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The response has been amazing for traffic to my blog

This site I just tried out for free advertising has been just amazing. Real traffic, real response from my banners and text ad. All for free.

Freeadveringforyou=FAFY for short. You have a chance to win daily just by clicking ads for five seconds. Then that also turns to traffic for your site. Even earn a pro account from your activity. As you see below. Plus click one bonus ad to get 200 points.

Path to pro membership picture

This site gives so much. It’s amazing. I had been on it for a while but tho it by it was like the rest I joined. I do ad after ad to get barley any response. Well this site is different.

Free advertising for you screenshot

As you can see I am getting a good response. I know some is not showing up because my visit count is well past that already.

They are giving away 5 dollars everyday to a member. Plus you can earn and win cash other ways. You can try and win a lifetime diamond membership.

Menu for fafy

Would you like to win a few dollars and get free advertising?

win money everyday

Want everyone to be able to win free money. May not be a lot but it is something that can help anyone. The site has so much more to offer take a look and hopefully you are one of the winners.

If anyone joins and wins please let others know here so they know that we have some winners among us.