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Why Top Freelancers Use These Trusted Sites 2

4 more trusted freelance sites that are not scams and legit. If you want to find out why these are trusted continue reading below.

5. Guru Runs on a bidding system. Someone needs a logo made for their travel blog, bid on it. (freelogos.com) Someone needs Spanish translated to English, bid on it.(googletranslate.com) Remember, for most of these jobs you do not need any special skills unless the employer specifically asks for requirements. Employers can reach out to you if you have something they are looking for in your portfolio. Profiles are free, and free basic membership comes with only 10 bids a month. You can purchase more bids if you don’t want to do recurring billing each month for a paid membership. Guru also takes a percentage from your selling price of the service you do. The percentage is based on your membership, they take more if you are on a free basic plan and cost just gets cheaper for each membership tier.

6. Ndash this website is tailored more for writers where you can set your own price and expectations for projects, like blog posts, in-depth articles and website copy. They have a guide on how you should set your prices. With over 2 million global freelancers, they must be doing something right. 24/7 customer support even.

7. PeoplePerHour They are based in the U.K but they are worldwide. One of the oldest freelance companies on my list. They have very strict criteria to qualify for jobs. You will be tested and screened to see if you are even approved for the project you are applying for. You can bid on any project you want but for the free account you only get 15 free bids a month. They have monthly recurring prices depending on how many bids you want to put in a month. And just like the last couple sites this one also takes out fees.

8. Toptal is more for expert software, designers and managers. They have a three week screening process, so you need to be a expert in your said field. Only 3% of the applicants that apply get approved. If approved you will be getting paid up to 60 dollars a hour based on experience and work with top reputable companies such as Airbnb, Artsy, and Pfizer. This one does not charge fees.

So this is it for the list. Hope that you enjoyed it and it helps some of them freelancers out there that have a hard time looking for legit companies that are not scams.

Real online jobs that pay well

Want to make money like you could offline? Here are some real jobs hiring around the world and some pay very well.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

Hi everyone hope that things are going well with each and everyone of you. Hope you and your family members are staying healthy. Looks like a end is near and we soon should be back to normal, but I think a lot of people will end up doing more online even with things back to normal. More online jobs are going to stay and to keep people I can see pay for something going up for some companies and freelancers can really charge a nice sum to keep people online with them. With that said lets jump into this I have a lot for you today just try to make it short and sweet. All these jobs and sites I got today should for sure be able to help a lot of you make some money. And I made sure I have some that are based around the world not in just the usa.


Onespace is a freelance site again but this one is really easy, can enter receipts into a database, write content for companies, and do research work. Plus so much more. Steady work as the picture says above. Just fill out a application and put in what things you are able to do and if there is nothing available they will contact you when something is. Sounds like there is a little bit of work for everyone on this site.

Next one I want to talk about is Scribie, here you will transcribe things they ask like video conference, documents, youtube videos and you earn up to 25 dollars per hour audio so sounds like it could be good pay.

Clearnvoice is the next one that you create content for companies or even bloggers like me, video makers anyone who needs the help. They work with big companies like Lifelock, Carfax, and Intuit and so much more. If you have some experience being a ghost writer, journalist, writer and more you can set your own pay rate here. They pay through paypal after your finished assignment is approved. They say they are more then a freelance job its a entrepreneurial ladder, meaning the more jobs you do and the better you get the better jobs you will receive and get paid more and can build your portfolio. Picture below shows all the things they do freelance work for. This is global too so many around the world can do this.

Next is usertesting which you get paid to test products for major companies. That simple. But there is a very high demand for this so may be a wait before you are able to test products. Think about it many people love to get free products they can keep for feedback and get paid up to 60 dollars a hour. This is also global. They want you to check even websites or software or apps to make sure there user friendly for people are not so tech savvy.

ysense is a survey site that also has offers that can offer up to 5 dollars for a survey and up 60 dollars for offers. I even signed up looks like a pretty decent survey site. Come join me and make some money there with me. I don’t think I will have a lot of time to make a lot but I sure will give it a try a few times a week when I got a little time on my hands.

