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3 survey sites that pay super great plus one that has surveys and more

survey sites

So it has been a while since I have talked about survey sites that actually pay. I know they can be very boring to do. However when you need a few dollars they are great and some people have actually made 100 dollars a day from doing this. These are my favorite, only sites I use.

I read that you can put in a half hour a day on some of these survey sites and bring in 100 dollars a day doing this. I myself have never seen this. I have also never tried. I admit it is super boring taking survey after survey. My goal for survey money is to use it for gaming usually. I will go up to 5-10 dollars to throw on a game. I need to work on more for my blog I think. Just super hard.

Most are hard to qualify for so it ends up being 10 denials and one survey taken. Maybe a little less than that but one thing I had noticed, keep an eye out for the really good ones. I just had one for 4 dollars that took 4 minutes. Them are the great ones to get you up to the amount to take out.

Survey Junkie is always going to be my favorite. That is the one that I just made that 4 dollars in 4 minutes. I have cashed out 70 dollars from them already. It could be way more but I got so much else to do than just sit and take surveys all day. I take a survey or two every few days or less.

I really only go on take surveys when I want some game money with survey junkie you only need to get 5 dollars to cash out. It is not that hard to make that 5 dollars either. As soon as you hit cash out. That money is in your paypal. I have never had a time I had to wait on any payment from them. I have always gotten it immediately.

Lifepoints Panel: This is also a great one to make money from. It don’t have a referral program which is ok. This one is easy to qualify for the surveys so easy to make money. They also have a lot of giveaways their social media for more points. The points are usually 5 dollars or more. They operate in 45 countries. And offer their surveys in 26 languages. This is a opportunity for almost everyone around the world. Took 7 days to get my paypal payment.

Inboxdollars is the next one and this one is much better than the rest boredom wise. It has daily challenges and games, reading email for points and even get points or money for scanning your receipts and coupons. I have made a lot from this one. In the early stages when I started this site was no paypal. Only a prepaid card they would send you.

I had to go all the way to 30 dollars before I could cash out. I actually went up to 50 they had some type of incentive to go up 50 so that is what I did. It is a lot easier now and with paypal much easier. I honestly forgot how long it took to get my paypal payment. Don’t think it was very long.


The last one I want to mention is NCPOnline. This one is super easy just need to scan your groceries that you purchase. Even scan restaurant or fast food. Gas station items even gas. No matter the purchase, they want you to scan it. They want to know what everyone is buying. Then to make a even bigger difference they have surveys. I did a week long survey that all I had to do is put down everything I did during the day. I got lot of points on the site then I received a 30 dollar debit card in the mail also. Keep an eye out for these they have them going on once in a while only but worth it. One they have is some what the same but offering a 300 dollar giveaway.

That is it for this post. Hope you make some money. i still need it for this blog. If you can spare any money the donation box is on the side panel. Have a great day or night and stay safe please.

Let’s Dive Deeper into SEO to Rank on Google

SEO in tiles

Google has 3.5 billion searches everyday. This is something you need to be a part of and most of those searches people do not look past the first couple pages. We need to learn through SEO to get on that first page.

Getting on the first page does take work. Just like it takes work to keep traffic flowing though your blog or website. You need to rank higher in google to get them organic searches flowing through your site. Once you get that you know your doing great with your site.

Lets look into on page optimization: which means everything you should do when your making your site or blog. doesn’t matter if you already have your blog up. This can be started now and be done in the matter of minutes to any new or existing site. Many of these techniques are overlooked by 95% of all internet marketers and those who are trying to improve their search engine result placements or (serps) Where I got this information, this great ebook, they review websites for their clients and many are not applying these SEP techniques.

Off page-optimization: are all the internal factors that effect your Google ranking, With recent changes to Google algorithm they focused on the importance of both on and off page SEO factors.

You need to manage your website optimization efforts on a daily and weekly basis. With the simple process which I will explain a bit here, doing this daily and weekly will keep your site moving higher in the search results and protect your top search positions.

In order to improve your ranking, you will need to see how your site measures up. There are a variety of SEO tools and resources that helps you see if your site measures up. Moz is a very good site to use for this. You can also use SemRush and Ahrefs. Everyone has their own preference for this. See which site feels best for you. Which you can understand and work best for you and your site.

