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Great Passive Income Ideas

passive income written on a chalkboard
Passive Income written on a chalkboard

I have talked about passive income a few times on my blog. There are so many ways that you can have passive income coming in. We will talk about some of them today.

What I have been learning from all the rich entrepreneurs that you should have many income sources coming in. Never depend on just one. If that one fails than you have others to fall back on to help pay your bills. I agree with this 100%. Let’s look into a few sources today.

I have talked about selling digital products a few times. I am trying to work on my own digital product to sell, but that takes time. That is the real definition of passive income. Doing the work up front then your able to sit back and collect that passive income. No matter what it is you want to do for passive income. All requires upfront work to be done to reap the rewards later. Just like with our blogs.

To know what to make for your digital product that is easy. You want to find out look at the pull down menu on the left and do research. You can narrow down your search to the product and lets say you want it to be something very popular. So you want to see which ones have 200,000 downloads or more. Once you narrow down your search you should be able to find out the most sold items and that will tell you what you need to make for your digital product.

If you don’t have any digital product or don’t know how to make a digital product then there are many you can choose from online. They are called PLR products. However you can not just download a PLR and upload it. This is where you need to use a little of your own creativity and change the e-book or what ever you have downloaded and make it your own. Each page should be changed, just use that as a guide, an idea of what to write or what direction to go with the ebook that you make your own out of that plr product.

Medium is another great way to make passive income. This one is just like your blog and you need to put the work up front. I already made more money on there than my blog. Medium pays month after month for things I wrote a few months ago. As long as your stories are still getting read then your income will still be rolling in. Update with a new story and there are you if the story is liked, passive income after that. Just like I said, need upfront work to get that passive income. Please come join me read the stories I have written. I write more personal stories there that happened in my life. All true stories. Join me here. There are a lot of good stories about making money on there also. All in all great place to read and learn and make money.

Next one I think a lot of us know very well… Making a blog. This is highly passive after time. I know this one does take time before it starts to bring money in a passive way. But after a while you may only need to blog once a month if you want or maybe once a year. It is all on you when the money from all your past posts just starts rolling in and you don’t really have to do a thing. Just make sure your doing SEO so your posts can be found for a long time with the words they are searching are the words in your post.

Royalties, I didn’t know this, did you know that you can buy royalties to songs or books and everytime the book or some makes money so do you. I just realized such a thing existed. I heard of royalties of course, from your own book or song. Just never knew you could purchase the royalties from someone else’s things. Guess it would be no different then buying a steak in a company.

Few ways to make passive money offline but you can make it partially online. Let’s start with renting out a space. You can advertise your space online weather it is a room you want to advertise on airbnb or rent out your garage. There are always people who need extra storage space.

How about start a store and sell items that you will purchase from china and sell for the normal prices here in the usa. All you have to do is add the shipping information or send your item to amazon and they do the shipping. All sort of different ways you could do this one from what I have been seeing.

Well that is all for this post today. I am going to listen to Mike Vestils webinar. If you want to learn to make money I suggest you join his webinar he has them I think everyday. He says he has a 62 year old woman went from zero to 160 grand from this method. Go to his blog and you can see all the ways to make money on his site and find out when the next webinar is, and sign up for the one you’re able to be in.

That is it for today. Gonna get into this webinar that has already started. Happy Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating. Have a great day or night and please…stay safe.

NCPMOBILE App earn for shopping


Take a look at NCPMobile. It’s a free app that you use to turn your shopping trips into rewards. Use NCPMobile to answer questions about the items you purchase and you’ll get reward points that you can redeem for great gifts. You’ll also gain access to surveys and sweepstakes that will earn you even more points!

Use my referral code, 4AD27C, during signup and you’ll get 1000 points just for starting.

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Best app ever. I have gotten over 100 bucks just for scanning my groceries, my gas, my food purchases. All of it just scan and get points to spend on so many things. Love the app it’s great.

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Can Freelance cover the bills the stimulus can’t?

Lets look into some ways to do Freelancing to pay the bills.

So I learned some new things about freelance work today. Learned the easy way to do things and still get that big pay that they want to pay or if you do have a little experience, what you can charge. So have you have thought of looking into freelancing see if there was anything you could possibly do on the sites. What sites do you know of for freelance work? I have a couple if you don’t know any. Upwork.com is a really popular one, all the videos I watch on making money, I have heard that mentioned a lot of times. Guru.com, and latium.org. Three places to get you started and I’m sure you could google more. But now that we got a few places lets look into the easy way to do things.

old man giving you easy made money

So if someone wants something translated, I think you already have used what I’m about to tell you…. google translate. It will translate any language you need, and does much better then it was years ago. I don’t speak Spanish but I can have a full conversation with my husbands family in Mexico using google translate. So yes it works very well. Then lets so you see someone who wants a logo made for their website. Well do what most none technical people use, freelogodesign.com. The site gives you all the things you need to make a logo with most it there done for you just add it together to make what you want. Just type in your niche or what they are asking for and bunch of pictures will pop up for you to use. Super simple. Then how about someone wants something written like a blog post, well you don’t even have to write it at all and you will still get paid. Google whatever it is they are asking you to write about and find the perfect site that has everything or get bits and pieces from different sites if you want. Then go to the site spinbot.com it will rearrange all the words to make a whole new readable article so you don’t get plagiarism with your article.

