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Bitcoin is it worth it?

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With Bitcoin being over 50,000 as of today that seems like a really high amount and especially for someone who knows jack about bitcoin or the stock market for that matter but it has been something I have been looking into lately and trying to understand it a bit. I really think that its something I’m going to invest into cause as it seems now… its not going anywhere anytime soon so it might be worth the investment and from what I hear I can double my money fast. I really don’t know about that but sure will find out more before I dive head first and lose all my investment money. Do you know how nice it is to even say that, from growing up with addict for parents with more then one addiction mind you, and then ending up like my older brother and older sister who also ended up addicts too. I have since been clean so its super nice to even say that I have any money to invest. Never dreamed that I would ever have money to invest in a thing. Like to know form you, do you think bitcoin is worth it, worth the investment? Have any of you guys invested in the cryptocurrency yet? What has your experience been?

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I know that this is for sure in my near future, I really have to know what I’m getting into before I lay my money down as I’m sure most of you are that way. We all can’t be multibillionaires that never have to even put a price tag on money. That would be nice but I really think at my age no matter how much money I have it will always be something I spend carefully. Hope most of you are the same way. I know you can’t take it with when you go but I rather leave some to my children and grandchildren after I pass. I never want them to have the life I had growing up.

I have started to earn bitcoin and each one of you are also able to do that too. And with this yes it will take a little while before I make a lot but with bitcoin as high as it is and if it keeps going up, wont take to long I can cash out ahead with the little bit I’ve been making. It is all free though so I really would come out ahead the only thing it cost is my time. And yeah my time is worth money to with us being so busy now days who has time to do anything. But this is super easy. All I have been posting about past few blogs, is the same way you can make bitcoin. Taking surveys, doing offers, downloading apps on your phone, even data entry work. Its all there for you. will give you a link if you care to check it out. Hope this will help anyone who is interested in bitcoin earning earncrypto.com

Don’t forget too for those interested in getting into affiliate marketing and don’t know where to begin, take a look at this best place to go, its where I learned all I have learned myself best system out there in my option. Free Training and all the hard work is already done for you. Minimal work left for you to sit back and collect the passive income. Know we all have to put in the work before the passive income will start. stay healthy everyone later.

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Few Legal ways to earn Google play gift cards

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So today is all about android and google play. I even have a IOS but want to look just into android for today and lets see all the ways android can make money or google play gift cards.

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Stay away from automatic google play gift card generators, they usual will cause viruses and are a scam. This is not how it works to make money online most money making things online takes effort and this is not one of them.

Google Opinion rewards which I have had for a while and at first I got one sometimes two surveys a day then it jumped down to one a week or even less now. But they pay straight to paypal for IOS only and for android they only have google play, sorry just how they run this one. Maybe that will change in the future, but as for now it is a good app love that it pays out right away and I’m not sure how it is for google play, most likely have to get up to an amount. But the surveys are only one or two quick little questions and that’s all. Sometimes a little more not a lot maybe 4 questions and that could be as much as a dollar. But of course that varies.

Cash A@pp is a easy money earner and this is for android and IOS. And the fun thing here is all you do is play games to a level and then you get points, once you reach the right amount of points then you can cash that out for paypal, I’m not sure if this one has google play credits actually but still had to add it. Think I had mentioned it before but this I have had for a long time and love it because it is so easy to get the points and get the money. I think I have cashed out at least 50 dollars already. Not only is it easy, its fun because you chose the games you want to play.

AppKarma is just like cashapp to where you play games and earn paypal money also. And you can get google play gift cards too but the gift cards are not in all countries. But the app is in almost all countries.

Grabpoints is available in many different countries, as the site says you can watch videos and answer surveys, even completing offers like many typical survey sites. 10 dollars google play gift cards which once again the google play gift cards is not available in all countries but then they have paypal and other gift card options.

Ok last one I got for you is a bit different. This is through paypal so make sure your paypal is good standing up and running because you can bring in a nice amount everyday, depending how much work you put in sharing a link, that’s basically all you need to do. First your going to want to go to second life, yes the gaming site. But you are not going on there to play today, your going to go all the way to the bottom and join their affiliate program. Then this one involves youtube also. You want to either go to gaming sites or entertainment channels that have a small about of subscribers. Then your going to email them which should be on their about page or message them on one their social medias, whichever is easy for you. Tell them to sign up for this and make videos about this so they can make more money themselves, and usually they will because being small youtube channel they are not making much money they most likely could use a little extra cash. Just make sure that these channels are active. If they are not active then they won’t make the video or even sign up for the site so that means no money for you either.

