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Increase Traffic in 30 days with SEO

I had done an SEO challenge blog post before and I hope some of you have tried to do that at least a bit to help your sites out. I have now found a real 30 day planner for you to try if you want to increase your blog traffic.

SEO in gold lettering
SEO in gold letters

I know I will be doing this. Hope you can join me. How far did you get in the last challenge? Tomorrow would be day 30. Hope that you gotten as far as you could and you had increased your traffic a little bit with that.

This one goes day by day. Tells you one thing to do each day to help with your SEO and it claims your traffic should increase. Let me know if it helps this one or the last one I had you do. This is a great challenge for you. All of us, no matter how much traffic you get now, nothing wrong with more. I will do this and let you know how far I get also.

I am excited to see how much traffic could increase from this. Very curious about who is joining me with this also. Comment before those who are going to join in the new challenge. Here is the SEO 30 day planner. Good luck.

I love posts like this. Helps with our traffic and learn SEO. Things we all really need help with. Stay safe.

More ways to get tons of traffic to your site, in different ways

I have talked about a few of these already but just gonna go over them a little differently than last time to get traffic. Know that traffic is hard for many new bloggers or your links can be extremely hard. I like to share with you what has worked for me so far or a few different ways I have learned in my research. So Let’s get that traffic headed your way with these different ways I found for you.

I know I have talked about this first one a few times already, so don’t go running for the hills once I mention the name. I want to explain a little different way to use this site. YouTube. First, it’s not making videos. This one is taking advantage of what some creators are not using. To do this you need to first find videos in your niche. Then find the popular videos with almost a few thousand views. Make sure they are still getting views, but older videos are better.

If you think about Youtube logically, why would anyone want to miss out on over 1 billion, yes 1 billion unique visitors a month? This is a massive amount of visitors that you can get a hold of a lot of those to your blog or link. Over 100 hours uploaded every minute. The best thing is a lot of these creators don’t have any marketing skills, unlike us(some further knowledge than others yes). They are getting all these views and doing nothing with all their views. That’s is where this new method (well new to my blog) comes in. We are going to reach out to these creators, and take advantage of all that traffic.

What we need to do is make sure we target the videos with a lot of views and in our niche. Reach out to those creators. Make an offer to them. Offer something a month in exchange for them adding your link in the description of their video. Things to look for when finding a video you want.

  • In your niche
  • Not already a link in the description
  • Video with at least 5-15 thousand views
  • Trending upwards in the stats
  • Older videos with a good history

If you don’t know what to do or how to go about it. This would be a good job to hire a virtual assistant for. Otherwise, go through and find all the types of videos yourself and message them on their social media of choice or some have an email for business enquiries in the description. One good extension that helps you get more in-depth information about the stats is videoIQ. No affiliate link just got to search for the extension. If you can get your link in 25-50 videos getting a few thousand views, that turns into a lot of traffic to your blog or link.

Pinterest on scabble tilesPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your site or link. Just keep persistent on there just as you do on any other social media and you can get some awesome results. If you don’t have the time, the best app made me get so many pins out there and I saw the traffic from Pinterest after I started using Tailwind. Create, schedule, measure.

Take advantage of bloggers that allow you to promote yourself on their sites. I had made a post about a blog site before that offered this and today I have another for you. Just make sure you go and check out other peoples blogs as well. EarnmoneywithJessica. Always look for more. Get to know your fellow bloggers and help one another out. We are all here to help each other out not stab each other in the back for traffic. Even a little boost of traffic from another blogger will lead you to your own followers as the word on your blog gets out more.

That leads me to the next one, blog carnivals. I have noticed a lot of my followers are in the same niche and this is something great for us. A group of bloggers in the same niche get together and decide on a topic to write about in a certain amount of time. Then the ones that are doing the writing each put the post on their blogs so it gets all the new names shared among the new sites and new followers. A good way to get your name out there and bring in lots of traffic. This one I really might take advantage of.

ADS Photo by Marcus Herzberg on Pexels.com

Solo ads are a great way to get an email out describing your blog, or product when you don’t have a list of your own. I take advantage of these for my affiliate marketing. I noticed a lot of people on these sites are all usually in the same line of niches so it goes well with anyone you email on these sites. I found a really good one where I got a very great return on my email. Adexchangeteam, is one of the best return rates plus they have given away the most free ads. 10 free banner ads, 10 free solo ads and 10 free login ads. Plus they give the most for surfing. I have over 30000.00 points to purchase more ads when I need to. If you’re just starting out, or for an affiliate link, these ad exchange programs work so good.

