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4 Sites Could Possibly Pay You Everyday.

Freelance work in this post plus a couple of sites that could bring a everyday pay.

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Hope everyone is doing well today. First thing I would like to let you all know about is that I have a email that I want to send extras to all my subscribers. Like ebooks on money making ideas and so much more if this is something you could be interested in here is where you sign up for that, the bottom is just to get notified of a new post this is with the extras.


1. Enrollapp is the first site I want to let you know about. It’s a site that you take tests on and no not your typical school tests. No math here. These are tests from companies that want you to test their sites, their apps or even want to know between two logos which looks better. They pay through paypal so you get paid 24 hours after you finish your test. I signed up and so far all I have been able to do is take poll questions I haven’t gotten any test yet but I only just signed up last night. So I’ll have to see what happens after a few days see if it brings any test for me.

The next one I thought I might had mentioned before but I looked back at a couple posts and didn’t see it there or just missed it but still gonna mention it and talk a little different about it if I had mentioned it before.

2. Fiverr, there is so much freelance work that can be done here on this. Almost anything you FEEL like doing, it can be done on here and if someone wants that job done for them well you can get paid. Currently there is a man on there that puts on a clown outfit and plays a silly song and signs happy birthday to people and he gets paid around 50 dollars per happy birthday. Just imagine if he does ten in a day that’s 500 dollars in one day. He sure making bank every month if it is done even a few times a week. One day of work is a pay week for some people now days.

Sticking to Fiverr there is a lot like I mentioned, if your good at any social media site why not get paid for that. I currently offer a job for that really but on fiverr you can also get paid to help a company with their social media and charge what you feel is right each month for how much work you do for them. But if you just want to do this in general and work for yourself and get paid, CLICK HERE to get paid to have a real job to post and comment on social media sites.

3. Motionden this is one that is not exactly free however how I just learned today it will be free if you do it this way that I explain to you. Motionden is a video editing site and if you look back at fiverr or gonna send you to a new site like fiverr that has less competition then fiverr so you will be more likely to get the job then you would on fiverr. After you sign up for motionden look at video animation then intro and outro easiest to make and when you click on it kind of is self explanatory if you know a little bit about computers. Hope you do or just play around with it til you get things figured out. But be careful because this site does cost like I mentioned think around 9 dollars per video. But you don’t need to pay the way we are doing it. You will get paid to make these videos for someone else. You will go onto quickengig which is essentially just like fiverr but has less competition, it’s a little newer site this is why it’s less. Take a look at the site if you look on the category side for intro and outro you click on that and see someone is getting paid 30 dollars per video they do just a outro or intro, and you can do the same. But to get the people to come to you look at fiverr for this and look at one of the people selling same thing and then look at one that has the most sales and best reviews then take the sales page and model the same sales page on to your quickengig page. It must be working for them to get all that business so why not use something that works right? Just think Mcdonalds and Burger King both sell burgers. They modeled from one another cause they knew it sells. Just of course put in your info and can add a few of your own little touches if you like too. But this is how you will not have to pay for motionden cause you will get paid first from the customer then use that money to pay for your video. That simple.

The last site I want to let you know about is irazoo and this is like your typical survey site you play games, watch videos and offers, download games. But this one the videos refresh everyday so its new content everyday. Get paid with gift card of paypal which most people want, that money right? The video where I first got introduced to this site the caption said watch youtube videos and get paid 120 for ten mins. Well he contradicted himself in my eyes, Because you need 3000 points just to get five dollars in paypal from what it looked like on his video. If it was that easy to make that much why was his account only showing 2000. If that were me I would want to prove my caption but I guess people going to click the video actually thinking they going to make that much in ten minutes I just hope that they can put two and two together like I did. But I actually just did sign up for a account and if my next post says the same thing then it is actually true lol But I doubt you will see that in my next post lol I don’t want to lie to you guys for any reason. I have not one reason to lie. I know it could bring more people to my blog but I rather bring people here with truth and honesty. I don’t lie offline why do I need to be like the rest and lie online. I can make money many different ways and lying will never be one way I make money. Think this post is long enough. Please feel free leave a comment. Do I make my posts to long, to short possibly? Let me know. Any other content you want me to talk about or discuss other money making ways? Let me know what you all want to hear from me. I will do my best to provide that for you.

Caldo de Res

Lastly I’m gonna leave you with a picture of what I made for my husband tonight. Caldo de res. Res is beef, beef soup with lots of veggies. If you would like more recipes I can put some more in just let me know. Have a wonderful day or night whenever your reading this. Stay Healthy.

