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Great Passive Income Ideas

passive income written on a chalkboard
Passive Income written on a chalkboard

I have talked about passive income a few times on my blog. There are so many ways that you can have passive income coming in. We will talk about some of them today.

What I have been learning from all the rich entrepreneurs that you should have many income sources coming in. Never depend on just one. If that one fails than you have others to fall back on to help pay your bills. I agree with this 100%. Let’s look into a few sources today.

I have talked about selling digital products a few times. I am trying to work on my own digital product to sell, but that takes time. That is the real definition of passive income. Doing the work up front then your able to sit back and collect that passive income. No matter what it is you want to do for passive income. All requires upfront work to be done to reap the rewards later. Just like with our blogs.

To know what to make for your digital product that is easy. You want to find out look at the pull down menu on the left and do research. You can narrow down your search to the product and lets say you want it to be something very popular. So you want to see which ones have 200,000 downloads or more. Once you narrow down your search you should be able to find out the most sold items and that will tell you what you need to make for your digital product.

If you don’t have any digital product or don’t know how to make a digital product then there are many you can choose from online. They are called PLR products. However you can not just download a PLR and upload it. This is where you need to use a little of your own creativity and change the e-book or what ever you have downloaded and make it your own. Each page should be changed, just use that as a guide, an idea of what to write or what direction to go with the ebook that you make your own out of that plr product.

Medium is another great way to make passive income. This one is just like your blog and you need to put the work up front. I already made more money on there than my blog. Medium pays month after month for things I wrote a few months ago. As long as your stories are still getting read then your income will still be rolling in. Update with a new story and there are you if the story is liked, passive income after that. Just like I said, need upfront work to get that passive income. Please come join me read the stories I have written. I write more personal stories there that happened in my life. All true stories. Join me here. There are a lot of good stories about making money on there also. All in all great place to read and learn and make money.

Next one I think a lot of us know very well… Making a blog. This is highly passive after time. I know this one does take time before it starts to bring money in a passive way. But after a while you may only need to blog once a month if you want or maybe once a year. It is all on you when the money from all your past posts just starts rolling in and you don’t really have to do a thing. Just make sure your doing SEO so your posts can be found for a long time with the words they are searching are the words in your post.

Royalties, I didn’t know this, did you know that you can buy royalties to songs or books and everytime the book or some makes money so do you. I just realized such a thing existed. I heard of royalties of course, from your own book or song. Just never knew you could purchase the royalties from someone else’s things. Guess it would be no different then buying a steak in a company.

Few ways to make passive money offline but you can make it partially online. Let’s start with renting out a space. You can advertise your space online weather it is a room you want to advertise on airbnb or rent out your garage. There are always people who need extra storage space.

How about start a store and sell items that you will purchase from china and sell for the normal prices here in the usa. All you have to do is add the shipping information or send your item to amazon and they do the shipping. All sort of different ways you could do this one from what I have been seeing.

Well that is all for this post today. I am going to listen to Mike Vestils webinar. If you want to learn to make money I suggest you join his webinar he has them I think everyday. He says he has a 62 year old woman went from zero to 160 grand from this method. Go to his blog and you can see all the ways to make money on his site and find out when the next webinar is, and sign up for the one you’re able to be in.

That is it for today. Gonna get into this webinar that has already started. Happy Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating. Have a great day or night and please…stay safe.

Chipotle Sauce Meatballs Recipe

Today I got a recipe for you and hope you like it. I got this one from one of my favorite sites. One of the best sites that is all mexican recipes and most of them my husband has liked that I had made. I can’t do the spice thing but I still love chipotle, love the flavor. There is a package I get from Walmart that I can put as little or as lot as I want. So for me I can make it not to spicy.

This one has real chipotles in the sauce. It smells amazing. Made it before and I know my husband loves it.

chipotle meatballs ingredients

Start with a piece of bread and two tablespoons of milk. Mash up the bread til it is mushy and no chunks. Don’t want chunks of bread in your meatballs. Add egg, garlic and salt. You can use pepper here if you like. I just use it at the end on top of everything in the pot.

making meatballs with raw ground beef

Then roll your meatballs in to palm size balls. They can be a little bigger or smaller if you like. Depending on how your family likes them. On the site I got this recipe from she says that some cooks add cheese or egg in the meatball.

picture from mexico in my kitchen

Add tomatoes and chipotles to your blender. Blend till smooth. In your pan cook your chopped onion in and cook until translucent. Add garlic and cook a few minutes more. Then add your tomato mixture. And add chicken broth if needed. Cook about 10 minutes and add your meatballs. Cover and cook 10 minutes more.

chipotle meatballs simmering in pot

Serve over rice. With tortillas and black beans on the side. Easy and delicious meal.