This ebook had a very excellent analogy about Google and ranking on it. They said it is like a voting system. The votes are based on how well you conform to on-site factors like page titles, page descriptions,. Also off-site factors like who links to your website and other factors deal with how well your site performs for people using it.

More than just sites linking to you it actually ranks more on how well the site linking to you ranks. The more links a site gets won’t matter if they are from a lower ranking site. You can get a ton of low ranking sites but just one or two high ranking sites. Google mainly looks just at the higher ranking sites not the lower ranking sites linking to you.

To me it sounds like high school. The more popular links you get linking to your site is all that matters. It does not matter if a lot of non-popular sites link to you. At least you have on-page factors that help in this matter also.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Use Google Search Console to help keep your site top shape with how Google views your website and diagnose potential problems. It crawls and indexes your site and learns about specific problems Google has accessing it.

Discover your link and query traffic Google search queries drives to your site, and see exactly how users arrive there.

Share information about your site. Tell Google about
your pages with Sitemaps: which ones are the most
important to you and how often they change. You can also
let us know how you would like the URLs we index to

Very few people use Google Search Console despite it’s importance. Most are fixated on Google Analytics and they don’t see the potential and how it is specifically designed for SEO. This ebook suggests you upload XML Sitemap to your account. It is essential you upload for Google to easily and fully crawl your website.

I use both and I am still learning all the different things both can offer. I heard about sitemap but was unsure how to use it till now. Go here to make the sitemap for your site. The site will walk you through what you need to do.

Once your site is fully indexed it can be ranked for keywords. If you need help using these features go to big fin Seo.

Before I make this super long and boring I think I need another part to this. There is so much in this ebook and I only just put a dent in it. But I know many out there want to learn SEO and I want to help as much as I can.

Hope this gives you a lot of value. I know I have learned a few things that I have no known before. Sure there will be a lot more to learn too.

Thanks for reading. Have yourself a great day or night. Stay safe!

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SEO in gold lettering

Working on Good SEO post for tomorrow

Hope everyone is doing well. Healthy. Times are hard right now but online we can make things easier on us and our sites with SEO.

If it is done correct, your site can blow up with a lot of organic traffic. It has to be done correct though.
I will be discussing on page-optimization and off page optimization. Also discuss a few things to help you with your optimization and learn things about Google to help with that process.

We will even look into how Google Search Console and analytics to help with things you need to know to help you put it all together and know just what you need to do by the data.

I am reading a 200 page ebook to help me give you the best SEO information possible. As I said before when I learn I will help you learn what I know. Want you to get ahead with me learning this process.

So before I write my whole blog post today which I am not ready I have some more reading to do before I write the post. So will finish this tomorrow and hopefully its not to long might have to make it into two posts. Know Google likes to see them super long posts but I rather not make you all read a book in one sitting.

New Live coming up lots to learn here come join me.


So thats it for today I will see you tomorrow with a super informational post. Have yourself a great day or night and please… stay safe.

5 Videos That Can Help You Increase Your traffic A lot

Decided to get some videos for you to take a look at to help you with your traffic. Know that there are a lot of videos out there and a lot seem to tell a bunch of nonsense on how to make money or many ways we already know about when it comes to driving traffic to our sites or blogs.

I like to find the unknown ways. Hopefully a lot that you have not heard of so your can give it a try and I honestly hope that it works for you. So lets dive into the videos.

profit copilot

I really liked this one because how he does this with the SEO minion extension. I really believe you can implement that into your own SEO not just this way. So your also learning more SEO here.

So this next one is if any of my readers have a ecommerce store. I don’t know if it is new. But it looks like it is something that will really help.

ecomm traffic
4 great ways to get traffic
blog traffic

He has some great info about getting traffic.

I even heard some great information about getting traffic using google analytics to drive traffic. Look and see what people are searching for on your site on analytics. And that will tell you what to write about in a post. Then that will drive more traffic there.

Hope you liked this short post with some great videos with a lot of value. Profit Copilot is becoming one of my favorites because he really finds some very unique ways to drive traffic to your blog or site. Check out a few more of his videos while your there. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for more traffic that is.

Have yourself a great day or night and hope you all had a great Christmas(for those who celebrate) and safe new years. I have also left the promote yourself up yet. I really thought with getting over 2k a month some people would want to promote there blogs or sites. So I just left it up maybe people need a little more time.