So that will be all for this one next one I got a bit to let you know about making notebook or short books to sell and make money with. Can easily make big money just making a bunch of notebooks to sell on kindle direct publishing. So hope this all was some value to someone out there and hope it helps make a little money to cover the bills the stimulus won’t be enough to cover. Last thing please do not forget to come join me and make the money I’m making then these little side hustles will be for someone else not you anymore when you start making 6 figure income from affiliate marketing with me. Free training in this program and most the hard work is done for you. Take a look you will not regret it I promise. https://bit.ly/38yOKVr

Is Remote working a good income?

I think that anyone that does remote work can really have a good income from it I just don’t think that you can get high pay from it well least high pay like doing affiliate marketing and freelancing. But with this pandemic is a excellent thing for those who had a career and got laid off remote work can help cause possibly you could find what you were doing and get back to work. As I said in the last blog I would let you know some remote sites for everyone who is interested in that type of work so I really hope I bring some value to someone with this.

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

First one I would like to let you know about is weworkremotely.com has a lot of jobs has more tech jobs but there is still more then that just more tech then other jobs. Remoteok.io has a lot of any type of job for working remotely but the only way this one differs from the rest is it helps you move and work abroad if you want to move this could be just what your looking for. Nodesk.co, workew.com all are basically the same type of the other remote jobs online so not to much different to explain then the others. But I only mention to give you more value so incase the other sites don’t have just what your looking for maybe one of these other sites do.

I do think that if you want to make more money working online my opinion you can’t get it doing remote work, freelancing is where you can make the pay you want and there is no cap on your salary, you decide on what you get paid. But if you feel you don’t have enough skill for what you want to do for a freelance job then I think a good option is udemy.com and skillshare they both got courses you can take you can take to up your game on whatever skill it is you have or even want to do.

Really should build up your resume for freelance work and also if you do have different skillsets your should change your resume to match what job your going for not have things on there that most likely won’t matter to the person looking at your resume they only concerned with the type of job they want you to do.

So this is all I have for you today and I really hope that this is some value to someone and really helps you out. Now if you want to make big money with absolutely no cap the money can just keep coming and coming and coming join me for some free training. Learn affiliate marketing and have the work done for you if you have no clue where to start this is the place for you. Please take a look and encourage you to get the program it will change your life as it is changing mine every single day.

Well have a absolutely amazing day, evening.. whenever your reading this and please even though things are looking way better out there do not jump the gun to quick take things slow… stay safe.

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Love to make that side-money.

So sorry it’s been so long. I was busy with the holidays of course. I didn’t do anything big. But spoiled my only grandson who is 19 months( little over a year and a half) and could actually enjoy opening his own presents this year. boy did he have fun. Got super spoiled by my house then my daughter went to her dads side of the family and even though they never spoiled her as a baby they sure spoiled him. He is one spoiled little monster too. 😂❤️❤️


But after that I started searching and getting on sites that pay for you guys well and myself super happy that this year. With the surveys I have taken and one other site I have been apart of for years I forgot to mention I was able to buy my hubby a gift. Otherwise I’d have to usually have my daughter help me. And happy I could do it myself this year.

I have been apart of National Consumer Panel for almost three years maybe now. And it is a pain in the butt but they offer many good things. In drawings win a lot of money every week and every quarter. All you do is scan your groceries and take surveys sometimes a little more few different tasks like record you meds you get weekly. I don’t understand that one though. I get my monthly and don’t most people? So half time time I have to put down no Rx this week. But overall it’s a awesome site and you can take your points get e-cards or can order from their catalog.

I didn’t sign up for every site I ran into like minefield online in the reviews we not real promising. First big letters when googled. Says it is a legit company but hard to qualify for surveys and even harder to get paid. Well I’m looking to get paid quickly or today and I found one that pays that very same day. SurveyJunkie and as little as five bucks you can cash out to your PayPal. So I made five bucks which took all day but that was on me I took the lower paying quick surveys but I get to distracted when I try to do them long ones and usually so bored I don’t finish. When I cashed out it said it could take up to two hours to get to PayPal. Went to check my PayPal and it was there immediately 😁. So even though it may take me a little bit but I love that aspect of it.

As u see 20 minutes for 65 cents. I wouldn’t mind taking some them long ones but they take a lot longer then they claim. I actually did a half hour long one on lifepoints only because it was 300 points. And it took way longer then a half hour. I did not time it but I swear it was almost a hour smh. But I stuck through that one. I really think lifepoints is my favorite just wish the money came quicker. Takes almost a full 7 days. I was cashing out just at ten on life points and soon as it finally got to my PayPal I was ready to cash out again.

Pointclub I think is just terrible. When I was trying to do the profile in the very beginning I had gotten kicked out and not allowed to finish but they said it was my fault. Happened twice. And now I tried over 7 times and not qualified for one survey even ones they sent me in my email. So that one is nothing but a waste of time to me.

I signed up for yougov but I haven’t got back to know how well it is and if I can get paid so that one I’ll have to get back to you on.

Surveytime was the same as pointclub took forever to qualify and when I did they claim I was going to fast and that exact time they said that I was getting ready and I read the question left the room for a minute or two and came back the screen was black opened the screen double read it and chose my answer not fast at all but they disqualified me for going to fast 😂 so I didn’t go back on that site anymore.

But that is all I have for now. Takes time to do surveys til I get a payment so I hope you guys understand. Anything you want me to check out feel free to let me know I’ll take a look for you. Hope everyone had a safe New Year and are keeping themselves safe through this pandemic 😷 have a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping by til the next one ♥️❤️