  • 1 slice of bread
  • 2 tb of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 garlic clove chopped or 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 pound of ground beef
  • hard boiled eggs or cubes of cheese to go in meatballs(optional)


  • Choice of oil for frying onion and garlic
  • 1/2 cup white onion roughly chopped( the site this is different, this is how my husband likes it, he loves a lot of onion in all his food)
  • 2 large tomatoes or 3-4 roma tomatoes
  • 1/2-1 cup chicken broth or water, if sauce to thick
  • 1-3 canned chipotle peppers ( more you add the spicier it will be, add to your choice of hotness)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chopped onion and cilantro for garnish


  1. In a large bowl put the milk on the bread and mash up like mentioned above. Then add egg, and salt. Mix with wet hands until everything is well combined.
  2. Form your meatballs, add the egg, or cheese even serrano pepper can be added in the center of the meatball if you like.
  3. Then place the meatballs aside and make your tomato, chipotle sauce. Put in the blender and blend until smooth. The site says they got 2 1/2 cups of sauce from this. I got about two cups with 3 roma tomatoes.
  4. Heat your oil and add the onion and cook until translucent then add your garlic and cook about 3 minutes. I usually cook my garlic until I start to smell it. That’s when it is done for me.
  5. Add you tomato mixture, and cook for about ten minutes. Add your meatballs. Cover and cook around ten minutes more. Stir to cook meatballs evenly. Check if they are done after ten minutes. Cook a few minutes more if needed. Simmer till the sauce is slightly thick and is to your desired thickness to add on top of rice.
  6. Add on top of red or white rice, with beans on the side and corn tortillas.

If you would like to check out where I got the recipe from here is a link to that site.

If you want a recipe for my mexican red rice or mexican white rice, click on the one you want or check out both. They are both delicious and go good with this recipe.

Hope that you enjoy. Been a little while since I posted a recipe so I thought I would post what I made for hubby today.

Just to let you know there is a donation spot on the side or below, if you can help with any amount will be greatly appreciated. It is just to help keep the blog going. Payment coming up soon just asking for help if you can afford it. I know christmas is coming up and things are tough for all of us, hence the reason I am asking for help and also understand it would be tough for some of you to help also. So please only if your able to.

Have a great day or night and please….. stay safe.

8+ Online jobs that will get you a great income

Got a good collection of online jobs that are very easy to do. Some require a little more work than others, but they all are very easy. Just to let you know also that I know holidays are coming up and so is my payment to keep this place running. If you can help out with any little amount that would but be great. There is absolutely no obligation and only asking for those who can afford it. I just would love to keep giving you great content and any amount will be greatly appreciated. Now on to the money making sites.

  • Bird.co is one for bigger cities mostly. I know this is something that I don’t have in my small city this is why I say for bigger cities. This is one of the “harder” jobs. It’s not even hard either. You will get paid to charge their scooters. A very simple job most people can easily handle.
  • Gigwalk pays you to do random tasks. Some of the things that you will be doing on their site are  Retail Audits * Mystery Shops *QSR Audits *Digital Experience Testing *AI Training Data *Safety Checks *Location surveys*Property Inspections.
onespace screenshot
  • Onespace is a place to do freelance work just like upwork or guru. I mention more about those places here or here
  • Usertesting is where you get paid to test sites to make sure they function as they they should. Might need to buy a pair of pants and go all the way til you are ready to hit purchase, then stop. You will not have to actually purchase anything, just test the site as far as you can go more a less. I talk about usertesting here also if you want to know more.
  • Fieldagent is a app not a site that pays you to do some simple micro tasks.
fieldagent screeenshot

As you can see they got a pretty good rating in the app store. Walmart, Walgreens and Target. Stores we all have around us to do these tasks in. I know I tried one of these and I couldn’t do it in my small town. Never had any tasks to do.

  • Acx.com Get paid to read books on this site. Click on actor or producer and then find a book of your choice, check out tons of offers and pick one you like. Read in to a well working microphone so you will get the best results and get picked among the other actors auditioning for the same book.
  • Apple Home Advisor is getting paid to work for apple from home from the many different jobs they could have to choose from. Get paid up to 18 dollars an hour and go through the list and see if they have a job in your area. They have openings in California, Texas, Virgina, Amsterdam, Finland, Singapore. Jobs everywhere as you can see.
  • Google Skill shop is the last one on the list that can produce more then 8 on this list if you look at all the different things you can do and different certificates you can get after taking the classes from google. If you look at upwork and look at youtube advertising. There are two on there that are getting paid super well compared to the rest of them. One asking for 85 dollars an hour and the other 25 dollars an hour. This is because they have the training from google skill shop that others don’t have. And to get this it will cost you nothing. The skills google teach are free.
google skllshop

As you can see there are so many skills you can learn and take any one of them and do freelance work and get paid 85 dollars an hour if you want. Most people do not have the time to learn these skills and will pay someone more money will the skills and knowledge in the background they are asking. If you have the time and want to do freelance work or just want to get paid more than this is the route to take.