The very last thing I want to talk about is something you all know well about but just unsure if you all realize the money opportunity that is there. I’m referring to youtube. Now sure if any of you are like me. I’m sure not a camera person not like the kids now days with their facetime and snapchat they are always in front of the camera. I don’t utilize it either as much as I could also. You can just put stock photos together and add music and make videos that way. The channel brightside does a great job of doing that all stock photo and its just upgraded a bit, check it out when you get a chance. But once you get your channel monetize the money will just roll in. I honestly stumbled on to one channel where a girl sat talking about money in front of the camera and she only made 15 videos that’s all and she is making 24,000 a month I think she said. That would be a great income for anyone.

Well that’s all for this one today. Some days hard to sit long either my back hurt or my neck hurts I can’t win for lose even if I stand for a bit I hurt. But the best thing is I can type this out and even in some pain I can get some good value out to everyone and hope that someone can get some use out of this post. Much love to all stay healthy.

Making money online is really this easy?

Can it be really this easy to make money online besides taking boring surveys? Yes it sure can more and more I look into the sites I’m finding easy ways that pay much more then surveys pay and a lot less time involved.


First site I would like to let you know about is upcall. This is almost self explanatory as you see from the screenshot I took above. You cold call people think to make sales. It always would help with leads for me as well from what I read so the calls could be to potential clients for businesses. I did not sign up for this one but see it is pretty legit from reviews I had read online. I always read few reviews, can never just trust one review that person could of had a bad experience out of maybe 100 so its always best to read a few reviews on anything your looking into to get a better picture of whatever your looking into. One upcall you can get paid a minimum of 12 dollars a hour. So this is a excellent side hustle for anyone who loves to talk on the phone.


Next site is Cambly.com. This is a tutor site as you see from the screenshot above, and the great thing about this is you don’t need any type of degree just need English as your first language and you can teach it to others. As it says above you get paid 12 dollars a hour here also and you basically get paid to chat with students. How great would this be just chat and get paid right? Need PayPal for both of these jobs too. And I am not sure if the first one is worldwide or not but I notice I have people stopping in from all over the world so I promise I will start looking into and making sure I look into online jobs and side hustles that are world wide so everyone is able to participate.

The last one I want to tell you is one I told you I was going to let you know about in the last post… Making lowend books to sell. By lowend books I mean books like small ebooks, pamphlets, menus, even notebooks you can make and sell on KDP, which if you don’t know what that is it means kindle direct publishing. KDP is free for publishing anything. They do have to make their profit to though if your item does sell and when you put your item on there they will give you a baseline to sell your item for so you can make money after printing and royalty costs. So they are so awesome that way. Now for the making the lowend book lets talk about a notebook. You can go onto Bookbold.com and make the front cover (front and inside if you want anything written inside your notebook cover) and back cover. This site has all the designs and templates you want and smack it all together and there you go a notebook and take it over to kindle and sell it, passive income right there. And mind you if you sell that for 7 dollars and you make a couple of them to put for sale on kindle just imagine the passive income that could potentially be rolling in. All goes on how much work you want to put into whatever you plan on selling.

Well I hope this were a help to someone love to give you all massive value and hope it helps someone make a few bucks out there. I know my schedule is all over the place but I will make sure I promise to do 2-3 posts a week for you all. More if I have a lot of information for you guys. But I don’t want to over do it burn myself out and not be able to write for a bit. I was actually ok after this last streak I did. Just trying to make ads for my affiliates I have ( I do make my own ads…by far from professional but learning) and I try to post ads to all the social medias I can in one day. So trying to find sites for you and trying to do all that somedays is nearly impossible. But I will try my best, but 2-3 posts for sure per week from me is something you can count on. Once I get a schedule down I will get more days consistent with that also. Stay safe everyone and please dont forget my meditation program to help you learn how to meditate and manifest anything you want, even money click here

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Thank you for reading have a wonderful night, day, afternoon whenever your reading this.