5 Ways to make $100 dollars a day👍

Could you use 100 in a your bank account a day? Think we all could, here is a few ways I found for you hope this helps someone.

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Userinterviews.com want to get your feedback on products or services or stuff online. All the stuff can be done online its not going to a physical place to get the item. Even got focus groups that can pay up to 200 dollars a hour, but it is all based on demographics which I’m sure if you have taken any surveys you know just what that means but if you haven’t, means basically based on your age, your sex, your region all that comes in to factor before your able to do this because they may have enough 40 year old women that live in Wisconsin or something like that. Does that make sense? How many have been denied a survey because they weren’t in the right demographics they wanted for that particular survey? For this site though you must be 18 and older and it is based all over the world but from what I hear there is just more jobs in the US then other countries but that could change or could have already changed who knows.

Respondent.io is the same thing as user interviews however they do take a very tiny fee of 5% however they do pay more they pay up to 140 dollars so it almost averages out to the other one but if you really look 5% is not a huge amount and if you did both of these and if you are in a great demographic group you could for sure be making more then 100 a day with the two put together and I even have a third site that is based somewhere over seas they having you earning 20-100 pounds but US still can apply for this site also and they will automatically pay 7 days after the test is over straight into your paypal account. Sounds like a excellent deal to me for all three of these.

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Know you all heard of ebay or you living under a rock. I’m sure a lot of you also heard of shopify. I don’t know much about it but if its what I’m about to explain then it will be something I will be looking into for another income source. This is super easy. It does take time at first but hey I rather it take my time then my money. But all you need to do is find a item that is selling on ebay. Then go to this next site that I’m sure a lot of you a lso may of heard of also. Aliexpress.

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You can find the same item on there for so much cheaper. Then make a listing on ebay for a price in between the two or even for the same price because even at that first price the item is selling. And if your trying to sell some jewelry and someone is selling it for 14 dollars on ebay already then look at aliexpress it is 2 dollars for that item and I bet they didn’t include the shipping cost in that price. It may take a couple sales but if you have that and maybe a couple other items, make a whole store which is the work in the beginning then sit back and collect the profits after that. You will have to take the customers information and add it into aliexpress so the shipping is all on them you don’t have anything to do but type in a few things but then with that you also have there address that you can use to make more money with later if you want to get into affiliated marketing. So that turns out to be a win win situation. Could make more then 100 a day and after you make your store or the items you want to sell, its all passive income coming in.

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Now you could take that same concept and take it over to facebook market place. If you ever look up items on there a lot of people are sending you to a link to make your purchase, they are doing the same exact thing and making so much money doing it. Between ebay and facebook the money opportunity there is just huge. I don’t know if it would make you a millionaire but I think it could pay the bills and have some left over for things you may have wanted to buy. Got to remember the market is there and people are going on each of these sites daily to search for items and that is free traffic that you never have to worry about getting there yourself.

Ok this next one is something that any blogger really should not do it is against googles terms of services. Text links, and what that is when big big businesses online or a company would ask for you to post in your blog a link back to their site and the blogger can get paid 100, 200 even more depends on the company I guess. I don’t know where to go for this. I assume these companies would come to the blogger. I don’t have google adsense and I don’t know if it would be against wordpress but I would never want to lose my blog so if anyone did come to me I would make sure I would not lose my blog for it I want to continue to help you all with making money any ways I can find.

There are so many ways to make money online and I have many more of course but this post is already getting long so I think I will leave it at this for now and see you in the next post with more money making sites for you all. Please take a look at the last post it is so dear to me. The pain I go through on a daily basis and herbal plants have gotten me off a lot of the narcotics I was on and even though the pain will never go away at least I can move and have a quality of life.

Lost book of herbal remedies

Home Remedies
home remedy book for north america

Hope everyone is healthy and please stay safe.

Can Freelance cover the bills the stimulus can’t?

Lets look into some ways to do Freelancing to pay the bills.

So I learned some new things about freelance work today. Learned the easy way to do things and still get that big pay that they want to pay or if you do have a little experience, what you can charge. So have you have thought of looking into freelancing see if there was anything you could possibly do on the sites. What sites do you know of for freelance work? I have a couple if you don’t know any. Upwork.com is a really popular one, all the videos I watch on making money, I have heard that mentioned a lot of times. Guru.com, and latium.org. Three places to get you started and I’m sure you could google more. But now that we got a few places lets look into the easy way to do things.

