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7 Funny Thanksgiving Tik Tok videos

Just a day to rest and relax and figured for that reason I would do some funny videos today instead of money making videos today.

To Love and be loved is really all there is, and everything else needs to be set up to support that.

Will Smith

Heard Will Smith say this in a Tik Tok and thought it was so true. Money is really not everything, yes it helps pay the bills, can make people happy doing things and not ever have to worry about money or bills however that happiness could never compare to the true happiness of love. Sorry enough love talk for today on with the videos just wanted to share that with you.


oOps… ⚠️ fake situation ⚠️

♬ sestekiler… niye böylesiniz.. – ꪔ̤̥
puppy got his bird for thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a better Turkey Day then this 😂😂😂! #tiktok #4u #turkey #thanksgiving #humor #funny

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Hope you enjoyed the tik tok videos. Something simple today. Thanksgiving is only a couple days away in the USA. Hope everyone is ready as they can be. Just remember as I always say..stay safe. Also remember I have a thing up for donations for those who are able to help with expenses for the blog. Any amount is appreciated. Have a great day or night. Hope you had a laugh with these videos.