To do a banner properly you need to first make your banner then upload it to a site that gives it a secure https to use on the ad exchange sites. I found a good one so far called secure banner hosting.

Last let’s take a look at torrent marketing. This one is new to me. I have used torrents for years just never thought to use them for marketing. Really simple to use though. Put a bunch of blog posts together or just a taste of your work. Torrents are made for bigger files usually, however, I have seen smaller ones in there. But make sure you use keywords in your title when you upload it to your torrent client like bit torrent. Also a small description of what your torrent is about make sure to use keywords in there also.

Really good traffic post tomrrow

tons of traffic

Sorry I just finished the research for tomorrows post. I did want to get it out today but it’s been a long day. Rain on and off all day so had real spotty internet. Did not get a lot of research done with that happening.

Still shooting my everyday post out the window. Had my grandson here all weekend and I can not even have five seconds peace so hard to do research that way. So I will still do my best on posting as much as I can, maybe everyday was a little over the top for me. I don’t know how parents with little ones can blog. That has to be very hard. Maybe between naps, my little guy don’t always take naps.

Well either way you know you will always get a few posts a week from me no matter what. I tried more but I only felt it was taking from the quality of my posts and I never would want to do that to you.

Tomorrow I really got a great post for you. Traffic is always a big one for all of us. I had found a few new ones. Discuss a few old ones too with a different look at them. Have you ever heard of torrent marketing or blog carnival? If you haven’t going to learn a couple new traffic forms tomorrow. I am looking forward to letting you know about one of them so we all can give it a try.

So this is just a drop in to say hello again and hope all is doing well. Stay safe. See you tomorrow.

Ton of sites to advertise for massive traffic to blog or links

Found this awesome video that showed me a massive amount of sites that will bring so much traffic to your sites and affiliate links. I also found some money making sites for you today. Hope you learned a lot like I did from this today, let me know in the comments if this will help with traffic to your blogs and links or you would like something different.

So first I want to let you know about this massive traffic site. I will try to explain in best detail so you understand how to use it and what a massive scale this site is. Has 77 different sites you can advertise on but it is still on a much more massive scale then that. These are in cities in the usa or where you live. You can post your blog in each different city that has a lot of people in it. The more people the more eyes that could see your link or blog.


So imagine that you advertise your blog in all 77 sites plus all the states. That is almost 4 thousand places to advertise for free. That is something to work on if you really want to drive that traffic. I plan on utilizing this but I will only be advertising to a few cities, the most populated cities.

Starting with just one site here I got it broken down for you picture by picture so I hope this helps.


This is what you see after you pick the city you want to advertise in then you will get a page like this next one. Where you post what ever ad you want.


Once you finish your ad, down lower you can fill in parts you chose to fill out up to you. If you want your ad above other ads it only cost 3 dollars for a 60 days. That is super cheap. I already got a hit and I did not have to pay for that. So I hope you see what a massive scale this is and what a potential this can bring to your links or blog. I will be doing a lot of ads hope that you will be too.

The site to get you the 77 different sites to post on is sitelink.org. I just typed in classifiedads.comalternatives and came up with the similar sites. There could be other sites you could get that are similar then the total could be way over 77 then. Sure you could find out a lot more if you play around with it. I just found out about it so just can only tell you what I know right now. If any of you had tried this already, let the rest us know what kind of luck you had with it.

I had put my blog on there and I tried out john crestani affiliate program. That had brought in hits already also. He is very well known and has a a free affiliate program I just seen so thought I would give it a try. If you feel like checking out his free affiliate program here is the link for that


tomorrow is the live for this one 7pm london time as usual

Hope this helps with some traffic to your blogs and links. Things are getting worse out there please get vaccinated and stay safe. We all just want this to be over and as much as your against this, the vaccine is the only way to beat this otherwise this will never leave. Just please think of others save a life. have a great day or night

