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Facebook live tomorrow and November 6-7


The Secret To Getting 85% Of Opt Ins To Read Your Follow Ups

Just a reminder for both

Traffic Domination Nov. live

Don’t forget about the big one in November, gonna be a good one to explain a lot for those who are unsure about the program.

Creative and fun apps that actually pay pretty decent

Think by now we all know the ways to get paid online. There are countless ways and every day I always find more. Blogging is the main one we all do lately. There are quite a few ways to get paid from blogging, more than you think.

  • ads
  • sponsorships
  • freelance work
  • affiliate marketing
  • selling your own e-book/course

Sure there could be more that I am not aware of. With all the reading this is what I had managed to find out so far, the different ways to make money from blogging. So don’t give up because your ads may not be up there yet. There are so many possibilities that can do to get the money until your ads start doing better. You will make more from affiliate marketing or freelance work. It is all up to you and what you feel like doing and what you enjoy. Let’s look into one affiliate marketing that is so far the best out there. I have mentioned it so many times but this is the only one that has shown me more than any other one I have tried so far.. OLSP System. No other program pays you to learn how to make money, and they have free ongoing training. If you want to make $20 dollars in under 2 hours. if you keep watching video after video, some are very short. It can be quickly done. Come join me and meet me in the next free live training. Look forward to it. Don’t want to miss out on all this free training, no one else does this for free look online. There is always a charge. This whole system could go for thousands and Wayne does this all for free ( the training that is). There are extra things you can buy which only boost your income higher. But there is no obligation to purchase anything today. Do the Bootcamp get a feel for the system first. Bet you will love it as I do. Ok on with the apps.


Cash magnet says you can earn money using your phone for doing nothing. Absolutely passive income. Only for a android phone, sorr iphone users. I can not use this app either. CashMagnet pays you for every minute of your time. You do nothing, no tasks to perform, no ads to watch and no games to play. You get paid for doing nothing. Cash magnet also claims that after only two months of working with them you can buy yourself a new phone. Somehow I doubt it’s a good high end phone they are talking about. I could be wrong of course. I have a iphone so unsure of how much a person can make.Even the very first review of this app says just what I say. The review says you can make 100-200 a year. From that review I do not see how you can get new phone if your making that little amount. Even being generous saying I would make that 200 a year. That only averages out to be about 17 dollars a month. Not enough to by even the cheapest of phones. Still could be a few extra dollars in your pocket for doing absolutely nothing.


Observanow is an app where you can get paid for completing surveys in stores, or “opportunities.” These involve answering a few questions, taking some photos, and speaking with a store associate or manager. You will do tasks in your area like I tried to do. I personally did not use this app but I tried another one and with my internet, it was not sending. I am sure most of you have much better internet than I have so this would be something fairly easy for you. I had to take a picture of a store shelf one time or they wanted me to purchase a specific type of beer and try it out. They would pay me back for the cost of the beer plus ten dollars for giving the review on. Free beer plus ten bucks. Great gig for a college kid. Me though not so much, I have not drank in about ten years now. Heavy meds for my back does not allow me to mix the two. Back to the app here.. This app is for android and ios which is great. When you sign up make sure you use the same email that you would use for your paypal. If you use a different email than you may not get your payment from observa.

Easyshift is the one I had tried and like I said it was just my internet. Easy to do most tasks. Mabe people in bigger cities get more tasks. Me living so far even from a small city I did not get to many tasks. I had maybe 3 or 4 on my list that stayed for a month or so. I did not stay on much past that month, was no point for me with my internet not sending out. It was a great app though have to give it that. I had no issues with it myself. Easy to use, easy to understand. If you like to do little things around town or a collage student looking for beer money, this could be the app for you. This also pays you through paypal. This is something I love about these apps when they pay you through paypal. Easy to get your money or use the money from paypal. After your task is approved for payment, it takes up to 48 hours to get paid. Easyshift also works in usa and the uk. Any other country you would have to take a look. Maybe observa pays for Canada or any other country you might live in. Do your research. That is always something you should do before you begin any app or site anyway. If you jump in blindly to anything that pays you or have some kind of contract with, should always do your research. Read the TOS and policy . All the stuff they have to make sure you and the site or app are on the same page with pay and how you will be getting paid.


Lastly this one I had just found out about myself and I will be looking into it a lot more because my assistant just sits up here plugged in barley getting used. Google home mini I have. If you have any home assistant app like Alexa, Amazon Echo, this is the app for you . Conversationally. You can earn up to $100 dollars every month just for using your smart assistant. They say, make your smart assistant work better for you. This also pays you through paypal so remember use your paypal email. All you need to do is talk to your smart speaker as you normally do and then you also get entered into a $500 dollar monthly sweepstakes. If you use your smart speaker a lot this could be something for you. I don’t think you need to use it every single day but like I had mentioned I will be looking into this one more. My speaker just sits here most the time waiting for me to use it for my lights or play the news which I don’t do as much as I use to.