Stay safe.

2k traffic to your blog in two weeks, is this possible?

man climbing a line chart Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

I saw in a YouTube video, he kind of stumbled on this traffic by accident. He was looking at analytics and looking where his traffic was coming from, only to notice a site he has never heard of before. Never mentioned the name nothing. He couldn’t understand how this site was bringing him traffic. Well once he figured it out and tried this new method out for himself. It brought in over 2 thousand visitors in two weeks.

He found a way to get tons of traffic by promoting to podcasts. You are not going to be going on any podcast, nothing of that sort. You want to find podcasts that are not really popular already, most already have enough content or may just ignore some little person like us. Some of the kind of middle popular podcasters, most likely are looking for content and will welcome content of value you bring to them.

Profit Copilot said there are only three steps to get this going and how he does it, really seems very simple.

  • Find the main topics everyone is talking about or popular topics in your niche. You want the podcaster to want to use your content so you want something that is worth talking about.
  • Once you make a little content on that popular topic. Put your own unique twist, hook, or even just your opinion onto that content.
  • Last you need to promote to these podcasts
Listen to a Podcast in scabble tiles
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

That is basically all there is to it. I will help you a little more with this though. Let’s look into a few places to find some good information.

Feedly.com will help you find curated information all over the internet. Even one you can use now to find your content now, Reddit. Twitter will help you find a lot of info help you put lists for you niche. Buzzfeed has a lot of curated info. That is all they do, so this site could really help you a lot.


Then a good place to find these podcasts is Listen notes. Then once you find the content that you have. And if you feel if you need anymore information on what to write and where to go, just a little more in depth of what I am referring to for this Profit Copilot. Here is the video that I am talking about. He even has the template to use when you want to email these podcasters to see if they will use your content and get your website promoted through them.

Player Fm is another place that you can get podcasts. When message these podcasters do not put in any url anything like that. Your email could get put in the spam folder. The podcaster may not get back to you right away, like Profit Copilot says, they are getting asked day in day out to promote others.

Just like the doing that ten day promoting you need to be consistent with this just like anything else. Only way you will build your traffic up to these levels like he says.

Don’t forget that tomorrow come promote your site. I will have the comment filter taken off so leave your addresses with information for everyone to get to know you a little bit. Thank you Jessica I think is the first site I seen do this. I am not trying to take anyone’s idea just want everyone to get traffic and be able to promote freely. Hoping this will help you guys who really need the help, get some new traffic.

Thanks for reading hope that you like what you read. Please come visit me over at FAFY. I have been getting traffic and more traffic everyday. Plus the main way my traffic has came in this month alone I had gotten almost 1000 in one month from one company.

Free Advertising For You is the one I have just been loving. Plus chance to win money every single day. Click the link come join me if you want traffic from these two awesome sites. Leadsleap is right up there also and they pay you for surfing ads for credits to use on your own ads. Click on the highlighted word to check them out. Love all three of these. I have been surfing my credits everyday now to get traffic and try and win money. So worth it.


Have yourself a great day or night. Click the links please. Plus don’t forget to donate anything you can please help me keep my blog up. Payment is due next month so please anything would help, anything. Thanks for reading. See you in the promote yourself post tomorrow.

Want to know how I am doing?

If you think I should keep doing things the way I am, or is there more of something you want me to add. Am I missing some subject you want me to write about. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave me a message below.

I really think that the promote yourself thing is a great idea and I think I will do that on New Years Eve leave it till end of New Years Day My time. If you like this idea please let me know in the comments. If you want to leave your link and promote your site, do not just leave a link. Say a little bit about yourself so others can get to know you a little bit. To help your growth come back look at comments, comment on others comments. Only way to help us grow together as a community if we come together as a community. I will have spam filter taken off so please keep it clean and adult, I will be reading the comments. Share with anyone who needs to promote their site also.

Promote your site/blog December 31st

Ends January 1st around Midnight central standard time

And last thing please make a donation if you can. Every little bit helps. Any little bit of money I have made has went for bills. I am just not making enough yet to be in the OK zone. Bills are getting paid just this bill is coming up next month and that one will be a little hard to manage. If it weren’t for that stimulus money I would not of been able to start this. So anything helps.