Hope this helps don’t forget mother’s day is almost here and know some of you might still be wondering what to get your mother for mother’s day. Treat your mother like the most wonderful woman she is. I still wish I had either of my parents here with me. My mother passed away at a very young age from cancer. And this is the second cancer that had attacked her. She was strong enough to overcome the first cancer but that was at age 25 she got that and for the next 20 years she had nothing but problems and issues that finally made her get another cancer and that is something her body could not take anymore. 48 years old my mother passed away from skin cancer. So please cherish your parents while you still can.

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5 ways to get paid to play games on your smartphone

If you like to play games and need a little extra cash then i got some tips for you. Play these games and get some cash or gift cards in your pocket today.

Hope reading this will help you make some cash and I think I thought of something for a wide range of people so should be a app for you on here too that could make you a little side cash but just remember this are just side cash it is not intended to make you rich.

Mistplay Is the loyalty program for gamers. They only do points for gift cards though not straight cash. But the gift cards can be like cash if you were looking to buy something at a certain store. You can earn achievements for completing missions. Discover new games, make new friends. Win weekly prizes like ps systems and so much more. But one major downfall for Iphone lovers like myself…. this app is only for android in the google play store.


But My favorite alternative is Money app, this app is for both android and iphone. You also get straight cash to your paypal within three days.this app has been one of my go tos always to make some cash. For money app all you have to do is play a game to a certain level. As soon as you reach that level, you should receive a notification saying you got your credits. Yes hearing credits sometimes makes people frown over that word. But the credits here are not hard to accumulate to cash out at the lowest level of five dollars.

The next app gonna let you know about is Swagbucks Live: which is a trivia game that goes on everyday. You get asked 10 questions everyday and you need to answer all ten to win the grand prize. If you miss one question you get kicked out the game for that day. You also have only ten seconds to answer the question and if you go over the time limit you get kicked out. If you do make it kind of far in the trivia then you will least get points for how far you had gotten. If there is more then one person that wins the grand prize then it will be spilt between the winners. That amount could be 1000 all the way up to 1500. Here are the links for each device, Swagbucks Live Android Then here is the one for Iphone which I found to be odd that Iphone site said 17+. I could not find that to be anywhere on the android site unless I had missed it somewhere.


Bananatic is only on tablet or computer or laptop of course. This is geared more toward gamers, the prizes are more what gamers would like. Headsets, xbox live gift cards, computer mouse and things of that nature. The goal on the site is to play games and give your honest review of the game and then you will receive banana points. Then you can redeem the banana points for those items I mentioned plus more. But still seems like it could be a fun free site to play games.

On that same topic of being a game tester. I got another one for you that actually pays you cash to play and give honest feedback. You have to record yourself while you play. So if during game play if something is hard or easy you can say it out loud. You get paid around ten dollars per game that you test but you only get one or two games per week. It is not something you can make a living off of. Can play this one your computer, laptop and smartphones. Here is the link for android Playertestcloud is the name of this app, then the iphone link is here.


Then next is verydice here I left the link to the website then you can decide where you want to go from there. Iphone, Android, computer or laptop or tablet. As it says on the first page of the site, you roll the dice, you win tickets for real stuff. Must be pretty great game has almost 5 star review and 27 thousand reviews.

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My First Poll Block

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10 Things About Cryptocurrency You May Not Have Known.

Few facts that many people may have been unaware about cryptocurrency. Hope this sheds some light on a few questions and answers anything you may have wondered.

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  1. Did you know that Bitcoin was developed by a person or group of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 then he/they vanished off the internet in late 2010 ad no one has heard from them since. “Only a few people had little communication through email and forums. Satoshi’s Bitcoin wallet holds around 980,000 bitcoins, which makes him one of the riches people on the planet”.
  2. If you lose your address which is also known as your private key. You lose your bitcoin wallet with your bitcoin in it. Research shows that “60% of all bitcoin addresses are ghosts,
  3. which means a huge chunk of people using bitcoin have lost their addresses and have no way to access their wallets”. Quoted from simplilearn if you would like to read more on bitcoin
  4. Beware of Cryptojacking: Just like anything in the world it comes with its own scammers. These scammers can gain access to your computer or phones processing for mining of cryptocurrency. They will do without your approval and this is called cryptojacking where scammers put malicious code in your device.
  5. China is the biggest miner of cryptocurrency. Mining is the process of verifying various forms of transactions before they are put on the blockchain’s distributed ledger. China controls around 75% control over the mining network.
  6. Despite how popular cryptocurrency has been becoming lately and how how bitcoin has risen, there are still a few places that want nothing to do with cryptocurrency and it is banned. From the list on expresscomputere.in. The list says Algeria, Bolivia, Bangladesh and a few more. But anyone can have access online to a wallet so I’m not sure if these places just block those sites or just won’t let them enjoy spending the money I’m really not sure how they can stop someone completely guess that is something I will have to look up next. Well without reading pages and pages I skimmed through and seen one that made the most sense on how they could ban it, places where they don’t allow cryptocurrency they just consider it to be a not authorized method of payment. That would be the only way I could see how they could stop someone sort of because they still can get access to it online either way and use it as a form of payment online to another country that allows the use of cryptocurrency.
  7. On that , the best thing is with dealing with things in different countries, foreign exchange, there are not any borders like on land it is all digital so there is not foreign exchange.
  8. The cryptocurrency that is not actually a cryptocurrency, Etherium. All the other cryptocurrencies came out after Bitcoin like Litecoin, Ripple. But this type of coin is not even a actually cryptocurrency.

