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Why Top Freelancers Use These Trusted Sites 2

4 more trusted freelance sites that are not scams and legit. If you want to find out why these are trusted continue reading below.

5. Guru Runs on a bidding system. Someone needs a logo made for their travel blog, bid on it. (freelogos.com) Someone needs Spanish translated to English, bid on it.(googletranslate.com) Remember, for most of these jobs you do not need any special skills unless the employer specifically asks for requirements. Employers can reach out to you if you have something they are looking for in your portfolio. Profiles are free, and free basic membership comes with only 10 bids a month. You can purchase more bids if you don’t want to do recurring billing each month for a paid membership. Guru also takes a percentage from your selling price of the service you do. The percentage is based on your membership, they take more if you are on a free basic plan and cost just gets cheaper for each membership tier.

6. Ndash this website is tailored more for writers where you can set your own price and expectations for projects, like blog posts, in-depth articles and website copy. They have a guide on how you should set your prices. With over 2 million global freelancers, they must be doing something right. 24/7 customer support even.

7. PeoplePerHour They are based in the U.K but they are worldwide. One of the oldest freelance companies on my list. They have very strict criteria to qualify for jobs. You will be tested and screened to see if you are even approved for the project you are applying for. You can bid on any project you want but for the free account you only get 15 free bids a month. They have monthly recurring prices depending on how many bids you want to put in a month. And just like the last couple sites this one also takes out fees.

8. Toptal is more for expert software, designers and managers. They have a three week screening process, so you need to be a expert in your said field. Only 3% of the applicants that apply get approved. If approved you will be getting paid up to 60 dollars a hour based on experience and work with top reputable companies such as Airbnb, Artsy, and Pfizer. This one does not charge fees.

So this is it for the list. Hope that you enjoyed it and it helps some of them freelancers out there that have a hard time looking for legit companies that are not scams.

Let’s Explore Other Online Hustles

So hope all is doing well on this beautiful day. I live in cold Wisconsin and it is finally starting to get a little warmer here now and its so nice. Sun was shining today and when that happens it usually puts a smile on a lot of peoples faces and many are in a much better mood seeing signs of spring emerge.

Been trying to get paid from a new survey site I have been looking into and I don’t know how often the surveys come but so far and from the reviews I read it seems like a ok site. If anyone would like to check it out its called Paid Viewpoint. Still see survey junkie and lifepoints panel better, but I’m giving it a chance see how I come out. I will keep you informed for those who don’t check it out for themselves. A few things I wanted to let you know I learned from the email course I have been receiving and things I also picked up from joining so many survey sites now.

NEVER EVER pay to join a survey site. The ones I have joined all have been without pay so far and been legit. So you do not need to pay to get paid from a survey site.

Best option is to use a different email then or main email so you do not get flooded with a bunch of offers or site emails that you signed up for and may not want to stick with after you checked it out.

Always google your survey site before you sign up. You will be able to quickly tell if it is legit or not just off the first few websites when you google the site and put reviews behind it or a very good site to check out is surveypolice.com they give excellent reviews and I got some information from that site but most I had knew already being that I signed up for so many sites or googled so many sites.

Take your time on the surveys when taking them if you go to fast you can get disqualified because they like to throw in a lot of trick questions just to make sure you are paying attention.

Last thing I would like to let you know is a new site I just got emailed about and if anyone likes to write, don’t have to be a professional either they have freelance writing gigs all over the internet but this new one, will give you a step by step guide on how to create content for clients will actually pay for. Will walk you through how to get your first client even when you don’t have a portfolio. A lot more this new site does but it is a limited space offer and I really think this for a newbie could become a very lucrative business and of course if not a newbie it would take even less time. Most sites offer I think monthly payment options, I’m sure yearly too. But this new site has just a one time payment for a lifetime access to their help that does not stop whenever needed. If this is something that interests you its from smartblogger.com and its called paid to write club. Just remember they only have limited space so they won’t be accepting new people after sometime. I was not told on how long the time frame is so if it is something you want I would hurry up and get over there so you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Well hope this helps out someone out there some good side hustles here but I still got my favorite two side hustles. But that could be changing once I get my affiliate marketing to starting earning income for me. So please don’t forget about that either, if anyone is interested in learning affiliated marketing and not sure where to begin, great if your a newbie or even a pro without anytime on their hands right now. Got a great program for you that does all the work for you take a look I think its very helpful got me started otherwise I would still be procrastinating on the situation because I had no idea where to begin and knowing I didn’t have much traffic going to my blog I felt so lost. But this finally got me off the ground and know it could help a lot of you out there too so take a look. Click Here For Free Training

Stay safe everyone thanks for stopping through.