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Want loads of Traffic? Here are 5 of the best free traffic sites

Different ways to get traffic to your site

With these sites I have seen the numbers from other sites. People do actually get traffic and affiliate commissions from these free traffic sites. I think paid ads might bring in more because they can be more targeted. The people from these sites are looking to make money just like you usually. So I believe there is some targeted traffic here too.

First site I want to mention is World Profit, the one that has brought in the most traffic to my blog. I posted their ad below to show you everything they offer. I think they explain it all in this ad.

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Click HERE to check the site out get real visitors to your site or links also.


Instantadpower is the next one. I had gotten a lot of return from my solo emails I had sent out here. This has brought better return on any other solo email site. So I highly recommend this one. You will get this when enter your code in promo code area:

enter the code
Read 25 emails
That’ll give you 1000 credits & banner impressions.
Plus you get more after reading more emails and getting so many referrals. Always giving away free credits for your achievements.

You only get to mail every 3-5 days on the free account though which does suck when trying to keep your visitor count high. But In between you got time to read the emails to add the credits to your next mailing.

This is just like instantpower. You get achievements for what you do. As you see from the picture I only need 99 more emails read and I get 700 credits which go for mailing your solo ads to thousands of other people on the site. This allows to to mail every 24 hours though just need to keep them credits high, so keep reading them emails for a few seconds because there are usually over 1000 people to mail to at any given time on this site.

Freeadvertisingforyou when you click this link, it will give you some stats before you sign up. This is my most highly recommended site. I had and still have the most return on my ads to this site. Plus they give away so much to start with wit their free welcome bonuses. One below to give you an idea.
Free welcome bonus: get to choose one of the two both worth 50 dollars in ads
5 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value)
5 468×60 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value)
1 Full Page Surf Ad w/250 Views
1 125×125 Banner Ad w/1000 Impressions
10,000 Bonus Credits
is one of them, Plus like I mentioned you get entered in the daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly drawings. View so many ads to get entered and it has a list of what you need to get so you work for that instead of just thinking boring clicking ads for credits. So least this has more purpose then just credits.

I have told you so much about this site and really recommend this site, you can purchase ads also. They offer so much plus with the giveaways this site is got it all.

Leadsleap is the last one on the list and this has it all for you in one place and most of it free to use. Email list building with auto-responder, page builder, funnel builder, form/pop-up creator, link tracker, link rotator, ad bar(banner ad), Social review(which helps get your site and referral link out there more), image hosting, and ability to earn cash while earning credits for clicking ads.

So hope this list help you get traffic to your blog or links. I know it has helped me a lot. It helped so much I started to add money to get credits and things for these sites. They are so worth it.

Thanks for reading have yourself a great day or night and please stay safe.