content you, if that makes sense.
  • Write longer content: Think this is also self-explanatory. I have been listening to some podcasts that mentioned this a little differently. It does not always have to be long content. Also don’t always write for google, SEO, keywords, etc. Leads to this next one.
  • Write for your audience: As I said, don’t always write for google. Look up see the questions your audience is asking. So that is what you can make a post about.
  • Use backlink: which is linking to other sites. Not any site. Vert popular sites( high domain authority) and that will raise your domain authority.
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

That is all for the things before you hit publish. After you publish there are so many ways to get traffic and I have a few posts on that if you want to check one out right here. Or this post on targeted traffic hereTo get traffic don’t forget to promote a lot on your social media. That will help drive the traffic to want to come read your posts. If you make pins for Pinterest using Canva, I read that you should make three pins per blog post. If that is something you do, don’t forget to use tailwind. Best app ever to boost traffic from Pinterest.The most I use tailwind the more traffic I see a boost on my blog and on my Pinterest account. Join me on tailwind here to get 15 dollar credit for tailwind pro. That’s all for today’s post, hope you get a lot of value from these posts I had for you lately. Put them all together and you should be able to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Hope you do get a lot of traffic. Have a great day or night and please stay safe.

Just a small post today about massive traffic to your blog, or links

I might have talked about this before. I want to let you know that this site is 100% legit. They deliver 50,000 visitors to any website. They have link rotators for your affiliate links. Plus so much more. They also give a lot of other little goodies away. Once I had found out what a great job they were producing with the free 50,000 visitors I had to purchase from the site. I see they actually follow through with what they say.


This is a screenshot of my analytics for the past month almost. I had almost received 800 for the month just from world profit. These are real people, not the hit exchanges. I have been on the site for a while now but never set up my analytics for a while and it took a few months to pile enough data for anything on my site. Now I finally have enough data to show you how well this site works. I might have hit 1000 if I would have been on top of it and not let it stop it could of keep going and bringing the visitors to my site. You have to log in every three days on the Worldprofit site or they will pause your ad. If you wait too long they will stop your ad completely.

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The site has someone on the chat all the time if you are from any other country and need help, there is always someone there to ask questions too. You can even see who your speaking to. They will speak back your answer rather than type it, I think. I see and hear them talking alot . I just had not had to ask a question yet.

MLM Gateway

One more site I want to let you know about is MLM Gateway. It is a place you advertise your business or blog or whatever you want to advertise. Everytime you make a new announcement your account gets credited 5 credits. If your not a upgraded member you use these credits to become partners without members that want to join your business. I am still working out all the details, one thing I have relaized is it is a great way to advertise.

Each time I make an announcment I get at least five or more people to want to join me. I advertise a link not my blog so much but I will once I get more of a feel for the site. Have been on the site a short time and seen my clicks to my link go up and I have had almost 10 people want to join my partnership.

So check it out if you looking to drive a little more traffic to your link, or site. I have seen the benefits and would not recommend anything that has not helped me. If it has not helped me I would never suggest it.

So like I had mentioned it’s a short one tonight. I had a busy last few days with my grandson. So sorry for the late and little post. When I get the time I put more posts out when I’m able as you see. That’s all for today have yourself a great day or night. Stay safe.

NCPMOBILE App earn for shopping


Take a look at NCPMobile. It’s a free app that you use to turn your shopping trips into rewards. Use NCPMobile to answer questions about the items you purchase and you’ll get reward points that you can redeem for great gifts. You’ll also gain access to surveys and sweepstakes that will earn you even more points!

Use my referral code, 4AD27C, during signup and you’ll get 1000 points just for starting.

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Best app ever. I have gotten over 100 bucks just for scanning my groceries, my gas, my food purchases. All of it just scan and get points to spend on so many things. Love the app it’s great.