google home Photo by John Tekeridis on Pexels.com

I will be putting it to work than just like it says lol. I didn’t even purchase this, got it free from google. I got rewarded from google for being a youtube premium member for years. Which was very thoughtful of them. Google really thinks of their long time customers which is great business practice. Think this is long enough for today. I had started this yesterday but I have my grandson and also I am sick. My throat hurt and now today I lost my voice. This is all that is wrong so I do not think it is the bad virus going around. I am vaccinated which I know is not 100% safe. I also go out with masks and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. I just don’t want my husband to get sick with him being the only one brining in a paycheck in this house. My money is not always consistent yet. Once that is more of a regular thing hubby can take some days off work and not worry about bills. Can’t wait for that day. I make some but think you all know how it is. Just need to make sure it is a safety net than things can change around. Ok that is it for today. Go out before summer is over. Have some fun, enjoy the warmth and sunshine. That is my plan for today. Going to the pool with my grandson. Have a great day or night see you in the next post. Just a reminder Encore of the last webinar and here is some information if you need to understand it a little more… This is also going to be a post on my facebook under the same name as my blog name.

The one thing every business needs?


It does not matter what business people are in they need leads that they can turn into customers, this is how the world of business works!

Well what if there was a loop hole, where you could get business’ the leads they need and get rewarded handsomely for it?
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We have put together a training on how you can find business (clients) that need leads, how to get their business easily whilst getting top price for your services and how to get paid over and over again from these business’

Think of the value you can bring to a person or business when you can say, I can get you leads for your business…It is just about the best feeling you can have helping other business owners!

It may sound complicated but on this training we will show you how you can get this all set up even if you are brand new, and how you can get started pretty much the same day 🙂

If this is something you never thought of before, or you have tried this and failed, jump on this training to find some real hidden secrets on how you can do all of this and generate high monthly profits as a result!

Join us 21 August @ 3pm BST

See you there..stay safe.

Sites that don’t work and some that are great for your business

There has been a few sites that did not work for me and I was not redoing the sign up. I have not added a couple sites to my apps I use a lot and love. So let’s find out what didn’t work for me, and what I love because it doubled my traffic. Come join me at OLSP and make 20 dollars in 2 hours just for learning how to make money online.

Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

Cashapp did not work properly for me and I am one not to waste my time. I do understand things happen so I do inform these companies but as for me, I won’t waste my time if it is not too important to me. I was trying to sign up for the bitcoin part in cash app. It says it should take a few days. A month goes by and it still says the very same thing so I emailed them. They wanted me to resubmit my personal ID online again. I was not having that. I just was not putting my personal information out there again because their system messed up. Where did my first information go then? Why do they not look into these things and contact the person? Why did I have to wait a whole month and they did absolutely nothing and still did nothing when I emailed them. They expected me to do all the work again. Nope, I was not doing it, and I didn’t. What about you… Do you feel comfortable sending or Id, driver’s license, social security online? Would you feel comfortable sending the same information twice to the same company? Let me know in the comments how you feel about this situation.

The next one has to do with a video I will also share. Just because I couldn’t make money from this easy way don’t mean you can’t. Sure there will be a lot of you it will work for and not have the issue I have. Volutic is a app that they have you sign up then you get a code sent to your email. Well I couldn’t get the email code to work for me. Hope it works for you because it is really a great site. Get paid to read email. Well from the video it says you don’t have to even read the email even and you still get paid. And If you follow through with the video you could make some decent money.

I have mentioned this app before but I had read so much that it doubles your traffic and it is so true. The more you use the two of these apps together it to can help double your traffic to your blog or website. Tailwind will schedule your pins that you make with canva. I have a free canva for now but I do plan on going to a paid plan soon, love the app so much, has so much to offer to offer to help make some great pins for pinterest. Then you schedule it in tailwind.

Got just a video on traffic before I end the post for today. I will have a new ebook coming out to soon. Just do not want to keep pushing them on you so miss a few days then I will get the new one out. But please don’t forget about olsp. Make 20 dollars for learning how to earn money online with one link. I wouldn’t keep going on but I so believe in this system and it has showed me what it can do faster than any affiliate program out there. Check it out when you can promise you will love it as much as I do. Olsp System.

Here is a video on traffic hope this helps stay safe.

4 Work from home jobs that pay well, with samples for the last job.

The four work from home jobs I have for you today plus I have a couple videos for you to check out also. We all know how hard it is to find jobs that pay well and allow you to work from home. So today I am going to help you with that search with the 4 work from home jobs I have for you and the last one I have a video with a bunch of ideas to help with that job. Let’s dive into this.

I got a video to help with more traffic to your blogs or sites. Know many of us struggle with this one so thought I would start with this video for you.

