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2k traffic to your blog in two weeks, is this possible?

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I saw in a YouTube video, he kind of stumbled on this traffic by accident. He was looking at analytics and looking where his traffic was coming from, only to notice a site he has never heard of before. Never mentioned the name nothing. He couldn’t understand how this site was bringing him traffic. Well once he figured it out and tried this new method out for himself. It brought in over 2 thousand visitors in two weeks.

He found a way to get tons of traffic by promoting to podcasts. You are not going to be going on any podcast, nothing of that sort. You want to find podcasts that are not really popular already, most already have enough content or may just ignore some little person like us. Some of the kind of middle popular podcasters, most likely are looking for content and will welcome content of value you bring to them.

Profit Copilot said there are only three steps to get this going and how he does it, really seems very simple.

  • Find the main topics everyone is talking about or popular topics in your niche. You want the podcaster to want to use your content so you want something that is worth talking about.
  • Once you make a little content on that popular topic. Put your own unique twist, hook, or even just your opinion onto that content.
  • Last you need to promote to these podcasts
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That is basically all there is to it. I will help you a little more with this though. Let’s look into a few places to find some good information.

Feedly.com will help you find curated information all over the internet. Even one you can use now to find your content now, Reddit. Twitter will help you find a lot of info help you put lists for you niche. Buzzfeed has a lot of curated info. That is all they do, so this site could really help you a lot.


Then a good place to find these podcasts is Listen notes. Then once you find the content that you have. And if you feel if you need anymore information on what to write and where to go, just a little more in depth of what I am referring to for this Profit Copilot. Here is the video that I am talking about. He even has the template to use when you want to email these podcasters to see if they will use your content and get your website promoted through them.

Player Fm is another place that you can get podcasts. When message these podcasters do not put in any url anything like that. Your email could get put in the spam folder. The podcaster may not get back to you right away, like Profit Copilot says, they are getting asked day in day out to promote others.

Just like the doing that ten day promoting you need to be consistent with this just like anything else. Only way you will build your traffic up to these levels like he says.

Don’t forget that tomorrow come promote your site. I will have the comment filter taken off so leave your addresses with information for everyone to get to know you a little bit. Thank you Jessica I think is the first site I seen do this. I am not trying to take anyone’s idea just want everyone to get traffic and be able to promote freely. Hoping this will help you guys who really need the help, get some new traffic.

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