How would you like paid training of $20 learning to make money online

I found the best online program ever. I guess that is what it should be called. It has free online training to teach you how to use the program and make money from it. So much to explain about this and I’m even amazed at how much this one program has to offer. It does all the work for you and pays you, all of it seems just too good to be true but let me explain all the amazing things you can get with this system.

money earned from traffic boot camp
screenshot of 20 dollars earned from olsp traffic boot camp

I think we all know by now that traffic is the only way for our blogs, sites, links to grow, or earn money. If we don’t have traffic we won’t make any money. This system I was told about teaches you how to dominate traffic and plus other ways to make money so your blog or site or links is not your only income. This system does all the work for you. Yes, I know you heard of all the done for you systems however this… is not them. This is totally different. The other systems you still have work to do, like follow up with your clients, through calls or emails or online messenger. This system you do not need an autoresponder anymore unless you chose to email this great system that is packed with so much information to your email list, but you can make money without doing that. But if you want to email or share this system with anyone else you can.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You may be asking… what about the money, I’m taking too long lol. Yes, this program also pays you just to take their free online course. They teach you how to do this program in 15 short videos. Plus so much more training videos if you need more help. Plus if you have any questions you have with your mentor, then you will have a Facebook group to ask all the questions you want. Then there are people who have done the whole training top to bottom if you need help. It goes on if you need any help it is there any way you look. Yes, the money. Once you finish the 15 short videos they pay you 20 dollars. You do need to finish the videos in think it is 14 days. I only have a few more videos left now. The money is not so important here, the information you learn here is worth so much more than 20 dollars, that information alone could be worth a few thousand dollars with any other program. So please take advantage of this before you miss out on such valuable information.

You make more commission on what you bring to the Facebook group that signs up to OLSP. Yes, you need to recruit but anyone would love to be in this awesome group. If you bring someone into the group and let’s say they make a purchase to one of the higher up packages(which is something none of you have to do today, only later if you want…it is worth it) if they purchase a package lets say six months from now. That is still your commission. No matter when or how long it takes one of your recruits to make a purchase, even a year from now… that is your commission. NO ONE does this.

No other company pays commission that far out from the date they become your recruit, no one else pays you to do their training. SO why not, try the paid training to get a feel for the system. If you don’t like it come back here tell me why and what you didn’t like about it. Really curious is all. But I really think most if not all would love this program. There are life and zoom calls almost every week to give you the chance to make money. And remember like I mentioned, No follow-ups, no auto-responders. You are still building your own email list though. You can follow up to help boost that money for you. You don’t have to. If you keep a list of what they like, where they are from etc, will only benefit you. There is a program to do all that for you also, and messages them. 2 hours of manual work down to 20 mins of work. They teach you in-depth how to do all that, manual and with the program.

You know all I love to do is help you all as much as I can when I can. This is why I started this blog on making money online. I know how hard it is out there and would love to help anyone make a few dollars online when I can. Here is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for minimal work and to make money while learning some great information that will help you outside the program as well.

This is the only program that I know of that if you bring someone to the program and they don’t buy anything today, nor tomorrow, not even 10 weeks from now, but 50 weeks from now they decide they want to purchase something to boost their traffic or their comments. That is your commission no matter when your person makes a purchase. I have never seen any program be that generous, have you? This system will bring you a monthly commission from Facebook. If you chose to do exactly what they say in the training videos.

Boot camp certificate

Can you imagine that the creator of the program and the people below him, they are all working for you? Yes, they do all your follow-ups on any one of your leads. They do all the sales all the emails, there is nothing you need to do but put your link in front of people, that is all. If you can bring people to facebook live or to join the boot camp that is it. Your job is done. I find it hard to believe myself. This is something I never heard of. They don’t stop your training at the 15 videos, no. They have 9 training units. With a bunch of units in each. They teach you the system throughout. They don’t miss anything. If you have questions they have a lot of the top people in the Facebook group always willing to answer any question you might have.

Come join me in the Facebook group and we can chat there. I want you to have a monthly commission through Facebook as well. Let’s do this together. Making money alone is never fun. lol

All information is in the link above. Hope you get as much value as I am getting. So much information packed into a free program who could as for anything more. Let me know if you ever heard of this program before in the comments below. I have been in search of a free program just like this most cost so much money. Finally found this Wayne is such a great guy to give this away for free and pay for finishing the boot camp. Thanks for reading have a great day or night.