Hope that this list will have you making money in no time. With the holidays we all could use that extra cash to spend on our loved ones. Or with this pandemic just trying to scrape by to pay the bills. This is why I am asking for help to pay the bills here, only if your able to. Not asking for a lot only what are able to afford. Like I said any amount no matter how small is appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great day or night and please… stay safe.

Are you tired of not getting results from your solo ads?

Have you tried to do solo ads on maybe facebook or some of the sites I have shown you in past posts like here and here. Come join me for a live that will show you how to get results from your solo ads. Here is a email from Wayne, the one that hosts the lives and is the owner of OLSP.

Solo ads success blueprint

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How awesome does this sound?!

To find out more join us on the LIVE training tonight at 7PM GMT

7 fun sites to keep you from getting super bored

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

That is one of my favorite games to play when I go out. I have always loved skeet-ball. Here they call it iceball. I have not ever heard it called that. But different places may call it something different I guess.

But we are going to talk about some sites to help you keep from getting bored…hopefully. I like to try to make my lists with something for everyone. Know it is not always plausible but I try. So lets get into the 6 sites I have for you to keep you from being bored,

  •  Google Maps Street View is one we all should know. It is kind of interesting just to walk around different neighborhoods in different countries and see how it looks compared to wear I live.
  •  OCEARCH Shark Tracker The Track Sharker tool by Marine Research Group OCEARCH lets you track tagged sharks as they travel all over the world. You can even track turtles. It’s really neat check it out if you want.
  • Window-swap it is really neat to watch live video all over the world. Get to see ten minute video of any place in the world. Think I have seen from one end to the other. It is outside the window but just neat to watch.
window-swap main page
  • Lifehacker I have loved this site for years. I has anything in the world you want to learn about. I have seen even how to tie a shoe or how to tie a tie. It is another place to find some great diy projects also.
  • Escape Games This has been my go to game for many years also. Selfdefiant games are the most challenging games. If you like escape games I suggest playing his games. The ones that are quit long and very challenging are Black Ridge Asylum Escape, Axend Rebirth, Abandoned 2017 Escape, SD Axylem(says this is not suitable for kids). So many more. I have always loved these games, hope you will as much as I do. Love the challenge in them keeps you thinking.
  • Supercook this one is just really for the cook in you. Most people couldn’t stay on looking at recipes like cooks could. This one is a bit different though. This helps you make something with what you have in your fridge or pantry. You put in all your ingredients, spices, meats, veggies etc. Then it will bring up recipes that have just what you have. This one is great when you are unsure what to make for the family dinner.
  • HowStuffWorks think this is self explanatory. This explains so much. The site where I researched some of this list said this site even has a post called “Stuff Mom Never Told You.” Think that would be a pretty interesting read. So much more than that though of course.

So I hope this list has something for everyone. If you have any favorite sites you go on, share in the comments. Which ones should of made the list? I could go on forever with this list, there are so many that no matter your interest. Google has it. Even a site for Harry Potter fans. Pottermore. Just incase that is something your interested in. As you could see, this list could go on forever and could make posts with just a certain type of sites only and another post about just other sites.

I know this has nothing to do with money today, but I think it’s a good way to stay busy. For FREE… if your not spending money then that is as good as making money. Let me know in the comments your favorite site to keep busy, I would love to check out what you do to keep busy online…and not porn please lol. Save them sites for yourself.

Hope you enjoy and maybe later I’ll make another one with your sites if you like. Have great day or night and please….stay safe.

6 Helpful Videos To Help You Make Big Money Affiliate Marketing

Got some great videos here to help you earn that money you been wishing for. The videos start out teaching you how to get into affiliate marketing step by step to even a alternative if you want to check that out. To ending with how to drive traffic to your affiliate links. Hope this helps anyone out there who needs a little help with this and which way to turn. Lot of great YouTubers here that will lead you in the right direction.

affiliate marketing written in chalk on chalkboard

Want to let you know before I start with the videos, I have a donation up on the side. Things are tough this time of year and I want to continue blogging for you all. If you can help with some blogging expenses that would be so wonderful. If you can’t that is completely fine. No one needs to feel they need to. Still appreciate each and everyone of you if you can or can’t.

Hope these help you get started or get traffic or even where to begin with affiliate marketing. These are great YouTubers and Mike Vestil has a great webinar he does too. He will help anyone make money online. Of course no one can be promised from another person. It all depends on the person wanting to make money. Their drive and determination is the only promise to earn money themselves.

That is it for today. I am still moving we are slowing down because we have no reason to rush. Same landlord owns the place we moved out from and moved into. They have no one renting our old place so we don’t need to rush. Almost finished though. Have yourself a great day or night and please, stay safe.