9. Bet you nor many people did not know the first Bitcoin transaction was to purchase two pizzas. The two pizzas were bought for 10,000 btc, in 2010 when that amount of bitcoin was worth 25 USD. The guy who got the pizza way over paid but how was he to know that in a few years btc would multiply in value.

10. Last I want to let you know how you can earn bitcoin if that is something you would like to do. All the times I mentioned taking surveys and did you know you can take surveys and earn bitcoin? Timebucks. Do all the same stuff you would do to get normal cash from surveys, playing and downloading games, but get bitcoin instead of cash. You can also do online shopping and earn bitcoin. Lolli is a site to earn cash or bitcoin back for shopping. You can start to mine bitcoin also or open a crypto interest account to earn bitcoin.

Well that’s it for today hope you are all healthy and stay that way. Sorry it took so long. I went through a mental block last few days. I love learning about all this as much as writing for you all to learn about it, but for some reason last few days just wasn’t able to read a paragraph or The subject I tried to work on I couldn’t find as much information as I wanted to on it for you. I will keep on my posts as much as I possibly can.

Why Top Freelancers Use These Trusted Sites 2

4 more trusted freelance sites that are not scams and legit. If you want to find out why these are trusted continue reading below.

5. Guru Runs on a bidding system. Someone needs a logo made for their travel blog, bid on it. (freelogos.com) Someone needs Spanish translated to English, bid on it.(googletranslate.com) Remember, for most of these jobs you do not need any special skills unless the employer specifically asks for requirements. Employers can reach out to you if you have something they are looking for in your portfolio. Profiles are free, and free basic membership comes with only 10 bids a month. You can purchase more bids if you don’t want to do recurring billing each month for a paid membership. Guru also takes a percentage from your selling price of the service you do. The percentage is based on your membership, they take more if you are on a free basic plan and cost just gets cheaper for each membership tier.

6. Ndash this website is tailored more for writers where you can set your own price and expectations for projects, like blog posts, in-depth articles and website copy. They have a guide on how you should set your prices. With over 2 million global freelancers, they must be doing something right. 24/7 customer support even.

7. PeoplePerHour They are based in the U.K but they are worldwide. One of the oldest freelance companies on my list. They have very strict criteria to qualify for jobs. You will be tested and screened to see if you are even approved for the project you are applying for. You can bid on any project you want but for the free account you only get 15 free bids a month. They have monthly recurring prices depending on how many bids you want to put in a month. And just like the last couple sites this one also takes out fees.

8. Toptal is more for expert software, designers and managers. They have a three week screening process, so you need to be a expert in your said field. Only 3% of the applicants that apply get approved. If approved you will be getting paid up to 60 dollars a hour based on experience and work with top reputable companies such as Airbnb, Artsy, and Pfizer. This one does not charge fees.

So this is it for the list. Hope that you enjoyed it and it helps some of them freelancers out there that have a hard time looking for legit companies that are not scams.

4 Sites Could Possibly Pay You Everyday.

Freelance work in this post plus a couple of sites that could bring a everyday pay.

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Hope everyone is doing well today. First thing I would like to let you all know about is that I have a email that I want to send extras to all my subscribers. Like ebooks on money making ideas and so much more if this is something you could be interested in here is where you sign up for that, the bottom is just to get notified of a new post this is with the extras.


1. Enrollapp is the first site I want to let you know about. It’s a site that you take tests on and no not your typical school tests. No math here. These are tests from companies that want you to test their sites, their apps or even want to know between two logos which looks better. They pay through paypal so you get paid 24 hours after you finish your test. I signed up and so far all I have been able to do is take poll questions I haven’t gotten any test yet but I only just signed up last night. So I’ll have to see what happens after a few days see if it brings any test for me.