Dont forget if your in need of traffic I still see traffic coming in every single day from FAFY. Super amazed on the traffic it is everyday. Come join me earn your free pro in just two days. I am now a pro member without paying anything. It takes a bit of reading to know what to do, but these solo ads really work. They actually bring in traffic. Beat my daily visitors with it even one day. Loving this site. Look forward to seeing you there. Click on the FAFY above or right HERE.

Have a great day or night and please stay safe!

sign saying seo, content, link building and more

I challenge you to get tons of traffic with this method in ten days

Just like the SEO challenge here I did few months back. How many of you did that challenge? Did it work? Did you see results? I know I am getting google, Bing, duck, and yahoo, I have gotten them all. Does that mean my seo is working?

I am still learning seo myself and making that my goal this year to know it much better than I do now. I would like to know the ins and outs so I can help you learn everything you need to learn to get ahead with your seo also and hopefully we can get on the front page of google together.

6 traffic sources on a sign pointing left and right

So on with this challenge I have for you today. If you can do this for ten days, take about 15-20 minutes a day, would you do it if it means you could blow up your traffic on your site or blog. I got this from a YouTube video and he said he actually had his blog blow up that it shut the site down. He had to get the hosting site to help him get back up. I guess pay a little more because it was so much traffic. He did not explain what he had to pay for but, if you could triple or even more than that your traffic is it worth it? Will it be worth it for you to take this time out just for ten days and see what the outcome is?

  • Linkedin is the first site. What your gonna do with these sites with the ones you can… take and copy your whole blog post, article from your website. Paste it on Linkedin. If you do not have a post for that day, copy and paste a older post. I don’t think I need to do this one or I just might. I already have my posts going to my Linkedin.
  • Quora I spoke of this one already. You can check out that post clicking on quora above. This one has so many people on it daily and that is a lot of traffic you will be missing out on if you do not post here. This one you need to create a space and add your posts in there for people to read. After ten days people should be seeing your posts and if it is quality content, they will come to your blog or site.
  • Medium is the next site. This is a great site and you can get paid for anything you write on this site. I do not have the audience yet but each month I get a little bit of money in my stripe account. I just made a new store also if you want to go read it. I am going to post my blog posts for the next ten days here. I really want this traffic so I will give this a try everyday see where I am at in ten days. This one you can post more links inside your post to get people to read more than just the post your posting also.
  • Mix.com, now this one I never heard of I will be adding it to my list of places for traffic on my blog post helper. I will be putting that back out of interested in that, will be a free download. Mix gets 1.4 million people a month, so take advantage of that.
  • Pinterest is one well know about and this one is easy enough to post a link with a image to your blog. I have noticed the dive my Pinterest has done since I have not been on there. One app that had helped me tremendously is Tailwind. Click this and get a free month of tailwind. It posts to your Instagram and Facebook, and Pinterest. Has a calendar right there so you can schedule posts out for the whole month and then you don’t have to worry about posting to them for the rest of the month. I love it and just took a break only to see how it effected my traffic from Pinterest.
  • SlideShare is another one I just learned about, This one you just post a small version of your blog post and see the traffic roll in.
  • Fark is the last one I want to talk about. This one is also new to me. This is just the same as the others however, it is hard to get your post picked to be posted. They look for funny ones that stand out from the rest. But they have so much traffic that try hard to get in here so you can get that traffic. Got two screenshots to show you a little bit about the site.

You can see a little bit of their guidelines on what to post to have a good chance of getting your post picked to be posted.

Join me in this challenge and take time out everyday just for ten days and post to each one of these sites everyday. Post your whole blog post on the ones that you can. Try and add more links inside the post to get them to to check out other posts from your sites. Plus make sure you have great content, that will bring them in more then anything. If they like what they read they will want to read more.

Hope you join me and leave a post down below and let me know if your gonna give it a try. Look forward to see if you will join me and increase your traffic possibly ten fold. By the sounds of it from the Youtuber this could bring on massive traffic. I only hope the best for each and everyone of you and know traffic is something that each one of us could use a lot of to bring in the money along with the traffic from our ad revenue.

Good luck and remember please have a great day or night and most of all stay safe.

Want loads of Traffic? Here are 5 of the best free traffic sites

Different ways to get traffic to your site

With these sites I have seen the numbers from other sites. People do actually get traffic and affiliate commissions from these free traffic sites. I think paid ads might bring in more because they can be more targeted. The people from these sites are looking to make money just like you usually. So I believe there is some targeted traffic here too.

