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Let’s look into keyword research properly to rank in Google


What is keyword research? Do you know that this is very important to your site and blog. Almost anything you put on the internet that you want traffic, keyword research, seo is a main part of that. Keyword research is finding the search word or phrases that your site should be optimized for is essential to any search engine optimization campaign.

Your goal is to find relevant, high traffic keywords that will be less competitive means that you’ll have a much better change of having achieving numbers or rankings for your chosen keyword phrases. Doing this takes a little work but, it’s all well worth it. Once that organic traffic starts coming in.

The right keywords allow your efforts to produce the best organic results, Search Engine algorithms are largely based on keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords on your webpage, keywords in your links pointing at your website or blog, Their goal is to return sites that align closely with users search query.

A keyword is any word or phrase that describes your site or page content or another way to think about is in the form of a search term. What a user enters into the Google search box is considered a keyword or keyword phrases. Google suggest helps with those keywords like I mentioned in the last post.

machine learning typed out on typewriter Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

This picture to me describes Google so much. It is learning everyday from us and uses those keywords that a user puts in to know what is searched more and what is trending etc. This is why it can help you so much when searching your keywords. Using Google suggest helps find the word or phrases your looking for if it comes up under when you are typing in the letters.

Choosing your keyword is more of a art than a science. If you follow this E-book that I am reading this from, step by step how to get to the keyword or phrase your looking for.

  • Define the content of your site in general terms. What is your site about? Money, marketing, food, desserts. Once you identified your general topic, it’s time to start your keyword research.
  • Identify keywords/keyword phrases related to your topic. To do this visit Google adwords. If you don’t have an account sign up for one. It’s free. Than go to Keyword Planner Tool on top settings area. It’s powerful and also free. Provides search volumes and suggested keyword phrases.
  • Select discover new keywords. Enter your product or service, the website URL and press get results. You’ll see ad groups, keywords shown contain number of search s with that keyword or phrase any given month. Would help to use your biggest competitors URL and get all their biggest searched keywords,
  • Select keyword phrases to research more. Yes it does take work like I said. Keyword phrases are less competitive than keywords. Find one that has search volume of 700 monthly searches or less. Don’t use keywords with 10,000 or more searches a month. Way to hard to rank with that high of competition. You think greater number of searches would mean more visitors but the more people using that keyword the harder it is for you to rank. Less rank would mean not noticed in Google so no visitors.
  • Seo competitiveness. Which is what I was just talking about. You want keywords or phrases that you can rank for. Ranking higher in Google search will bring in more organic traffic. Bringing in more organic traffic means less money you would have to spend on advertising if that is something your doing. Do not search on just volume alone Look at everything and this is why you would want to add it into Moz or SemRush to help you look more deeply in that phrase or word. Once you get more into what your searching and what all the numbers mean. The better to know your phrase or word to get more traffic.
  • Research your competition . Use the Moz or SemRush plugins to find or competitions information a lot easier. Just like using the tools for your keywords, when you get to know what your looking at and learning what your looking at for your competition also. The more you will learn to tackle your competition and rank higher than them if done correct.

So hope this helps and gives you a better understanding into SEO keywords. I know I am understanding a lot more myself. Once I get done with this series I can get this E-book available for you to download if you would like. I want to go through the key points for you so those who don’t want to read this whole 200 page E-book, I will have the main points here for you.

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