Respondent is one I had mentioned before on my blog. For those of you who may have missed that post click on the highlighted word and it will take you to the last post. It is a marketing research platform which one person made over 2,000 in a month from. Means so could you. That is a job for some people. You will be asked to provide your opinion on products. After a few days of providing your opinion you will get asked to join the big paying jobs. You could be selected for a 30 minute job and get paid $50-$75 dollars just for that 30 minutes.

validately screenshot

Validately is another research platform like respondent. Here you will be asked to review the design of a website and provide verbal feedback. You can get paid up to $10 dollars for 10 minutes of your time and $40 dollars for 30 minutes. Seems like this pays pretty decent like respondent. I have not signed up for either one of these so you know there is no affiliate links for these or the next site. I just haven’t had time to try any of these sites out. Figure how long I have known about respondent I could have tried by now just haven’t. If any of you have tried either one of these sites I mention let us know in the comments if they are good sites. I look for sites with good reviews and lot of people saying good things on pinterest also. I hope that all I have read are true statements.


Rev is the next one I got for you and this one I have been really wanting to try. I love to type and write even if it is to transcribe. That is what you do for this site is transcribe or write captions for audio. From the time this pin or tiktok was made I see the prices on rev went up. The pinner said that you make $1.10 a minute but on the site it shows you make $1.25 per audio hour. The pinner claimed you make that amount per minute which is not technically true. Even someone commented and said it is per audio hour rates and the comment said $75 dollars per audio hour. That may be more now that the rates have gone up also.

The last one comes with a video to give you ideas and samples of what you can sell. Etsy. do you know you could make a really good passive income. With the likes and reviews one person had they made over 30 thousand dollars off their digital planner they have on etsy. You can make planners and so much more all for free with canva. It has worksheets, planners, templates to make almost any digital product you can think of making. Even the more unique I think that would really sell instead of same things everyone else has on etsy.

This video is from last year but I bet there is still a lot of great ideas you could use in here.

Olsp has a encore of pinterest for traffic 2021: Explode your visitors, email list, audience and sales

Tomorrow 19:00 London Time meet me in the live tomorrow, have a great day or night. Stay safe. This is the best system ever just earn money from one link. No more being a affiliate to multiple programs only need one.

Online sites that bring in cash and traffic

Hey hope that everyone is doing well on this fine day. Here the weather is actually not at its best or should I say air quality. I have never seen it the way it is now. I guess there are a lot of fires and honestly.. I didn’t watch the news to see where the fires were. But we are getting the effects of the fires with hazy skies and bad air quality. It smells outside, you can just smell it in the air.

With the air quality so bad, it even put a haze over the sun and made it look bright orange. Was so gorgeous. I had to take a bunch of pictures at 6:45 monday morning. Sorry was not my car and yes that window is super dirty sorry but still love all the color in the picture.

But today I just have a few sites to talk about and not sure if these are ones I mentioned or I mentioned sites like it.

First site is acx. This is one I mentioned before, if you care to go back and read that post for those who might have missed it. But letting those who might of missed it and those who read it just get a little insite


I kind of said it wrong last time. You are not reading audio books you will be reading books and turning them into audio books and as you see. You can filter what kind of books your interested in and pick what you want to read. How long even. Can even chose which way you want to get paid. Royalties when the book is bought means you get part of the sale. Or you can chose to get paid just for reading. Has a lot of different things to let you narrow down what you want to read. So you will audition for the book and the author will chose who they want to read.

Next one I want to let you know about is snapwire.co, you just take pictures and make passive income from your pictures. No not professional pictures are needed. Bloggers like us, and many others who have websites and more are always looking for pictures they can use on their sites. They can buy the pictures you upload. Prices that you get will depend on the size, the resolution and more from the pictures you upload. There are three ways to get paid on this site. Competition. You enter a competition and if you win you get paid. Upgrade. If your pictures are getting a lot of sales and your getting very noticed on the site then you can get upgraded and get paid more.

I want to mention a great program I mentioned before also. Just does not seem to get enough credit. Cashjuice is a great site to bring in traffic to your site. It lets you look at ad get points get paid and besides just using a post to bring in traffic you look at these ads to get your post that you want to use to get traffic to when you get points looking at ads. It is not like the others to send mass traffic but it can bring in some traffic to your site or blog even affiliate links.

Check it out when you can just does not seem to get the credit it deserves. I love it and love the nice warm community on the site. So friendly and willing to help one another and be there for one another.

I finally got a new download for the week. This is a good one Simple Affiliate Secrets. I have yet to read it but it looked like it would be a good one. I know I could learn a few more things to help boost my sales.

Very last thing I want to still let you know about, The webinar last week is something I will be posting about a lot want everyone to come join OLSP. Wayne hosts new Facebook Lives all the time and some that are super interesting sure there will be something for everyone. But the site alone is awesome. Teaches so much about earning money on facebook and earning with commenting. So many videos to learn with even after you become a traffic dominator finishing boot camp. Boot camp was packed with some much value that it sure would help so many people with building traffic to sites and links and earn money. Please come join me in the free facebook group that is always there to help with any questions you may have about boot camp or any other questions after. Plus don’t forget finish boot camp and you get paid 20 dollars. The 20 is a great plus but so much value you learn is worth so much more then money can put a value on even. Least that is my opinion. Hope to see you over there. The next live will be Thursday The secret method to get solo ads working for you over and over again. Click here sign up find out more about the facebook or when I have more info I will get it to you right away.

Thats it for today have a great day or night stay safe.