First site I want to mention is World Profit, the one that has brought in the most traffic to my blog. I posted their ad below to show you everything they offer. I think they explain it all in this ad.

CRAZY CREDIT GIVEAWAY – 500,000 Traffic Credits for Traffic To ANY Website
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There’s more — download over 500 cutting edge ebooks, websites and more F-REE!

Get details below on how this all works…

Click HERE to check the site out get real visitors to your site or links also.


Instantadpower is the next one. I had gotten a lot of return from my solo emails I had sent out here. This has brought better return on any other solo email site. So I highly recommend this one. You will get this when enter your code in promo code area:

enter the code
Read 25 emails
That’ll give you 1000 credits & banner impressions.
Plus you get more after reading more emails and getting so many referrals. Always giving away free credits for your achievements.

You only get to mail every 3-5 days on the free account though which does suck when trying to keep your visitor count high. But In between you got time to read the emails to add the credits to your next mailing.

This is just like instantpower. You get achievements for what you do. As you see from the picture I only need 99 more emails read and I get 700 credits which go for mailing your solo ads to thousands of other people on the site. This allows to to mail every 24 hours though just need to keep them credits high, so keep reading them emails for a few seconds because there are usually over 1000 people to mail to at any given time on this site.

Freeadvertisingforyou when you click this link, it will give you some stats before you sign up. This is my most highly recommended site. I had and still have the most return on my ads to this site. Plus they give away so much to start with wit their free welcome bonuses. One below to give you an idea.
Free welcome bonus: get to choose one of the two both worth 50 dollars in ads
5 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value)
5 468×60 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value)
1 Full Page Surf Ad w/250 Views
1 125×125 Banner Ad w/1000 Impressions
10,000 Bonus Credits
is one of them, Plus like I mentioned you get entered in the daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly drawings. View so many ads to get entered and it has a list of what you need to get so you work for that instead of just thinking boring clicking ads for credits. So least this has more purpose then just credits.

I have told you so much about this site and really recommend this site, you can purchase ads also. They offer so much plus with the giveaways this site is got it all.

Leadsleap is the last one on the list and this has it all for you in one place and most of it free to use. Email list building with auto-responder, page builder, funnel builder, form/pop-up creator, link tracker, link rotator, ad bar(banner ad), Social review(which helps get your site and referral link out there more), image hosting, and ability to earn cash while earning credits for clicking ads.

So hope this list help you get traffic to your blog or links. I know it has helped me a lot. It helped so much I started to add money to get credits and things for these sites. They are so worth it.

Thanks for reading have yourself a great day or night and please stay safe.

The most legit ways I found this year to make money online

With this past year of diving more deep into each different way to make money I come up with the most legit ways to make money online. The ones that will actually pay you. The jobs that could be potentially a good income in time. All of these here I mention do require work to get you the income coming in regularly however it is not like hard work offline like farming or factory work. Most of the work I talk about here is either time or learning to know how to do the job correctly.

Blogging is the first one I want to start off in this list. Just as I was talking about it takes work. Blogging takes time and learning to get things down right. Bet we all wish it was just as easy to slap some words down and say there now give me some money.

Blogging takes time to learn Seo, and maybe even takes a course on blogging. Depends on which niche your in might want to learn more about that background also. All of that will just help you get ahead and get that income coming in a lot sooner, because your content will be well written and what the people want to hear, what they are searching for.

Affiliate marketing this one requires a lot of work also. Time and money with this one. Think paid ads usually help the best with this one if you do not have an email list. Plus this takes a lot of dedication to keep an eye on ads if they are doing well or you need to make a new ad to change things up and see if that ad does better. If posting to any social media that takes making new posts with canva to make things look professional, and keep things fresh and new there also.

Freelancing work would be the next best one. These are really in no certain order. This one would take time to get clients and actually having to do more work when your not getting the clients to prove that you are good at the freelance job you are trying for. Once you get your foot in that door. Get some good testimonials under your profile then it is work from there but paid good from that, better pay then most jobs offline nowdays.

