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Let’s Dive Deeper into SEO to Rank on Google

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Google has 3.5 billion searches everyday. This is something you need to be a part of and most of those searches people do not look past the first couple pages. We need to learn through SEO to get on that first page.

Getting on the first page does take work. Just like it takes work to keep traffic flowing though your blog or website. You need to rank higher in google to get them organic searches flowing through your site. Once you get that you know your doing great with your site.

Lets look into on page optimization: which means everything you should do when your making your site or blog. doesn’t matter if you already have your blog up. This can be started now and be done in the matter of minutes to any new or existing site. Many of these techniques are overlooked by 95% of all internet marketers and those who are trying to improve their search engine result placements or (serps) Where I got this information, this great ebook, they review websites for their clients and many are not applying these SEP techniques.

Off page-optimization: are all the internal factors that effect your Google ranking, With recent changes to Google algorithm they focused on the importance of both on and off page SEO factors.

You need to manage your website optimization efforts on a daily and weekly basis. With the simple process which I will explain a bit here, doing this daily and weekly will keep your site moving higher in the search results and protect your top search positions.

In order to improve your ranking, you will need to see how your site measures up. There are a variety of SEO tools and resources that helps you see if your site measures up. Moz is a very good site to use for this. You can also use SemRush and Ahrefs. Everyone has their own preference for this. See which site feels best for you. Which you can understand and work best for you and your site.

This ebook had a very excellent analogy about Google and ranking on it. They said it is like a voting system. The votes are based on how well you conform to on-site factors like page titles, page descriptions,. Also off-site factors like who links to your website and other factors deal with how well your site performs for people using it.

More than just sites linking to you it actually ranks more on how well the site linking to you ranks. The more links a site gets won’t matter if they are from a lower ranking site. You can get a ton of low ranking sites but just one or two high ranking sites. Google mainly looks just at the higher ranking sites not the lower ranking sites linking to you.

To me it sounds like high school. The more popular links you get linking to your site is all that matters. It does not matter if a lot of non-popular sites link to you. At least you have on-page factors that help in this matter also.

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Use Google Search Console to help keep your site top shape with how Google views your website and diagnose potential problems. It crawls and indexes your site and learns about specific problems Google has accessing it.

Discover your link and query traffic Google search queries drives to your site, and see exactly how users arrive there.

Share information about your site. Tell Google about
your pages with Sitemaps: which ones are the most
important to you and how often they change. You can also
let us know how you would like the URLs we index to

Very few people use Google Search Console despite it’s importance. Most are fixated on Google Analytics and they don’t see the potential and how it is specifically designed for SEO. This ebook suggests you upload XML Sitemap to your account. It is essential you upload for Google to easily and fully crawl your website.

I use both and I am still learning all the different things both can offer. I heard about sitemap but was unsure how to use it till now. Go here to make the sitemap for your site. The site will walk you through what you need to do.

Once your site is fully indexed it can be ranked for keywords. If you need help using these features go to big fin Seo.

Before I make this super long and boring I think I need another part to this. There is so much in this ebook and I only just put a dent in it. But I know many out there want to learn SEO and I want to help as much as I can.

Hope this gives you a lot of value. I know I have learned a few things that I have no known before. Sure there will be a lot more to learn too.

Thanks for reading. Have yourself a great day or night. Stay safe!

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