The next one I thought I might had mentioned before but I looked back at a couple posts and didn’t see it there or just missed it but still gonna mention it and talk a little different about it if I had mentioned it before.

2. Fiverr, there is so much freelance work that can be done here on this. Almost anything you FEEL like doing, it can be done on here and if someone wants that job done for them well you can get paid. Currently there is a man on there that puts on a clown outfit and plays a silly song and signs happy birthday to people and he gets paid around 50 dollars per happy birthday. Just imagine if he does ten in a day that’s 500 dollars in one day. He sure making bank every month if it is done even a few times a week. One day of work is a pay week for some people now days.

Sticking to Fiverr there is a lot like I mentioned, if your good at any social media site why not get paid for that. I currently offer a job for that really but on fiverr you can also get paid to help a company with their social media and charge what you feel is right each month for how much work you do for them. But if you just want to do this in general and work for yourself and get paid, CLICK HERE to get paid to have a real job to post and comment on social media sites.

3. Motionden this is one that is not exactly free however how I just learned today it will be free if you do it this way that I explain to you. Motionden is a video editing site and if you look back at fiverr or gonna send you to a new site like fiverr that has less competition then fiverr so you will be more likely to get the job then you would on fiverr. After you sign up for motionden look at video animation then intro and outro easiest to make and when you click on it kind of is self explanatory if you know a little bit about computers. Hope you do or just play around with it til you get things figured out. But be careful because this site does cost like I mentioned think around 9 dollars per video. But you don’t need to pay the way we are doing it. You will get paid to make these videos for someone else. You will go onto quickengig which is essentially just like fiverr but has less competition, it’s a little newer site this is why it’s less. Take a look at the site if you look on the category side for intro and outro you click on that and see someone is getting paid 30 dollars per video they do just a outro or intro, and you can do the same. But to get the people to come to you look at fiverr for this and look at one of the people selling same thing and then look at one that has the most sales and best reviews then take the sales page and model the same sales page on to your quickengig page. It must be working for them to get all that business so why not use something that works right? Just think Mcdonalds and Burger King both sell burgers. They modeled from one another cause they knew it sells. Just of course put in your info and can add a few of your own little touches if you like too. But this is how you will not have to pay for motionden cause you will get paid first from the customer then use that money to pay for your video. That simple.

The last site I want to let you know about is irazoo and this is like your typical survey site you play games, watch videos and offers, download games. But this one the videos refresh everyday so its new content everyday. Get paid with gift card of paypal which most people want, that money right? The video where I first got introduced to this site the caption said watch youtube videos and get paid 120 for ten mins. Well he contradicted himself in my eyes, Because you need 3000 points just to get five dollars in paypal from what it looked like on his video. If it was that easy to make that much why was his account only showing 2000. If that were me I would want to prove my caption but I guess people going to click the video actually thinking they going to make that much in ten minutes I just hope that they can put two and two together like I did. But I actually just did sign up for a account and if my next post says the same thing then it is actually true lol But I doubt you will see that in my next post lol I don’t want to lie to you guys for any reason. I have not one reason to lie. I know it could bring more people to my blog but I rather bring people here with truth and honesty. I don’t lie offline why do I need to be like the rest and lie online. I can make money many different ways and lying will never be one way I make money. Think this post is long enough. Please feel free leave a comment. Do I make my posts to long, to short possibly? Let me know. Any other content you want me to talk about or discuss other money making ways? Let me know what you all want to hear from me. I will do my best to provide that for you.

Caldo de Res

Lastly I’m gonna leave you with a picture of what I made for my husband tonight. Caldo de res. Res is beef, beef soup with lots of veggies. If you would like more recipes I can put some more in just let me know. Have a wonderful day or night whenever your reading this. Stay Healthy.

Real online jobs that pay well

Want to make money like you could offline? Here are some real jobs hiring around the world and some pay very well.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

Hi everyone hope that things are going well with each and everyone of you. Hope you and your family members are staying healthy. Looks like a end is near and we soon should be back to normal, but I think a lot of people will end up doing more online even with things back to normal. More online jobs are going to stay and to keep people I can see pay for something going up for some companies and freelancers can really charge a nice sum to keep people online with them. With that said lets jump into this I have a lot for you today just try to make it short and sweet. All these jobs and sites I got today should for sure be able to help a lot of you make some money. And I made sure I have some that are based around the world not in just the usa.


