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10 keyword Search tools for SEO and long-lasting organic traffic

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With all the talk of SEO thought I would give you a good list of places to go to look up keywords for your blogs. Well don’t have to be just for blogs. Links for affiliate products and Youtube videos, Website. Anything online that you want traffic to. Can check out my SEO post here and I have another here, if you want more SEO information.

This is the best way to get organic traffic. Most of these sites tell you how hard it is to get rank from the keyword and number of people that searched for that keyword. This is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site.

If someone is searching how to make blueberry pancakes. Good keyword(s) for your site is what…. blueberry pancakes. That is what they are searching so you want them keywords so they find you. lets get on this long list.

Keyword Generator is from ahrefs and this is a excellent site. I watch a lot of his videos on youtube. With the keyword generator you can choose where your results come from. Google, Bing, Youtube, and Amazon. In the results give you different rank in Google, volume of people that searched that keyword, and last time that was updated, so you know how accurate volume and rank are at that moment. It also gives you questions that were asked with that keyword.

Ubersuggest, which is from neil patel. I love the site he has so much to offer and his podcast. A lot of my information I get from his podcast. This has the same results as keyword generator almost. SEO difficulty plus a couple other things are a little different with the results, but not to much difference between the two.

SemRush keyword magic tool: Hope by now some of you know about how good semrush is. Has so much to offer. They have a paid and free version. You only get a few free searches a month. Has the same results as keyword generator. Volume searched, difficulty to rank and how hard it is to compete doing paid traffic with the keyword.

semrush keyword magic tool

Questiondb uses reddit and quora plus more sites to get it’s results for keywords. You don’t even need an account to search here. Unlimited searches and you can also download your results.

Moz keyword explorer: Gives you the same answers as the last sites. This one only gives you 10 searches a month.

Google: think we all know what Google can do for us. Once you type in the word you will get suggestions of what other people ask for using that word. You can also scroll down to the section “People also ask” you will get more suggestions what people are asking with that keyword.

Google Trends: I mentioned this before and it helps with your keyword search by telling you how many people have searched for that particular word.

keyworddit uses reddit to get it’s results. This one is better to use with other keyword search tools. Can get a little different result when you use this in combination with other tools and will only help with your keyword search.

Keyword sheeter gets it’s its results from google. This one is great to help with blog topic but it is very limited with it’s free version.

Answer the public: I mentioned this before, this is a great site. Helps so much with our blogs in many ways. Put it one or two words and what country and language you want your results. Gives you instant search into the direct minds of our customers. Discover a goldmine of ideas. Answer the public ensures that it’s as optimized and targeted as much as possible, when it comes to writing content. With our content and answer the public search listing tool, it’s easy to grow our businesses.

So hope this list helps you find the best keyword search tool for you. So many out there and can even use some together. To get multiple answers to know your getting the best answers possible to help with your SEO. None of these are affiliate links just links to some of these sites.

Good luck and hope this gets you further in learning and doing SEO. Want all of you to get free organic traffic to your blogs. Have yourself a great day or night and please… stay safe.

Money making strategies for your blog

For those of us who have a blog struggle in so many ways to either get on the first page of google, or to aim for more traffic from social medias or to even just monetize our blogs. I am learning a taking a big traffic course at the moment so it has been taking up a lot of my time with that and trying to take care my grandson.

I have been reading so many different blogs and videos on different ways to monetize your blog. Now what do I mean by monetize, for those of you who may not of heard the term before. It really just means make money from your blog.

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One of the first ways we can make money from our blogs is Ads. Think any of us from wordpress know about wordads. And then the google ads most of us know all so well. You don’t want to just rely on the ads though because what if you do one thing they don’t like then you lose your paycheck right? So then we get in to other ways of making some money from our blog or blogs. Yes you can have more than one. I have a hard time keeping up with one let alone two. Maybe the future will open up new doors for me where I will have more time for two blogs.

Sponsorships, which is when a company comes to you to advertise their brand on your blog. From what I have read some can pay really good too. If you get this chance I think I would take it. Well at least I have not read any bad things for doing sponsorships.

Maybe you’re more the type of person that can easily make your own digital product then sell that on your blog. That you can set your own price and make as little or as much as you want, all up to when it’s your product.

Do you think you could do paid memberships for you subscribers and visitors. I don’t know if I can at least not at this point, I know don’t have enough content nor enough to make someone pay. Once again maybe in my future but not now that’s for sure.

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Another way is to take donations from your audience. Not much I can say on this one. But they say you can have people pay you for the work you do put in with donations. I don’t think I could ever do this. Maybe do donations to less fortunate but me, myself I don’t need donations.

Do you think you can coach someone in your niche, if you can then you can get paid for that too. It would be like any other teaching job to me. Maybe not school teaching but you are still teaching someone a skill so why not get paid if you know enough to teach. I think I could do this, I have been making money online many different ways for years. I go off of what I learn over the years when I type but I look up what is new, what is now in ways to make money. Some things I maybe have tried years ago still can work but not always in the same ways I have done them. So just want to keep it all new and fresh for you guys and then I am also learning too. I did not like the things they taught in school but now I love to learn and this what I do in my spare time is learn, learn learn. Only because it is something I like to learn about.

affiliate marketing

Well last but not least is putting affiliate links on your blog. No one can tell you that affiliate links are not allowed even if you use google ads or sponsorships. They can not stop you from using affiliate links. I think almost all the bloggers use a affiliate link in some form. So get on clickbank or any other affiliate place and start earning that commission.

You know now a lot of ways to make money with your blog and remember traffic go back to my post about herculist to double your visitors like I did.

Found a awesome new site/app and helped me being I run this show by myself as I’m sure most of you do. I have also realized so much traffic can come from pinterest and instagram and I don’t have to post anymore. I save a bunch of posts to my tailwindapp and I an schedule for everyday for the whole month and not have to worry about pinning or posting on either one of those social medias. Come join me on tailwind and you will get 15 dollars and give me 15 just for signing up under my link. We both win here. It is a great app and I don’t know how I managed without it.

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