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Night off of work to get money

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Winnings from Solitaire Cash app. 5 dollars made 50 dollars

5 ways to get paid to play games on your smartphone

If you like to play games and need a little extra cash then i got some tips for you. Play these games and get some cash or gift cards in your pocket today.

Hope reading this will help you make some cash and I think I thought of something for a wide range of people so should be a app for you on here too that could make you a little side cash but just remember this are just side cash it is not intended to make you rich.

Mistplay Is the loyalty program for gamers. They only do points for gift cards though not straight cash. But the gift cards can be like cash if you were looking to buy something at a certain store. You can earn achievements for completing missions. Discover new games, make new friends. Win weekly prizes like ps systems and so much more. But one major downfall for Iphone lovers like myself…. this app is only for android in the google play store.


But My favorite alternative is Money app, this app is for both android and iphone. You also get straight cash to your paypal within three days.this app has been one of my go tos always to make some cash. For money app all you have to do is play a game to a certain level. As soon as you reach that level, you should receive a notification saying you got your credits. Yes hearing credits sometimes makes people frown over that word. But the credits here are not hard to accumulate to cash out at the lowest level of five dollars.

The next app gonna let you know about is Swagbucks Live: which is a trivia game that goes on everyday. You get asked 10 questions everyday and you need to answer all ten to win the grand prize. If you miss one question you get kicked out the game for that day. You also have only ten seconds to answer the question and if you go over the time limit you get kicked out. If you do make it kind of far in the trivia then you will least get points for how far you had gotten. If there is more then one person that wins the grand prize then it will be spilt between the winners. That amount could be 1000 all the way up to 1500. Here are the links for each device, Swagbucks Live Android Then here is the one for Iphone which I found to be odd that Iphone site said 17+. I could not find that to be anywhere on the android site unless I had missed it somewhere.


Bananatic is only on tablet or computer or laptop of course. This is geared more toward gamers, the prizes are more what gamers would like. Headsets, xbox live gift cards, computer mouse and things of that nature. The goal on the site is to play games and give your honest review of the game and then you will receive banana points. Then you can redeem the banana points for those items I mentioned plus more. But still seems like it could be a fun free site to play games.

On that same topic of being a game tester. I got another one for you that actually pays you cash to play and give honest feedback. You have to record yourself while you play. So if during game play if something is hard or easy you can say it out loud. You get paid around ten dollars per game that you test but you only get one or two games per week. It is not something you can make a living off of. Can play this one your computer, laptop and smartphones. Here is the link for android Playertestcloud is the name of this app, then the iphone link is here.


Then next is verydice here I left the link to the website then you can decide where you want to go from there. Iphone, Android, computer or laptop or tablet. As it says on the first page of the site, you roll the dice, you win tickets for real stuff. Must be pretty great game has almost 5 star review and 27 thousand reviews.

Can Freelance cover the bills the stimulus can’t?

Lets look into some ways to do Freelancing to pay the bills.

So I learned some new things about freelance work today. Learned the easy way to do things and still get that big pay that they want to pay or if you do have a little experience, what you can charge. So have you have thought of looking into freelancing see if there was anything you could possibly do on the sites. What sites do you know of for freelance work? I have a couple if you don’t know any. Upwork.com is a really popular one, all the videos I watch on making money, I have heard that mentioned a lot of times. Guru.com, and latium.org. Three places to get you started and I’m sure you could google more. But now that we got a few places lets look into the easy way to do things.

old man giving you easy made money

So if someone wants something translated, I think you already have used what I’m about to tell you…. google translate. It will translate any language you need, and does much better then it was years ago. I don’t speak Spanish but I can have a full conversation with my husbands family in Mexico using google translate. So yes it works very well. Then lets so you see someone who wants a logo made for their website. Well do what most none technical people use, freelogodesign.com. The site gives you all the things you need to make a logo with most it there done for you just add it together to make what you want. Just type in your niche or what they are asking for and bunch of pictures will pop up for you to use. Super simple. Then how about someone wants something written like a blog post, well you don’t even have to write it at all and you will still get paid. Google whatever it is they are asking you to write about and find the perfect site that has everything or get bits and pieces from different sites if you want. Then go to the site spinbot.com it will rearrange all the words to make a whole new readable article so you don’t get plagiarism with your article.

So that will be all for this one next one I got a bit to let you know about making notebook or short books to sell and make money with. Can easily make big money just making a bunch of notebooks to sell on kindle direct publishing. So hope this all was some value to someone out there and hope it helps make a little money to cover the bills the stimulus won’t be enough to cover. Last thing please do not forget to come join me and make the money I’m making then these little side hustles will be for someone else not you anymore when you start making 6 figure income from affiliate marketing with me. Free training in this program and most the hard work is done for you. Take a look you will not regret it I promise. https://bit.ly/38yOKVr

What are the best online hustles?

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Hope that everyone is doing well today. Hope your ready to make some money today I know I am. Always ready to make that cash. got a couple sites for you today and just one survey site. Been coming to realize that even though survey sites are a good little side hustle but it sure won’t make you rich and I think even doing a lot be hard to pay that rent or car note. I think it could be done just be a lot of work like any other job out there, but like I had mentioned before at least this one you are your own boss, set your own hours and you can lay in your bed and do this no fighting traffic or anything like that. I think some jobs can be like your back in high school. There is always that one group that are always mean and even as grown folks they just don’t want to grow up…. I can stay home and deal without that extra stress.

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Genius.com and its transcribing music and get paid any where from 15-30 dollars per hour. Can add old songs the site does not have, correct song lyrics that may not be correct. If you are really knowledgeable on a particular artist you can write a bio a few paragraphs on them. So many different ways to contribute on this site that if music is something you love… this just might be just what your looking for.

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Instagc.com is a paid to do website. This one is like some of the other sites I have mentioned in the past. It has it all, surveys, watch videos, download apps and the list goes on. I personally have not signed up for this one yet my mind right now is focused on my affiliated marketing. Once I get going on that I will take you through all I have done step by step with that but it is going slow I’m not a huge sales person so I’m learning as I go. But in my downtime I think this is a site I really might look into. I already have a app that I get paid to download games and get paid. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it in another blog in the past but just in case you missed it Money App. They have it for IOS and android so should have no problem with either phone you have. I don’t think it can go on a pc but never looked into that. I am having a few problems with that app at the moment. All of a sudden they want advertising id to get your points that may have not automatically come on to your account once you get to the level they want or task they want. Well IOS I can’t get the id they want its hidden on iphone and I have downloaded each app they recommend and it only comes up as all zeros. So kind of upset that its 50 dollars I just missed out on because they want that, I can understand otherwise how else can they prove things but you can’t even email them show them a picture of proof. So mainly I’m just a$$ed out. But it is a very good app I had made quit a bit of money from them already and any other time I was missing points I had no problem getting them til they started this ad id.

Last thing is one survey site I did jump on and take a look at and liked it. Branded Surveys I didn’t paid yet but it does seem like it can be a fast payment, just with working on ads for my affiliated marketing and trying to post my link in the proper places so I don’t get banned from sites is a lot to work on but once I get the hang of it I will be able to put some time into that and into taking some surveys too. I think I might make a e-book into all I have been learning on all the sites I have been on and all the lessons I have learned along the way and know I got a lot more to learn so I know I could make a e-book full of value.

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Well I hope that this helped someone out there, next time I looked into a few remote job sites that could help anyone that had a great job with skill and got laid off from this pandemic these sites can help you get back to your job remotely, so that will be next post along with more value that will hopefully help someone out there. Thanks for reading stay healthy.