Onespace is a freelance site again but this one is really easy, can enter receipts into a database, write content for companies, and do research work. Plus so much more. Steady work as the picture says above. Just fill out a application and put in what things you are able to do and if there is nothing available they will contact you when something is. Sounds like there is a little bit of work for everyone on this site.

Next one I want to talk about is Scribie, here you will transcribe things they ask like video conference, documents, youtube videos and you earn up to 25 dollars per hour audio so sounds like it could be good pay.

Clearnvoice is the next one that you create content for companies or even bloggers like me, video makers anyone who needs the help. They work with big companies like Lifelock, Carfax, and Intuit and so much more. If you have some experience being a ghost writer, journalist, writer and more you can set your own pay rate here. They pay through paypal after your finished assignment is approved. They say they are more then a freelance job its a entrepreneurial ladder, meaning the more jobs you do and the better you get the better jobs you will receive and get paid more and can build your portfolio. Picture below shows all the things they do freelance work for. This is global too so many around the world can do this.

Next is usertesting which you get paid to test products for major companies. That simple. But there is a very high demand for this so may be a wait before you are able to test products. Think about it many people love to get free products they can keep for feedback and get paid up to 60 dollars a hour. This is also global. They want you to check even websites or software or apps to make sure there user friendly for people are not so tech savvy.

ysense is a survey site that also has offers that can offer up to 5 dollars for a survey and up 60 dollars for offers. I even signed up looks like a pretty decent survey site. Come join me and make some money there with me. I don’t think I will have a lot of time to make a lot but I sure will give it a try a few times a week when I got a little time on my hands.

The very last thing I want to talk about is something you all know well about but just unsure if you all realize the money opportunity that is there. I’m referring to youtube. Now sure if any of you are like me. I’m sure not a camera person not like the kids now days with their facetime and snapchat they are always in front of the camera. I don’t utilize it either as much as I could also. You can just put stock photos together and add music and make videos that way. The channel brightside does a great job of doing that all stock photo and its just upgraded a bit, check it out when you get a chance. But once you get your channel monetize the money will just roll in. I honestly stumbled on to one channel where a girl sat talking about money in front of the camera and she only made 15 videos that’s all and she is making 24,000 a month I think she said. That would be a great income for anyone.

Well that’s all for this one today. Some days hard to sit long either my back hurt or my neck hurts I can’t win for lose even if I stand for a bit I hurt. But the best thing is I can type this out and even in some pain I can get some good value out to everyone and hope that someone can get some use out of this post. Much love to all stay healthy.

Can Freelance cover the bills the stimulus can’t?

Lets look into some ways to do Freelancing to pay the bills.

So I learned some new things about freelance work today. Learned the easy way to do things and still get that big pay that they want to pay or if you do have a little experience, what you can charge. So have you have thought of looking into freelancing see if there was anything you could possibly do on the sites. What sites do you know of for freelance work? I have a couple if you don’t know any. Upwork.com is a really popular one, all the videos I watch on making money, I have heard that mentioned a lot of times. Guru.com, and latium.org. Three places to get you started and I’m sure you could google more. But now that we got a few places lets look into the easy way to do things.

old man giving you easy made money

So if someone wants something translated, I think you already have used what I’m about to tell you…. google translate. It will translate any language you need, and does much better then it was years ago. I don’t speak Spanish but I can have a full conversation with my husbands family in Mexico using google translate. So yes it works very well. Then lets so you see someone who wants a logo made for their website. Well do what most none technical people use, freelogodesign.com. The site gives you all the things you need to make a logo with most it there done for you just add it together to make what you want. Just type in your niche or what they are asking for and bunch of pictures will pop up for you to use. Super simple. Then how about someone wants something written like a blog post, well you don’t even have to write it at all and you will still get paid. Google whatever it is they are asking you to write about and find the perfect site that has everything or get bits and pieces from different sites if you want. Then go to the site spinbot.com it will rearrange all the words to make a whole new readable article so you don’t get plagiarism with your article.

So that will be all for this one next one I got a bit to let you know about making notebook or short books to sell and make money with. Can easily make big money just making a bunch of notebooks to sell on kindle direct publishing. So hope this all was some value to someone out there and hope it helps make a little money to cover the bills the stimulus won’t be enough to cover. Last thing please do not forget to come join me and make the money I’m making then these little side hustles will be for someone else not you anymore when you start making 6 figure income from affiliate marketing with me. Free training in this program and most the hard work is done for you. Take a look you will not regret it I promise. https://bit.ly/38yOKVr