Remote work would be the next and that could be almost anything that you do now if it can be done remotely then you can do your job at home or pick up someone else that needs you for the job you do. Remote work would be the next and that could be almost anything that you do now if it can be done remotely then you can do your job at home or pick up someone else that needs you for the job you do. With this and freelancing this two you can learn to do what type of job that you might seem interested in trying. Not all of course but there is a big handful that you can learn to do and get paid a pretty good amount once you have the training.

This is the little list I have for you and yes there are more these are the main ones that I believe if you really want to make money and have a legit job with a real income these are the jobs.

There are little money makers online like surveys and jobs to do mirco tasks that can bring in a little cash, I just don’t think these can bring in a steady income like the other ones.

For the end of the year this is my list for you and do you agree? Do have some to add? Let me know in the comments which ones you think are a good source of online income or you think I might have missed?

Don’t forget to join me for your chance to win money at FAFY and with free money get a great traffic source. I am still days later getting hits off my ads. Click HERE to meet me over there. Besides winning money you get paid from viewing ads and you get a percentage of your referrals credits when they search ads. First time I ever got paid for viewing ads, I usually just earn credits with these sites.

So this is all for today hope that you get something out of this. Has been things I went over in more detail in past posts if you want to learn a little more about any of these. Like HERE for a older remote work post and this one HERE also is a older freelance post. Hopefully you like them or check out more posts I have on any of these.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day or night, see you over at FAFY , please stay safe!

8 Podcasts that can help you be successful online

microphone for podcast Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

I have not put out a good podcast post in a while. I believe it’s good to listen instead of just read all the time. Know we can get bored of the same thing over and over again. So here I try to change things up when I can.

Don’t forget if you really need traffic just like that last post I need to say it again because I am still getting slammed with traffic from the site. Super happy I found a site that works.

I must have added an ad before not remembered because I received an email staying I needed to change it, they only last a week and like to keep things fresh on the site. That makes me even more happy to know that I will not click on an old ad.

change lives make money

I did not really care for this podcaster. I just thought what he was talking about could be really beneficial. Also he is giving away 1000 cash for the month of december if you care to check that out. I just did not care for his every other word being f this and f that. I almost don’t even want to say every other was just about every.

To me that is very unprofessional and I know I will not be listening to him again or sharing him again. We are adults yes but that was just to much. I am no saint by any means but I have more of a vocabulary then using the f word for every sentence. I share though for those who care to listen to him. We are all different.

Digital nomads skills

They have a little bit of information for everyone here. Being that they are already on season 2 they have quit a bit of podcasts to help with whatever niche your in.

Project Digital Podcast

They haven’t had a recent episode since November, however I had listened to some of the podcasts they have out and they talk about all the things you need to get ahead in your business. Like how to influence people, how to overcome rejection and failure. Aldo how to hire a freelancer.

I have talked about us being the freelancer a lot but do you know how to hire one if you need help with your blog? This is the podcaster that has that if you need the help there. 146 episodes Derek has discussed quit a bit on his podcast.

Making Money Online

She has great episodes here. I especially like that one about having a thriving business whilst having a chronic health issues, something I can relate to. Can any of you?

Make Passive Income Online

This podcaster was only active in the month of June from the looks of it. They put out some great content in that month and thought I would share with you such informational episodes.

Problogger Podcast

He has not put out a new podcast going on almost two years now. But he has some super great information here. Has over 200 episodes that can help any blogger out with any issues they could come across their journey of blogging.

Eat Talk Blog

This is more for those food bloggers out there. She discusses a lot of things that food bloggers can run into or just general help for food bloggers. I don’t think of myself as a food blogger. I do like to share my recipes when I can. I prefer to help with the money niche. I feel there are such hard times out there right now and that is what is most needed at the moment.

Know there are a lot of others doing the same but for me I have been making money many different ways and feel I can share what I have learned. I also like to keep up with the new things happening and share that with you also.

Digital Nomad Wannabe

I have been listening to a lot of her episodes and reading her blog. Just love her content. She has a lot of helpful information that I know can help anyone that needs it. Even if you don’t need help always great to learn. Can learn with anyone of these podcasts, don’t always have to be help.

I like this episode I have shared of the digital nomad because I agree that for us bloggers. We should go through our blogs every year and try to fix things, go over things make sure it stays evergreen where it can be. Or might need to update links. Have a blog is constant work. Always need to keep up with maintaining anything within our blogs. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.

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Have a great day or night and please stay away from these new variants out there please please stay safe!!