Thank You To All That Is Here Reading My Blog

I want to thank each and everyone that has read my blog, stopped by my blog. Even if you just opened a page, or left a like even left that you hated my site. However you interacted with my site to make me reach this milestone.

I am still in the processes of moving. So no blog as of yet. Soon as I am done moving which should be Monday maybe if all goes well. I’ll keep you informed and get a good post out as soon as possible. Thank you once again for making me to 5k.

Have a great day or night. Stay safe.

Different ways I have never heard of to make money online, plus more.

money on laptop Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A great way to make money that not many are doing…
Go to etsy and type in handmade space to see all the suggestions that list under the search bar. You could even type in something like ring or earrings. Find one that is relatively cheap and with shipping included would be better for you. After you find something you like.
Then head to facebook marketplace and make a listing with the item in it but charge a bit more. So you make a profit. Then when someone purchases the item from facebook you take their shipping information in etsy so they ship the item straight to the customer.

Got a link here to check a. great quick read on places to make money online. Should check it out it’s really good read about more places for writers to submit their article to companies and get paid. Places I never mentioned. HERE is the link for that. 

How about making your own fonts? Have you done that before or tried that before? I have heard of it just never knew where to make them or sell them til now. One site use to ne paintfont.com but that is no longer the name of the site. Calligraphr is the new site. They have a free membership that is limited like most. But you can sell them at Creativemarket. Looks like you can sell them for a nice price also. Seeing most in the 30s. Looks like good money could be made doing this.

premium ad

This video just shows you how to make a premium ad on this site. Instant AdPower. I love the site. If you are a free member you do have to wait five or four days in between mailings. But the return I get back from each is just amazing. Each one is counted as a referral so I get paid just the same. Days I send out mail I can get back almost 70 people alone. I had 100 people one day all just from the mail return.

I would brag if I didn’t believe it was that good and worth it. It will really help you boost your visitors. In time you can get more than free mail every few days. They do a lot of promotions that help you get more types of ads.

It is a ad viewing type of service or mail viewing in this case. Get points for each mail you view. It does get boring but just remember, it is for your blog to boost the visitors and views. Give the free a try and see if it is something you might like. Here

banner ad

This next one is from a different site and to put a banner ad up. For any banner you need to find the size the require from what site your making it for. Then do custom size in Canva. I don’t know if you know but Canva does everything even the free plan.

AdExchange Team is the next site and I show you where to put each link. You need a Https:// for your banner so that is why i get the link from secure banner. Any questions feel free to ask in the comments. Hope I walked you through so it is understandable.

This is just like doing any email ad. You ad your link in the proper place and put a ad in the body explaining what you want the person to do. I have even just added links to this blog and explained what I write about. That was all I had in my ad. I had a lot of visitors to my blog with that ad alone.

I was going to do a regular email ad for you but I thought with this you should get the drift and me explaining it. These are honestly the best sites and will help with your views and visits. Plus with World Profit exchange I am not up to 100 visitors a day. 2.6 a month. I’m doing something right. The number goes up every single day. I am sharing with you what has gotten me to where I am at now. With the ads and you… My blog is flourishing. Thank you for that. I had already been determined not to give up and see this all the way through.

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

Always told myself I won’t stop til I can make some money online and do it everyday to bring in an income to help my husband. Getting closer to that goal more each day.

Hope this helps you get a better understanding on how to do ads on these types of sites. There are so many out there that starting on this one is something you don’t have to do , if you have your own site. If not this is a good as place as any to start. Most the sites also walk you through what to do also.

Have any questions leave me a comment. I got tons of packing to do with one day left before I move. I may not be able to get on and do a full post but I will come and say hi when I am able.

Have a great day or night. Please stay safe.

Finally moving this weekend.

moving boxes Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

I will be moving this weekend finally. This means things here may be a little sporadic but I will try to do my best. I did very little packing so need to buckle down on that. Did some here and there but I have to go through things and throw out a lot.

I’m moving from a three bedroom house with office and finished basement to a small two bedroom. I started getting rid of things just got a lot more to go through. So as you see things will be a little off this week. Will be getting internet on there hopefully right away so when we move we will be on and ready to go.

Trying to work on a couple videos for you just short clips. On how to use these ad exchange sites or how to make a premium ad for free with one of the sites I talked about where you need to earn credits to send ads or emails. Hope that will be something you will like.

Don’t think many know how to use them so they don’t sign up. That is all referral traffic and it accounts for 80% of my traffic. If there is anything else you want to know or want me to talk about please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know. I always respond to my comments.

So this will be all for today sorry for having a short one. With that video working on more to go with it so soon as I get done with that I’ll get that post out. Have a good day or night and please stay safe.