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So if someone wants something translated, I think you already have used what I’m about to tell you…. google translate. It will translate any language you need, and does much better then it was years ago. I don’t speak Spanish but I can have a full conversation with my husbands family in Mexico using google translate. So yes it works very well. Then lets so you see someone who wants a logo made for their website. Well do what most none technical people use, freelogodesign.com. The site gives you all the things you need to make a logo with most it there done for you just add it together to make what you want. Just type in your niche or what they are asking for and bunch of pictures will pop up for you to use. Super simple. Then how about someone wants something written like a blog post, well you don’t even have to write it at all and you will still get paid. Google whatever it is they are asking you to write about and find the perfect site that has everything or get bits and pieces from different sites if you want. Then go to the site spinbot.com it will rearrange all the words to make a whole new readable article so you don’t get plagiarism with your article.

So that will be all for this one next one I got a bit to let you know about making notebook or short books to sell and make money with. Can easily make big money just making a bunch of notebooks to sell on kindle direct publishing. So hope this all was some value to someone out there and hope it helps make a little money to cover the bills the stimulus won’t be enough to cover. Last thing please do not forget to come join me and make the money I’m making then these little side hustles will be for someone else not you anymore when you start making 6 figure income from affiliate marketing with me. Free training in this program and most the hard work is done for you. Take a look you will not regret it I promise. https://bit.ly/38yOKVr

Is Remote working a good income?

I think that anyone that does remote work can really have a good income from it I just don’t think that you can get high pay from it well least high pay like doing affiliate marketing and freelancing. But with this pandemic is a excellent thing for those who had a career and got laid off remote work can help cause possibly you could find what you were doing and get back to work. As I said in the last blog I would let you know some remote sites for everyone who is interested in that type of work so I really hope I bring some value to someone with this.

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First one I would like to let you know about is weworkremotely.com has a lot of jobs has more tech jobs but there is still more then that just more tech then other jobs. Remoteok.io has a lot of any type of job for working remotely but the only way this one differs from the rest is it helps you move and work abroad if you want to move this could be just what your looking for. Nodesk.co, workew.com all are basically the same type of the other remote jobs online so not to much different to explain then the others. But I only mention to give you more value so incase the other sites don’t have just what your looking for maybe one of these other sites do.

I do think that if you want to make more money working online my opinion you can’t get it doing remote work, freelancing is where you can make the pay you want and there is no cap on your salary, you decide on what you get paid. But if you feel you don’t have enough skill for what you want to do for a freelance job then I think a good option is udemy.com and skillshare they both got courses you can take you can take to up your game on whatever skill it is you have or even want to do.

Really should build up your resume for freelance work and also if you do have different skillsets your should change your resume to match what job your going for not have things on there that most likely won’t matter to the person looking at your resume they only concerned with the type of job they want you to do.

So this is all I have for you today and I really hope that this is some value to someone and really helps you out. Now if you want to make big money with absolutely no cap the money can just keep coming and coming and coming join me for some free training. Learn affiliate marketing and have the work done for you if you have no clue where to start this is the place for you. Please take a look and encourage you to get the program it will change your life as it is changing mine every single day.

Well have a absolutely amazing day, evening.. whenever your reading this and please even though things are looking way better out there do not jump the gun to quick take things slow… stay safe.

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For Amazon Sellers

I have been looking into a site called Splitly and it helps sellers through amazon even with multiple accounts take care the math of it all help each customer through understand that part doing testing on products you could be selling. They seem like they are a awesome site to help the sellers and If any one out there needs some help this might be something great to look into. They are in many countries too not just North America.

I know once I get that far I do want to become a wholesaler or seller on Amazon and this site looks like the best place to help me through all that and I know it will help someone out there looking for help in this department. They help optimize your listings, its basically listing optimizing software is what its referred to. Says it will help crush your competition and I do not have any examples but if interested this site has been around for a while now I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be to hard to find some reviews and examples.

As they say they have scientifically proven results, tool kits to suit your specific needs and remove the manual work. Does show a few reviews on the site but if I were looking into something I plan on diving into I look for reviews offline and from a few different sites. The site has been mentioned in very popular sites and magazines so they must be doing something right lol also shows the pricing right on the first page that’s one thing I love when looking into a purchase shows they are very transparent and not looking to hide anything. So please take a look really thought this could help someone so I thought I would mention it in this brief little post. Splitly.com

Thanks for reading just trying to help and only hopes this can help someone out there. Stay healthy.